rFactor 2 - marrs
We at Studio 397 love all kind of raw racing and motorsport. The good ol’ times of Formula racing are without a doubt, a time where racing was at its purest. The cars were beasts, the tracks always a tough challenge, and the drivers brilliant and fearless maniacs. We’re proud to be able to take you guys back to those days, where every race was the challenge of your life. Two free new cars for rFactor 2 bringing you all the fun and excitement of a classic era. Relive those golden moments with the March 761 and the Brabham BT44b and bring back Formula racing of the 70’s to classic or even modern racetracks.

More here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
- Optimized VR performance in rainy conditions.
- Fixed windshield wipers showing a slight skip in the animation.
- Fixed windshield wipers when OFF showing slightly propped up.
- Fixed rain drops appearing too wide on certain resolutions.
- Fixed corrupted Flag animations (affecting both official tracks and mods)

Steam Build ID 2919230 (2919232 for the dedicated server)
rFactor 2 - marrs
June has been an eventful month. We released the Endurance Pack and we’re still in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale, which discounts the simulation and the different content packs and offers a nice opportunity to complete your collection. Of course we are already looking ahead again and while some of us are taking a well deserved break, others are working on all different areas of the game.

You can read the full roadmap here:
rFactor 2 - Studio 397
It’s safe to say we are ecstatic about this release! Our very first mixed class pack of GTEs and LMPs! It’s been a wild journey, and all the teams involved have been going non-stop to bring these cars to life – we think the results will show on track as you cruise around in a field of color and lights! We proudly announce some of the most relevant and iconic brands and cars, combing them into a unique pack. Welcome to the ‘Endurance Pack’ for rFactor 2! Featuring the Porsche 911 RSR, BMW M8 GTE, Corvette C7.R, Oreca 07 LMP2 and the Norma M30 LMP3. With stunning physics and new features, the pack taps into the heart of rFactor 2’s endurance capabilities. Read all about it here and get it from our store:

rFactor 2 - marrs
Over the course of this month we have released a few hotfixes for our fresh 1110 build whilst our team has been working on many of the features we’ve been talking about in the last few roadmaps. We also went to Zandvoort during the Jumbo Racing Days to showcase some of our content to the huge crowds that came to see several racing series and of course appearances from Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo and David Coulthard.

Read the rest of the story here:
rFactor 2 - marrs
Changes in this update:
  • Fixes for viewer using placeholder textures and not printing warning dialog
  • Fixed crash with viewer and wireframe modes
  • Fix for output log being too verbose
  • Some minor fixes / internal improvements
  • Fixed an error in MAS2.exe when packing tracks with large MAS files.
rFactor 2 - marrs
Fixed an issue that caused certain segments of real road to not render properly on some third party tracks.
rFactor 2 - marrs

  • Fixed issues with shadow and texture filtering introduced with performance update.
  • Fixed Launcher sporadically hanging on verify with certain content.
  • Fixed live replays not working when 'Record Replay' was set to OFF.
  • Fixed an issue that caused missing segments of real road on certain tracks.
  • New: Corner and safety workers can now be two separate objects and
    animations instead of being one object with two people. Naming conventions for modders.
    The new safety workers are called SafetyWorker_001, _002, ... and the animations SB_FLAGDOWN, SB_FLAGHELD, ... similar to the corner worker
  • New: Puppet mode was added to dev mode for modders. It shows up in the menus and allows you to remotely control certain aspects of a race.
    You can also drag select cars in the camera view and control them.
  • Fixed missing brake disc glow.

Note: For this latest update, if you are already on rFactor 2 Build 1110, server Admins will NOT need to update dedicated servers.
rFactor 2 - marrs
This month we released the much anticipated performance upgrades. Judging from the feedback we got, build 1110 has provided most, if not all people a significant improvement. On top of those improvements, we also added several new features, one of which was a refinement of our tyre model. This, and many other things, you can read about in the roadmap below.

rFactor 2 - marrs
It’s live! In the last couple of roadmap updates, we’ve made it no secret that we have been working hard on a set of performance upgrades. We’ve taken our time to get it right and took advantage of the DirectX 11 API as much as possible. Our focus was on performance, while keeping the actual look of the game the same. All of this centers around a concept called “frame time”, which is the time it takes to completely render a single frame to your screen(s). Obviously we want that time to be as low as possible, but we also want it to be as constant as possible as only the combination of both leads to a smooth display. In general there are three things that influence this: your video card (GPU), the processor you have (CPU) and the bus between them and their memory. Optimizing performance means looking at all three, and we’ll go into more detail in the link below:


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