Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
Hello to all!
We are noticing a lot of persons are having problems controlling the game.

The game is controlled with mouse only.
Move the mouse to change direction and altitude, left click to poop.
No keyboard key is used to move the pigeon.

If it still doesn't work there is a quick fix available

- Make sure you have the latest version of the game

OR if you have the most updated version

- Open settings
- Move sensibility control
- Return to main menu
- Quit the game
- Reopen game

It SHOULD work.


If you have been able to make it work and you are enjoying playing it, consider updating any review you may have left :D

Thank you.
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
A new build has been released and the controls bug is now solved!

  • You will also found a redesigned level selection screen.
  • The settings screen now allows to change the resolution too.
  • Some other aspects of the game have also been refined.
  • A little surprise that anticipates what is coming in the next updates!

Remember to close and reopen your Steam client if the game doesn't update.

As always let me know if anything is wrong, and don’t forget to leave a review or update your existing one if you find that something is changed.

I am sorry for the bugs, I hope you will now enjoy the game!
Sep 12, 2015
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
If any of you are wondering why the radio silence.. The answer is easy :-) a new big update is in the works!
Here are some of the things that it will add:

Competitive mode and leaderboards
In the competitive mode you have to beat the highest score reached in that level. Also Steam Leaderboards will be added.

Tutorial level
Here new users can learn how to play the game and existing users can practice flying.

Control Room
It will replace the current level selection screen. This will be the place where you can keep track of your achievements (Shields). It will allow to "configure" your pigeon for the next battle!

A new weapon!
Will reveal more on this in the next days!

That's all for now! The update will be ready in the coming weeks.
As some of you may have noticed, the game now costs 4.99$ instead of 9.99$ . It will return to normal price after Early Access.

Feedback is always welcome!
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
  1. Unlucky guys will walk in a more funny way.
  2. A new night mode level, with themed UI.
  3. A new traffic level, hit cars while high speed flying in the highway.
  4. A lot of improvements to interactions, many objects react now in different ways to poo.
    • If you hit a gas pipe it explodes and nearby objects will react.
    • If you hit an hydrant it will start spray water.
    • If you hit a power pole the pigeon will get shocked.
    • And so on..
  5. A new level selection screen.
  6. Full controller support, you will be able to use menus with gamepad.
  7. Settings menu to adjust sensitivity.
  8. Intro tutorial.
  9. The speed of the pigeon will be higher thus increasing the action and drama effect.
  10. Bug fixes.

These are just some of the many things added, among improvements and new features. ːsteamhappyː
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
Be prepared to bomb the city with poo in the night level as never seen before or relax yourself making cars blast out in the traffic level.

And best of all it's COMING SOON!
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta



Aug 24, 2015
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
The Enemies Update will be a big update. It will not only introduce new types of urban enemies but also new game mechanics related to them. There will be a lot more action. Be prepared!

There will be other improvements, such as two new environments. Controls and UI will be refined, too.

  • Improvements to the game UI.
  • Improvements to controls.
  • Two new environments.
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta

if you had missed this great mention Kotaku made on launch day of Wonky Pigeon!, here is the link: http://kotaku.co.uk/2015/08/14/wonky-pigeon-sure-is-a-game-about-a-pigeon-that-poos-on-people
Wonky Pigeon! - Pipposanta
Hey there fellow pigeons!

As you know I am constantly working on improving the game and current update introduces further improvements.

Here are the release notes!

Challenge your friends bombing the city with poo with the glorious coop mode in Wonky Pigeon!
Just remember to attach both the controllers before the game starts. It’s a know bug for now (see below).

It may seem obvious since there is coop mode, but Wonky Pigeon! now supports gamepads both in single player and in coop mode.

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