Nov 21, 2017
Adorables - Blue
Come and chat with other players and the devs via our official Discord server:
Dec 3, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Adorables now support the Linux operation system!
Nov 3, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Dear players,
It's sad but I have to announce. The keys what this guy sells: (and mybe this guys to: will be disabled at the weekend, because he is fraud, or I could say: a thief. He did not payed my share from the keys he selled, what's more, now he didn't answer me on steam nor via emails, and he banned me. Please everybody, report him to steam. Sorry for the keys, but I had to do this.
Jun 13, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Are you a soccer fan? Than you probably watching the EURO 2016 championship...but why just watching when you can play it? :)
Continental Contest is a brand new game mode, where you can play with the teams from EURO 2016. 7 matches, 3 of them is time based and you can collect a big bunch of coins :)
May 4, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Today is Star Wars Day...and We love Star Wars.
So, to celebrate this day, the Star wars themed hats costs only 10 coins. What's more, We add a new hat to: Rebel

May the 4th be with all of You
Apr 30, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Everybody needs a hero....or three
Adorables are loves superheroes...and hopefuly, You love them too.
Suit up

6 new eyes and 18 new superhero themed hat added to the game...and they cost only 50 coins!

Community Announcements - Blue
We add 14(!) missing counties and the 4 countries what forms the United Kingdom: Scotland, Walles, Northern Ireland and England. The United Kingdom is not removed of course.
Apr 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Player asked, so We did: the price of the customization elements now cheaper
Community Announcements - Blue
Hi everybody,

So, We worked a lot, and here is the result. Our biggest update.
Let's see what changed:
  • 20 new hats
  • 6 new eyes
  • 4 new mouths
  • 2 new body type
  • 9 new balls for Beach Ball
  • 9 new Soccer balls
  • Tooltip in Tournament mode and Character Settings
  • Save in Tournament mode
  • Russian translate update
  • Antialiasing save fixed
  • New music for Beach Ball and Mummy
  • New sound effects for Soccer and Mummy
  • Performance optimalization
Apr 8, 2016
Community Announcements - Blue
Do You want to wear these little creatures? Well, than this is a good news for You.

From today, everybody can buy Adorables T-shirts!
You can find them here, in Amazon
They works worldwide.

If You are lucky enought to live in the following countries, you can buy more than T-Shirts. We made mugs, pillows, phonecases. Of course we would like to sell these things worldwide to, hopefully we will, very soon.

So, if You are from Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Slovakia or Slovenia, You can order from here

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