Interstellar Rift - Conquintor
It’s that time again, time for another experimental patch. In this patch we’re adding derelict ships to the game. These devious derelicts will randomly give off signatures which you can use to track them down, if you’re lucky they just contain some loot, but they might also be surrounded by unwanted visitors.

Besides derelict ships, this patch also replaces the old export windows in the ship editor with an ingame solution that doesn’t pull you out of the game when used.

We’ve also been hard at work at optimizing player login, server saving and sending systems to other players. This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce moments of lag in the game. There’s not one front to attack here, so we have to go from lag spike to lag spike and address those individually, which has been taking a decent amount of effort.

Now back to derelict ships. If you weren’t aware, we are running a contest right now for player made derelicts. The five best designs will end up in game.

For more details about the contest, see here:
To find derelict ships, look for signatures, just like player ships and stellar phenomena, these derelict ships will have to be tracked down with a scanner. Once you’ve found one, be careful, as Skrill might spawn nearby. These ships will have to be hacked to gain access, and devices might be damaged, so it’s generally a good idea to bring a repair gun. But exploring these ships will give you a good chance to find some loot, appropriately levelled to the system you are in.

For full patch notes, and to leave feedback, see here:

Instructions on how to join the experimental branch can be found here:

Thank you all for playing and see you star side!

-The Split Polygon Team
Interstellar Rift - Sentir342

- clarified phrasing of crash popup

- added logging to try to find occasional crash on unload of an entity


- fixed a crash when pasting an incomplete color code into a text field

- fixed a server crash when a ship has a missile launcher that is not in a weapon group

- fixed a crash when trying to export a ship without entering a name into the save name field

- fixed a crash while rendering the asteroid in the extractor when the cancel button was used

- fixed a server crash when a client connects more than once for some reason


- servers need to be updated and restarted if they encounter the fixed server crashes
Interstellar Rift - Conquintor
It’s been a while since the last ship design contest, but we’re happy to announce a new one. The contest will coincide with the next patch (0.2.9) which will introduce derelict ships. We will be designing the bulk of these, but to help us fill out the variety of vessels to encounter, we need your help! This time we’ll be electing multiple winners, with 5 ships going into the game this time.

As the previous contests only had a single winner, if you want a ship you designed to be in the game, this is going to be one of the best chances you’ll get.

The ships we’d like to see are smaller vessels, with some cargo capacity, and an interesting interior layout, made up of multiple corridors and rooms so players can explore them.

Ship description:

The ships should be smaller rather than large, as we’d like these ships to be explorable in a fairly short amount of time. The ship’s systems should function normally, once you encounter one of these ships in the game, we will dynamically damage some of the devices and place loot on board. These ships can be made to fit with a certain faction, but we have no style guide, and you are free to design the exterior to your liking. You are allowed to use devices from all tiers, as the ships will spawn in systems relative to the resources used in construction.

Creating interesting ways to navigate the ship to get to the loot areas, or setting up puzzle like power systems to gain access is encouraged.


Ship requirements:
  • At least 3 rooms.
  • At least 2 cargo pads (or a minimum of 16 cargo slots)
  • At least 1 locker (or a minimum of 8 tool slots)
  • The ship should function normally, no permissions have to be set on devices.
  • At least 1 teleporter
  • Ship mass can not be more than 100K.

    Things not to do:
    No admin models.
    No holes or traps that can get players stuck.
Contest Rules:

As with every contest there are rules and regulations that everyone must adhere to so here are ours.
  • All submissions must be original, ships resembling established designs outside of Interstellar Rift will be disqualified
  • The contest will run until the 18th of June, any submission made after the end date will be disqualified. We will be looking at the ships on the Developer Stream on the 19th of June.
  • All Submissions may NOT contain and of the following, graphic or sexually oriented imagery. any depictions of or related to drug use, political views outside of those present inside of Interstellar Rift.
  • Split Polygon reserves the right to alter any winning submission before implementing it into the game.
  • The contest is open to anyone.

Ship submission:

Upload your ship on the workshop and link it in this thread:

Happy building!

