Shacknews - Jeff Mattas

PopCap Games today revealed plans to bring its popular puzzler, Zuma's Revenge!, to Xbox Live Arcade. Previously available on other platforms like PC, DS, and 3DS, the upcoming Xbox 360 version will include a number of improvements and some extra bells and whistles that set it apart from previous iterations.

Players will still progress through the game by firing orbs of various hues to make like-colored chains for points, but a number of exclusive differences--such as high-definition graphics, achievements, and cosmetic avatar rewards--are being folded into the proceedings. (The PC version is shown in the image above.)

Two new game modes, called Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge, are also exclusive to the XBLA version of the game. Based on the announcement, it's not clear what Boss Rush mode will entail, but we assume that Weekly Challenge will be a series of some sort of specific competitive tasks that the community will be able to participate in.

In another (slightly cryptic) twist, this new version of the game will feature what PopCap is calling "updated 2012 gameplay," which somehow translates to "no more lives, no more checkpoints and no more game over."

The XBLA version of Zuma's Revenge! doesn't have a release date yet, but will be priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10).


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