May 2, 2017
Chronoclysm - surger1

The most requested aspect of Chronoclysm is finally available!

Cascading time paradoxes are no longer limited to a simple couch phenomenon. Players can now collapse realities with both local, online and mixed multiplayer!

Along with adding multiplayer you will notice most of the game has gotten a rather large overhaul: code, visuals and sounds.

Patch Notes
  • Added mixed local/online multiplayer
  • Added new class: The Ninja!
  • Rewrote time paradox engine code
  • New controller/input code
  • More level skins
  • Added level editor and remade level code
  • Integrated level editor with Steam Workshop
  • Added in logical integration to editor for custom map rules
  • Removed Challenge and Survival Modes (Replaced by custom maps)
  • Made maps shareable in game
  • New and improved team skins
  • Removed several arena hazards and added others
  • Changed equipment to focus on arena gameplay rather than survival
  • Removed half baked status/element system
  • Created new menu systems
  • Increased builder bridge length from 3 sec to 5 sec
  • Sudden death mode tweaked to use explosions as encouragement
  • Added in Alliances (enables team battles)
  • Made water no longer act like solid walls but like an edge characters avoid
  • Added round rewind effect
  • More variety of effects
  • Larger maps and dynamic camera
  • Tweaked Scoring, Selection and Drafting options

All of this has been a lot of work and it's all rather complex. I've had a small team of volunteers helping to debug it but there still might be some issues.

It'd be safe to consider it in a sort of beta at the moment. So please if you find something I've missed let me know and I'll be very appreciative. Also I'll fix it.

Thanks so much everyone! Looking forward to playing online with you! And can't wait to see what you guys create.

Apr 6, 2017
Chronoclysm - surger1
Things seem to be going pretty well thus far.

Some bugs but smoothed them out. And here's what's been addressed:

  • Quick play sends the server and the client the same map now
  • Fixed strange GUI issues with 3 non local players
  • Turrets no longer rotate lazily
  • Name entry defaults to steamID on first start entry
  • Fixed error in text key not matching up and making some symbols not the right ones
  • Added cursor to chat window for clarity
  • Launching now seats non sitting players.
  • Extra emphasis added to timer during final 5 seconds
  • Losing potential points now has a visual indication
  • Sudden death now eliminates all non qualifying players
  • Fixed a few odd cases where the lobby would not properly assign team colors

Another group test at 7pm EDT (11pm UTC) and a final one on the 9th at 2pm.

Thanks guys!
Chronoclysm - surger1
After many months of finger breaking work I'm happy to announce that the Online version of Chronoclysm is nearly complete. It just needs some further testing

Sign Up Here to Help Test, if you would ever so kindly

A small sampling of screens of the upcoming version

  • New controller code, sign in process and team colors

  • New map engine meaning workshop backed content

  • Online play means new lobby based map creation

  • Gameflow has changed to accomodate online play

  • Equipment changed to focus on the battle arena gameplay with improved UX

  • Gameplay remains the same chaotic fun it has always been. Now including a new class: The Ninja.

  • An included level editor is workshop capable and includes an inbuilt logic editor to really open up the rules of Chronoclysm. Gameplay has been segmented into battle and custom arenas.

Full Album of Changes

Additionally I'll be reworking some aspects of the meta for the game on steam. Including revisiting achievements and statistics, since their relevance will change significantly with the next version.

A point form list of the upcoming changes:

  • Multiplayer is now mixed online/local.
  • New class: Ninja
  • Added Alliances, allowing for team battles.
  • Pit avoidance made elastic not solid. Meaning knockback can kill
  • New team colors. Beyond blue, red, yellow and purple.
  • Added workshop enabled level editor.
  • Reworked maps to be categorized 'Battle' and 'Custom' instead of Arena, Challenge and Survival.
  • More Level skins added.
  • Reworked music and sound effects.
  • Added more particle effects.
  • Adjusted equipment to be battle focused.
  • Added Quickplay option to simplify map creation.
  • Reworked map settings to work with online play.
  • Remade time recall code.
  • Added round rewind effect.
  • Added chat window for online play.
  • Overhauled menu code.
  • Added new controller input module
  • Made maps shareable and optionally subscribable from game

Player saturation is important for testing so with the sign up thing, I can coordinate that a bit better. I'd like to avoid some of the mistakes I made with the last release and being a bit more thorough is part of that.

Your help is very much appreciated, it'll go a long way in expanding the player base. Looking forward to testing with you guys!

Chronoclysm - surger1
Since a week into development when I first tested the prototype I've known that Chronoclysm was something special. I've put a lot of work into it since then but that raw chaotic paradox fun at the core of the gameplay is stronger than ever.

The rest of the game has all been put in to try and get the core experience to be more accessible to people. I initially very much wanted to enforce a local experience. Part of the design was to give the experience of playing the SNES on a couch on a Saturday morning.