- The Split Polygon Team.
Interstellar Rift - Conquintor
We will be streaming some more Interstellar Rift tonight at 22:00 CET (21:00 UTC) in Dev Stream #60 at

We'll be talking about the upcoming ship design contest, and show some of the new stuff in version 0.2.9.

Join us for questions, to give feedback about the game, or just to watch 4 people struggle with fuel management for 2 hours.

See you tonight!

- The Split Polygon Team
Interstellar Rift - Sentir342

- fixed some crashes

- fixed a client crash when another player fired at the exact same time as the client teleported off a ship


- servers need to be updated and restarted
Interstellar Rift - Sentir342

- added a new Teleportation Automation Cartridge
  • Resource cost: 10 gold, 10 silver, 10 silicon
  • Can be made with a 3D Printer
  • Can be inserted into a Cargo Teleporter
  • Will teleport Cargo every 6 seconds
  • Can teleport to cargo pads, cargo containers, vaults(the vault of the person who activated it), hydrogen tanks, dronebays and dropboxes
  • Lasts for twelve hours

- added speed tracking mode (P), which can be used while in the cockpit of a ship to set the speed to the speed of a target, and match their speed over time

- added speed matching mode (I), which can be used while in the cockpit of a ship to set the speed to the speed of a target for one time

- Refinery can now be stopped

- Extractor can now be stopped

- Extractor can now select a priority resource, by clicking on a resource while it's mining

- added new command to exit a game/server
  • command ingame: /exittimer, /quittimer
  • command in server console: exittimer, quittimer
  • parameters: <duration in seconds> <optional popup message text>
  • example: /quittimer 120 "Server shutting down for maintenance."

- added a new server configuration option ActiveDronesInTileRemovalThreshold (defaults to 20). This controls the amount of active drones (of the same type) have to be in the same tile for them to be considered for despawning. Low values of this setting will result in performance degradation due to constant spawning and despawning of trading and mining drones.


- added Station Shield error messages to the localization file

- game now shows a message to notify the user to install the VC++ 2012 Redistributables when a DllNotFoundException is encountered

- tool drop code for the Cloaking Device and the Station Shield was rewritten to prevent loss of tools on server lag


- fixed drift to point position of disposed beacon and defense drones

- refineries no longer accept mission resources

- fixed a crash for refineries with mission resource in their buffer

- fixed an exception thrown by the logger when loading a system

- force update inactive systems with an available ghost client for one frame when requesting save data from them

- fixed some issues where the loading screen would not show properly

- fixed some issues with unloading servers

- attempted to fix a crash in the repair gun beam

- keep track of what systems players are in for better ghost client handling

- fixed hired S3 combat drone targeting

- fixed drone despawn timer

- fixed Station Shield and Cloaking Device respectively not accepting Focusing Crystals and Heatsinks when they should

- disable toggling of points of interest markers in the shipflight UI because it doesn't work correctly and leads to confusion as to where the markers are

- unified spelling of Heatsink

- removed extraneous brackets around the Focusing Crystal duration in the Station Shield

- fixed crash when an FPS bullet hit something that did not have a visual

- fixed searching in drone bay resource popup

- fixed player stores continuing to sell to / buy from drones when they were unpowered or turned off


- servers need to be updated and restarted
Interstellar Rift - Conquintor
In this weeks’ update we have addressed a couple of smaller issues, and implemented some much requested quality of life features. Among other things, there’s now an automation upgrade for the cargo teleporter, and a speed tracking and speed matching mode for ship flight.

Automation for the cargo teleporter has long been on our to-do list but it’s finally here. You can now purchase a teleportation upgrade cartridge at “selected vendors” (LogiCorp, GT Travelling Trade Emporiums, etc.) or print it yourself with a 3D printer.
Once inserted in a cargo teleporter the upgrade cartridge unlocks a new menu in the top right of the terminal, which can be used to set a target location. Once you set the cartridge to “active”, the cargo teleporter will automatically start teleporting resource crates every 6 seconds.

