Jul 26, 2016
High On Racing - SilentFuture Games
The game got updated to VS2015 runtimes to remove the performance issue on older i7 architecture.

If you still get the wired performance drops in-game please drop us a note at the Steam Discussions or at support@silentfuture.de
High On Racing - SilentFuture Games
Great News!

Trading Cards for High On Racing are out right NOW! Just start playing and get yours!

Have Fun!
Mar 17, 2016
High On Racing - SilentFuture Games
Beside the upcoming Trading Cards we have added new features based upon your feedback to the game.

  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Statistics
  • WASD Input

We hope that you like the new additions.
Have fun and keep us updated with your feedback.
High On Racing - SilentFuture Games
We are happy to announce, that High On Racing will finally get Trading Cards. We are working on the final touches and will add them shortly within the next one or two weeks.

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