Time changes though and PC gaming has changed the way we can approach multiplayer and I've had a change of heart on the online based on your guys feedback. It's limiting the experience not having it.

Deciding to switch to online play means the game has to change in a lot of ways. Couch multiplayer isn't going anywhere though, no worries. It will be expanded though so that 1-3 people can play online from the same computer. Or 4 still too but that will fill all of the slots so it's not really online is it?

Made a dev log post about the technicals a bit more in depth here

I had nearly completed a level editor for the workshop before making this decision. So I'm going to be lumping all of it into a really big update. Wanted to give you guys a bit of heads up with the features.

All of this will be made available for anyone who has purchased the game, not DLC. Just more content for the same price you already paid!

Brief overview of coming changes:

  • Online Multiplayer (All Modes) with up to 3 local players. (4 would be local only. Durr)
  • Custom Challenge Victory Conditions (not just targets and shards)
  • Arena's will be separated into Battle arena's and custom arena's (So capture the crystal and king of the hill will still exist as concepts but will now have dedicated maps along with a huge possiblity of other maps).

    Battle Arena's will use the classic paradox scoring system. While the Custom ones are like challenges and use a much more open ended logic system to determine rules.
  • Pits/Water will no longer be solid, but instead players will resist being pushed until a threshold is met. So knockback will cause drowning. But you will resist accidentally walking into pits.
  • Challenges will be available for more than one player
  • Level editor with workshop integration
  • New main menu navigation
  • New arena hazards
  • Visual logic tool for creating complex rules in custom maps.
  • Unlimited new arena's and challenges
  • New stage designs (level skins)
  • New Music
  • New equipment
  • Enhanced equipment system to work with Challenges.
  • Baddies will be present in more than just the survival mode
  • Removing elemental system. Replacing with something simpler.
  • Equipment Chests
  • Camera changes to facilitate large maps and multiple people
  • And a whole bunch more things that I'll throw into the final notes when its done!

It's been a long road to get here. The sales have been a lot lower than I hoped for but I could not be happier with the response to the game when I watch people play it. I don't think the low sales are due to an unenjoyable game, it's the issues around getting more people exposed to what makes Chronoclysm awesome.

I'd love to see a thriving Chronoclysm community and I'm working on making the changes Chronoclysm needs to get there.

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought and played it. If I could ask one more favor, remember to tell other people / websites / animals / whatever. I've been running all of this at a loss and I'm not the best marketer. Every little bit you do to help spread it has a huge impact, I'll never ask for more money for more content. I don't want to see it fall by the wayside so I'm gonna bring it online. If you guys want to help, tell others you had fun! That's all!

Finally I can't give a solid timeline on this but I'm personally shooting for before the fall/one year anniversary. Pretty excited to get it to you guys! I will be putting up a beta signup when I have a solid date.

In the mean time, I hope you guys get everything you want in the summer sales!
May 31, 2016
Chronoclysm - surger1
Had a great time at Anime North! The console really went over well and I met a lot of new Chronoclysm fans! Got another chance for some great live feedback and have reworked the game a bit.

An extra big thanks to Josh B for being so damn hooked on the game he decided to be a great help this weekend.

Mage Changes:
  • Can now change directions while charging shot
  • Charging longer than 0.43 seconds will increase damage by 1
  • Slightly reduced size of magical missiles hit radius from 0.035 to 0.033
  • Reduced freeze time after Mages teleport by 0.166 seconds
  • Added extra detection to stop the mages shot from missing collisions at top speed
  • Beam collisions now actually cause damage in the arena
  • Able to save teleporting Mages who drown by building a bridge under them. They no longer incorrectly fall through.
  • Made Mages able to mark builders bombs. Marked bombs have an X on them and explode immediately. Marked bombs hurt everyone regardless of team or friendly fire being on or off. This stops the builder from protecting himself from the mages missiles with a bomb.

Other Changes:
  • Lowered bomb radius from 0.32 to 0.3
  • Mirror Random was the same as random. Now properly mirror random
  • Reworked Sudden death graphic to look MORE INTENSE
  • Also added 1 more sudden death creeper per sudden death round
  • Creepers actually cause a death animation now
  • Spikes are no longer hidden in Horlk (red and orange cave level)
  • Able to lock in a class selection at class select screen
  • Bridge time extended from 2 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Bridges can now be rebuilt without having to first disappear.
  • Shot re-directors now spin the same way they rotate shots
  • Characters no longer freak out and teleport randomly when scoring paradox points
  • Turrets now show a little disc while being built.
  • Changed ghost panels graphics. Now blooping blocks.
  • Altered the fruit thrown at the victory screen. Now color coded with Blueberries, bananas, eggplants and tomatoes.