In the cockpit you will find two new buttons on your dashboard. These let you either track the speed of a targeted ship, (up to your ship’s max speed of course), or match the speed of a targeted ship once. With speed tracking mode, your ship will automatically adjust it’s speed to keep it the same as its target. Your ship does not turn automatically though, so this won’t work in battle to keep locked onto an enemy.

The extractor has received two new functionalities, you can now stop mining at any given moment, and you can select which resource should be mined. Which means that you can select a rare resource from an iron asteroid for example, and the extractor will switch to mining that first. Stopping the mining operation destroys any remaining resources in the asteroid.

The refinery has also received the stop functionality, but it will not destroy any resources, instead it will finish its current batch before cancelling the processing command.

Besides functionality tweaks we’re also always working on optimizing the game and fixing bugs. This time we’ve fixed some long standing annoying bugs with the trade terminals and how they interact with drones, fixed the drift to point code for the beacons and defense drones, and resolved a couple of issues with mission resources and refineries, among other things.

Thank you all for playing and see you star side!

-The Split Polygon Team

Patch Notes for IR Beta

Feedback thread

IR Discord Channel

PS: We will also be streaming Interstellar Rift again tonight at 22:00 CEST (21:00 UTC), in Dev Stream #58 at We'll be talking about the changes in 0.2.8, answer your questions, and also talk about upcoming features in 0.2.9.
Interstellar Rift - Hurles
Hey everyone,

A quick reminder: as mentioned in last week's stream, due to two of our team members being on holiday this week, we will not be streaming today. We'll be back to streaming next week!

In the mean time, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us right here on the forums, or on our official discord

We hope to see you next week!

- Hurles
Interstellar Rift - Conquintor
And... we’re back, with another experimental update! This time we’ve added automation cartridges for cargo teleporters, speed tracking modes to stick with other ships, and some new functionalities for the extractor and the refinery.

The new Teleportation Automation Cartridge can be placed in the freshly added enhancement slot of the cargo teleporter. Doing so will give access to a new button in the upper right corner of the screen that will let you select a destination for the teleporter to send its cargo to. Once the cartridge is activated, it will teleport any cargo every 6 seconds. This means the cargo teleporter can now be combined with ACTRs to set up fully automated delivery systems.

In the cockpit there are two new buttons on your main dashboard. These are the speed match, and speed tracking modes. When pressed while your ship has a target. The speed match button will set the speed to the target’s speed. If you want to lock your speed to a target the speed tracking mode is probably what you’re after. If you have a target and activate this mode, your speed will update continuously to try and match the speed of your target. Tracking modes don’t match the direction of other vessels though, so you will need to keep any eye on your trajectory if you plan on having your ship follow something for extended periods of time.

The refinery and extractor have both received some small functionality updates. The refinery can now be stopped at any moment, after which it will finish whatever is left in its current buffer, before terminating the refinement session.
The extractor has obtained the same functionality, so you can stop mining at any moment now. In addition to that you can now also set the mining priority. When mining an asteroid with multiple resources, simply click on the resource you want to mine first, and after a small delay during which it clears its buffer, it will swap over to the desired resource.

We’ve also been doing multiple optimizations and have been fixing plenty of bugs, see the patch notes for more details on those.

For full patch notes, and to leave feedback, see here:

Instructions on how to join the experimental branch can be found here:

Thank you all for playing and see you star side!

-The Split Polygon Team
Interstellar Rift - Hurles

- fix drone bay doors spawning twice when going through a rift

- fixed crash in ammo loader

- fixed crash in Ship storage hangar

- attempt to fix drone spam
  • increase time before next call in of combat drones from 30 seconds without damage to 45 seconds without damage
  • increase range to search for nearby combat drones from 40000m to 400000m
  • added logging for how many drones were spawned and how many nearby drones were called in
  • clean up code
- made sure ships stored in the hangar show their mass in the UI


- servers will need to be updated and restarted, no rebuilds required

We also be streaming some more Interstellar Rift tonight at 22:00 CET (21:00 UTC) in Dev Stream #57 at

We'll be talking about (and showing) some of the new stuff coming in version 0.2.8.

Join us for questions, to give feedback about the game, or just to watch 4 people struggle with their own game.

Stream starts in about 3 hours!

- The Split Polygon Team

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