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Canabalt - Adam Atomic
Hey everyone! Just a quick note - our partners at Kittehface Software just pushed a new update that will allow you to select your preferred language through the Steam client's Language tab :) Hope it helps, and thanks for playing!
Canabalt - Adam Atomic
Holy moly. So, only about 4 years later than I hoped, for reasons I cannot go into right now, Canabalt is finally coming to Steam!! We worked with Kittehface Software to bring the full Canabalt 2.0 experience to desktops, including all the game modes, two player mode, the optional 3D graphics from Canabalt HD, gamepad support, all the music (including Mega Ran's lyrical cover!!), achievements, and leaderboards. We also built a full set of trading cards, wallpapers, and office furniture emoticons (spoiler alert!!), which I hope you all enjoy because it was kind of a hassle.

ANYWAYS sorry for the slight multi-year delay, but I'm really excited about this. Thanks <3

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