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Are you in the mood for more Lion Quest? If so you’re in luck – LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded launches on Steam today. Rebuilt from the ground up, this next game in the series reimagines the multiplayer component of the original Lion Quest. You can check it out on the Steam store here.

And below are answers to some questions you may have about LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded.

Is there a single player?
Yes! Although my original intention was to create a refined take on the Lion Quest multiplayer, I couldn’t resist adding in a whole bunch of single player features. This includes the 1p Cup mode where you play through tournaments against the AI, and Lion Quest Delta – an experimental take on the classic Lion Quest platforming mechanics.

Is LQVE a sequel to the original Lion Quest?
Sort of! Mechanically yes, and a sequel to the VS component of Lion Quest, also yes. It doesn’t contain a follow up to the original’s story mode, however the classic platforming mechanics do return in Lion Quest Delta.

Is there AI or ‘bots’?
Yes, you can configure your LQVS game to include any combination of human and CPU players. You can train against the computer or make up the numbers by adding in AI characters, it’s entirely up to you.

What about online play?
Unfortunately not. The good news is that LQVE has been designed for local multiplayer and simply doesn’t have the framework for a competitive online game. The emphasis is on experimenting with characters and game modes, with various handicap options to allow people of different skill levels to play together.

Will LQVE receive updates/new features in the future?
Yes! The original Lion Quest is still being supported a year and a half later and I hope to do the same with this title.

What Steam features does LQVE support?
At launch there are 25 achievements to be unlocked and support for Steam Cloud, allowing for cross-platform cloud save. The game has to meet some minimum metrics with Steam before Trading Cards can be enabled, but hopefully this is something I’ll be able to add in the future.

In other news, Lion Quest version 1.21 is on its way. Nothing too major to report other than some minor optimisations and bug fixes to the co-op ‘2 player adventure’ game camera. You can expect this update in the next couple of days.
Lion Quest - Frazilpop
The next Lion Quest update is now here. Version 1.20 includes a new dynamic camera system designed to better track the player – giving less movement where it's not needed and more where it is. This feature was originally developed for Lion Quest Versus Expanded – the upcoming follow-up to Lion Quest I've been working on. I ended up liking it so much that I couldn’t resist configuring it for the first game also.

Anyway, the full list of changes for Lion Quest 1.20 is as follows:

  • Fullscreen settings adjusted to give additional reliability when swapping to and from fullscreen

  • Auto Graphics API for windows – a couple of rendering issues have been fixed meaning DirectX can now be used instead of OpenGL on Windows. This also means that the game now runs on certain low spec machines that previously didn’t meet the minimum graphics requirements.

  • Dynamic camera tracking for the main Lion Quest single player game and Lion Quest Arcade

  • Steam settings updated to allow Lion Quest to run independently from the Steam Client if you choose to do so

  • Minor animation improvements

  • Checkpoint fix on Tutorial #3

  • Waterfall effect fixed on Skull Island

Phew. That's all for today, and thanks for reading.
Lion Quest - Frazilpop
Lion Quest version 1.18 is now live. This update is composed entirely of bug fixes and some further code optimisations to help improve the game's performance. Thanks for taking the time to read this message and have a nice day.
Lion Quest - Frazilpop
Lion Quest has now been updated to version 1.17 with immediate effect. Included in this update is integration with Steam Cloud, a feature I’ve wanted to add to the game for a while now. Apologies for the delay on this one, the way in which Lion Quest saves and loads data made it a little tricker to set up than anticipated.

The full set of changes are as follows:
  • Cross platform cloud save for Windows Mac and Linux

  • Enhanced performance in the Lion Quest Arcade and VS. menus

  • Minor optimisations and bug fixes

  • New ‘Ultra’ quality setting for increased graphical fidelity
That's all for now folks.
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Version 1.10 of Lion Quest is now live. This update is mainly focused on improving the game's competitive multiplayer, with a brand new map and the addition of computer-controller A.I. opponents. However there's also a whole bunch of performance enhancements that carry over into the single player experience, helping make Lion Quest better than ever.

The full list of changes is as follows:
  • A.I. options for Lion Quest VS. – Play against the computer or supplement a local multiplayer game with additional opponents. A.I. can be configured to use any of the nine characters at one of three skill levels.

  • Temple 2.0 – Built from the ground up, this replaces the fiddly design from the original release with a more streamlined layout.

  • Additional map enhancements – Look out for further improvements across Pirate Cove, Duel, Lighthouse & Aquarium.

  • Performance boost – Game code has been streamlined to deliver performance enhancements across all modes.

  • A brand new achievement ready to be unlocked.

Please note: in line with optimisations made to the game's engine, the Linux version of Lion Quest now uses OpenGL Core. This means that the minimum graphics requirements are now higher than they previously were. For any users who can't meet this spec, the original 1.0 version of Lion Quest is still accessible as a branch in the 'Betas' tab.

That’s all for today. Oh, and a huge thank you to everyone who's played Lion Quest so far.
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Today is the day! Lion Quest, a zen platforming game by Dracula's Cave, is available now on Steam. Take Jethro the Lion on a magical journey, traversing space and time to prevent the imminent collapse of the universe. Oh and your friend Ronald the Bear is missing, maybe you can find him whilst you’re out exploring?

Discover a huge world and enjoy an adventure that blends retro platforming fun with a mix of 2D + 3D mechanics and a modern design aesthetic.
Community Announcements - Frazilpop
That's in just over three weeks. In the meantime the Community Hub is live and open for business. For more information about Lion Quest please visit Dracula's Cave.

If you have questions/feedback about the game, either now or when it launches, please give me a shout. I'll be listening.
Jun 10, 2016
Community Announcements - Frazilpop
Hey everyone, my name is Fraser and I will be your admin. Welcome to the Lion Quest community forum, if you have questions or would like to talk to me then please do. See you around.

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