Dec 14, 2015
Unium - KFSoftware
We just pushed an update live that fixes a couple of minor issues. Most notably, this fixes a problem with launching the game in offline mode. It also adds more verbose feedback when downloading workshop items at startup.
Unium - Terazilla
We just pushed an update that allows users to select the language themselves if they don't like the automatically detected one. It's easy to do: simply right-click on Unium in your Steam library, go to properties, and look for the language tab.

Unium - Terazilla
Unium now features an integrated level editor! Simply click "Level Editor" in the main menu and you'll be able to create new levels and upload them to the Steam Community Workshop! Visit the workshop page to subscribe to any you'd like to try, and re-run the game to download them all.

We've made a handy dandy guide discussing the process, which hopefully everybody finds easy to use. The big catch is that you'll need to prove you can solve a puzzle before uploading, so everything that finds its way onto the workshop should be solvable.
Unium - jsinitiatives
We're still doing some testing on this, but in the next few days we're hoping to push an update adding an in-game level editor and the ability to upload your creations to Workshop. This works pretty well currently, allowing you to set your level size and design and place tiles appropriately. You'll need to prove you can solve it before you can upload it, be warned!

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