Dec 23, 2016
Time Machine VR - Rommel
Greetings fellow time travellers!

We’re rolling out an update to make your VR experience more comfortable. Here’s what we’ve added and improved.

  • Motion controls are now easier to use and more intuitive.
  • Motion controls tutorial is now easier to complete, so you can get playing sooner!
  • Added Invert-Y option to control settings for added gameplay flexibility.
  • Improved graphics performance for reduced pixelation.
  • Improved CPU performance.
  • Added support for Canadian French.
  • Added subtitles support.

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Time Machine VR - Tara
The Ophthalmosaurus had eyes that were bigger than footballs (28-30cm long)!

"The young were born alive and were probably immediately brought to the surface by the mother or instinctively sought the surface as other pelagic birthing marine mammals do today. These air breathing predators evolved from terrestrial ancestors, who themselves had evolved from fish." Read more about this amazing creature here!

Time Machine VR - Tara
"At close to 50 feet long and up to three tons, Elasmosaurus was one of the biggest plesiosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, though still not a match for the largest representatives of other marine reptile families (the ichthyosaurs, pliosaurus and mosasaurs), some genera of which could weigh up to 50 tons."

Also, apparently, Elasmosaurus was part of something called the "Bone Wars" which was instigated by a bitter feud between two paleontologists!

Read some more facts about the Elasmosaurus here .

Time Machine VR - Tara
Hey Time Travelers,

Super excited to share with you that we are participating in the VR Weekend Sale. We're on sale for $19.79 on Steam until Monday evening (EST) so please share the love and make some giant dinosaur waves while we can!


P.S. Have you explored the alternate dimensions yet? Here's a hint: returning to levels and using your tracking grenade may reveal some hidden portals...

Time Machine VR - Tara
Hesperornis was a large flightless bird that lived from the Late Cretaceous period to the first part of the Campanian age. The large creature had a beak full of small sharp teeth, had very small wings, and large feet that were lobed (like a grebe) rather than webbed (like a loon).

Like the mosasaurus, hesperornis' teeth sat in a longitudinal groove as opposed to individual sockets!

Want to learn a bit more? Check out this awesome little blurb by ‪#‎NationalGeographic‬

Time Machine VR - Tara
Elasmosaurus could only lift its head above the water because its neck was so heavy. Its center of gravity was behind the flippers, and the entire 72 vertebrae neck would have been too much to be lifted. To put it in perspective, the elasmosaurus had roughly the same length neck as a giraffe!

It's thought that the elasmosaurus would hunt by schools of fish by concealing the body below the fish and using its head to slowly approach its prey from below! #TMVR #weeklyfacts #dinosaur

Time Machine VR - Tara
The ophthalmosaurus comes from the Greek term meaning "eye lizard!" It had huge eyes that suggest that it hunted in the depths of the ocean where light was sparse. However, it may have hunted at night instead when its preferred species of prey were available for the chase!

It had a dolphin-like body and more developed forelimbs than hind limbs. It had almost no teeth and it likely ate fish and squids as its major sources of food.

Want to read a bit more? Check out this page here and stay tuned for more weekly facts!

Time Machine VR - Tara
Mosasaurus preyed on creatures at the surface of the ocean because of its underdeveloped olfactory bulb (neural structure in charge of sense of smell)! Instead, it attacked when creatures came to the surface for air, likely attacking with a quick burst of speed from underneath its target.

It also gave birth to live young! #TMVR #Science #DinoFacts

Time Machine VR - Tara
Neoparadoxia is part of an extinct family of ocean-going mammals approximately from approximately 14 million years ago (think hippo & manatee)!

Want to learn more about this awesome creature? Check out this article by Dr. Barnes "A new Genus and Species of Late Miocene Paleoparadoiid" and swim up close and personal in Time Machine VR:

Time Machine VR - Tara
Hey Time Travelers,

We’ll be releasing facts about the creatures in Time Machine VR, the development of the game, and discoveries you can make on a weekly basis. Stay tuned by following us here, on Twitter , on Facebook , and on our Website .

Our first factoid is about the mosasaurus. Mosasauruses had double-hinged jaws and flexible skulls (like snakes), and could eat their prey almost whole.

You can check out TheGamingBeaver having a close encounter with a mosasaur on YouTube !

Got any cool facts of your own that you’d like to share? Hit us up and share your knowledge in TMVR!

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