As for upcoming content it has become incredibly clear to me I was being pig headed not implementing online multiplayer.

So I'm going to be rolling that into the level editor update. It will wind up being a lot more like Warcraft III. Where the maps that are made can be played online with other players downloading a copy. As well as being added to the workshop.

The level editor is nearing completion and I will be starting on the online stuff right soon.

Thanks for being great players!
May 27, 2016
Chronoclysm - surger1
Alright these have been awhile coming. Was gonna roll them out with some bigger updates but those are taking longer than I wanted and this adds some stability.

  • Character selection lost on challenge complete. Not Anymore!
  • Text Changes
  • Health displays on knight challenge 2 now
  • No longer able to bind duplicate keys
  • Reworked Bramble Traps attack. Now does a bind instead of a repeating attack
  • Reduced mages teleport cooldown from 1.66 to 1.16
  • Bomb sound no longer ignores volume preferences.
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial causing team selection weirdness
  • Reworked homing missile to be a guided missile instead. While charging you can direct the direction of the shot. Will work a lot better with the time mechanic
  • Added names to survival trophies
  • Removed key prompt from beginning.
  • Issue resolved where pressing unbinded keys would prompt for key binding input at team select. Once again clicking a player explicitly is the only way to bind keys. This is much more sane.
  • Minor Tutorial Tweaks
  • Minor graphic updates to name input screen. Had some issues.
  • Full Linux mode is now available. Thanks to everyone who tested!
  • Made a fix to sudden death mode that would cause a crash in certain situations depending on team selection and who was still in

I'm in Toronto this weekened with a little spot as part of Anime North! If you are attending have a lookout for me!

To any new players that come along from the event welcome! Hope you had fun! Got some big things coming for the game!

On that final note the level editor is really coming along. It makes levels and everything. Just a bit more work and I should be rolling out a workshop section to Chronoclysm. Which will let me make more content which is great. But you guys can participate in that as well!

Have fun!
Chronoclysm - surger1
Thanks a lot to you guys helping me get the linux build moving. Great source of information thank you.

The linux beta is available. You should be able to access it under the betas for the game. To access them:

  • Right click Chronoclysm
  • Click Properties
  • Click On Betas Tab
  • Select "linux" from drop down

The launcher is ugly. I'm going to need to investigate how to make it function better. Apologies for that. Lets all petition Unity to make less ugly launchers for the good of every gamer.

Also if you know anyone who would like to help with the linux beta and doesn't currently have the game have them e-mail
Chronoclysm - surger1
Hey Everyone!

It's Chronoclysm all day everyday over here for me. The first few months since launch have been somewhat slow outwardly but things are progressing for the game. I'm pleased but hungry haha.

My plans as for now with the game is continued content/improvements that is free, not DLC/expansion based. All new content will be covered by the original purchase.

Little Level Editor Dev Log

Taking what is currently there and allowing expansion on the concept is a first step. I'm working on a level editor that when complete will allow for better level design not just for myself but for anyone. Allowing for anyone to make levels like in the game but improved with top notch tools.

Moving it onto more platforms is still moving forward, but never as quickly as I hope. Though we should see it on a console and linux in the coming months. I may be getting some help with that finally.

And trading cards have been floating along. Having difficulties finding an artist to work with for the cards themselves. I've made the idea sketches up but I wanted to get some nice cards for you guys and that's not my strong suit artistically. So when I can get those finished I'll finally be integrating cards.

So sadly nothing new for you guys to play with yet, but I wanted to chime in I'm still here everyday working away on new things / fixing old things.

Jan 27, 2016
Chronoclysm - surger1
Made the linux build available for beta testing.

ugh lies, more issues... this technical stuff is where a one man team is suboptimal. I'll get a VM with linux up here and then report back

The previous versions have worked on linux so this is more of a steam linux test.

To get the build

  • Right click chronoclysm in steam
  • Click properties
  • Click beta tab
  • Select Linux from the drop down.

I'm not able to do the testing directly so please let me know how it goes and I can get it going for general linux distro.

If you need a key to test let me know and I can get you one.

Thanks so much guys!
Dec 10, 2015
Chronoclysm - surger1
The first time you play the game next you will be put in the tutorial. No worries, you will get the option to skip if you want.

  • Added a tutorial
  • Reworked mode screen slightly
  • Added button prompts for clarity
  • Corrected weird timing issue on pause screen

Sorry it took so long. Been up and down with mental health nonsense.

If you guys are enjoying it I'd love some feedback. I know it's easier to leave reviews when you aren't enjoying it. But I don't know you like it unless I hear from you.

Welcome to the new bundle players coming along as well! I was trying to get this tutorial done for the start... oops. Here it is now!

Thanks a bunch for playing guys!

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