Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 - Albino Lullaby
Greetings fans and followers of Albino Lullaby!
We at Ape Law are super excited to finally show off some of Albino Lullaby: Episode 2. We have a packed update for you so let's get to it!

After much ado we are finally able to announce a solid release date for Episode 2 ! We intend to release on steam on:
MARCH 22, 2018!!!
And as the meat to your potatoes we are proud to finally share the very first footage of Episode 2.

Check out the video here:

We apologize for the confusion and delays and hope you'll stick with us. If you're interested you can follow our progress via our devblog.
Community Announcements - ENP

on 24th of January I initially added a new build to the VR testing branch (which is open to anyone wanting to opt into early updates) that I moved to the mainline branch, the patch is regarded as a hotfix and is not a new iterated build so the build number stands as 2.0.0

The hotfix includes:

A recompile that should fix the note pickup issue in VR (where the game would lose frames and flicker into the steam VR home area then back to the game).

A fix to the rooftops area in which some players could not access the tower room for one of the buttons to unlock the matchbox (as reported on the forums and by other users).

Removal of double vision causing 2D text for VR (This will later be replaced by 3D text renders for controls and objective information).

I want to thank everyone for being patient with this and posting these bugs so that I can properly investigate them, so please be sure to let us know if you're still having any issues!

As a friendly reminder there is now a VR Bug Tracking sub discussion board please relay all VR inquiries to that section so they are easier to receive.


In tangent to sorting bugs out I can safely say I am working on the addition of possible motion control support (HTC Vive / Steam VR) to go along with more VR complementary additions (3D menu's / additional menu options for VR).

These will be rolled out into the vr testing branch first! not into the mainline as I will be building on the functionality incrementally instead of rolling it out as one big update. This way we can hopefully get feedback as we push things out.

An announcement will be made once that begins starting out basic then as I add more functionality.

Thank you all again and for the continued support as we push to keep improving Albino Lullaby and push into the future of the universe.
Community Announcements - ENP
Hello everyone,

For the past few weeks I have been working with the HTC Vive and coordinating with other fans / supporters of the game to correct the current issue with Albino Lullaby’s current Vive and SteamVR Support.

I am excited to announce that Albino Lullaby now has proper Stereo 3D and Positional tracking implementation for Steam VR and the HTC Vive!

However not perfect the core issues are fixed, I am aware of the 3D problems of some of the UI elements (Controls / Objectives), some areas have a noticeable stutter when turning, and some collision / scale quirks. This should not detract from the overall experience however.

To further improve the Albino Lullaby VR support on steam VR and all platforms I have created a new sub discussion for VR Bugs I will ask that all discovered issues and feedback that can be given to directly help VR support for the game are posted there.

There is now a public beta testing branch called VR Testing as well that any owners of the game can opt into. This branch will be the first updated before the official release on the main platform because of this the beta branch may be unstable at times so take some discretion when opting into it.

In addition to this I want to thank the community for all the documentation and support that aided in fixing this problem, it was a long wait and I apologize for the time this took to fix however we can move forward now to continue to support Albino Lullaby as one of the best VR experiences.

I want to thank budwheizzah on steam. He offered allot support and examples toward the current VR problems, his support went a long way to getting proper VR support implemented and allowing us to move forward in making the game better for the platform.

You can check out his youtube channel here :

Moving forward I will be looking into further improving the steam VR implementation in addition to adding an oculus launch option for those who do not own an Vive.

Thank you all.
Nov 19, 2016
Community Announcements - Albino Lullaby
Our new engineer, Ethan's first task was to put together a build packed with bug fixes and get it up on steam asap. We have fixes for quite a few bugs, notorious and otherwise.

-Fixed the issue with one of the notes not showing up the second half of th episode. You should have no trouble getting the 'all notes collected' achievement now.

-Fixed lighting issues on doors.

-Fixed ambient light gong out in rooftops.

-Fixed the darkness engulfing the entrance to Fairday's chamber

-Fixed issues with capture breaking once players land in The Basement.

-Removed an errant mesh in the conclusion.

-Removed a buggy decal from the conclusion.

-Fixed some issues with the player losing the clicker upon death.

-Smoothed out the explosion leading into the long fall.

-Rebuilt lighting

-Added some components that should improve stereo 3D

-Fixed broken blue light in the prison.

-Fixed collision issues on the rotating room.

-Removed some errant meshes in the long fall

-Blocked some openings players were using to get out of the level.

-Various other small tweaks.

Ethan's Vive arrives in the mail next week, and his next task is to get stereo 3D and positional tracking working correctly with the Vive (still works great on Oculus) So stay tuned!

If you have any suggestions for things we should fix in our next build please send them to

Thanks a ton for playing!

Community Announcements - Albino Lullaby
Independent studio Ape Law is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of their psychological horror game Albino Lullaby with a Pre-Halloween Sale. The studio, comprised of veterans from Bioshock: Infinite, top-selling indie title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the Tomb Raider reboot and the upcoming PSVR Launch Title Here They Lie, will offer their 2D and VR, no jump scares, no gore horror game for 40% Off from October 7 th through 14 th on Steam for PC and Vive.

“While we are working on Episode 2, this is the perfect opportunity for players with the game on their Steam Wishlist to buy Albino Lullaby at huge discount. For players that are still on the fence, we have made our Demo available for free and it includes the first 40 minutes of gameplay. This is a great chance to check out the game!” said Justin Pappas, creative director of Albino Lullaby and Founder of Ape Law.

The Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 Demo of the first 40 minutes of gameplay is now available for free on Steam: .
May 30, 2016
Community Announcements - ApeLaw_LeeBerger
I just posted v1.5.2 update. It is a small update that fixes rendering issue some people were having with Grandmother at the end of the game.
Community Announcements - Albino Lullaby
To coincide with the DAWN of the VR era, we'd like to announce that we've updated Albino Lullaby with a megalithic performance overhaul!

The game now runs silky smooth at 90hz in VR on req spec machines and will resonate with even MORE joy in 2D.

Both experiences are great so if you've already played in 2D I highly recommend a return in VR ! The Grandchildren are taller than you remember.

Thanks so much to the community and all your feedback! You helped us find some of our most performance heavy spots.

Keep the feedback coming, and always feel free to reach out to us at:

There are more exciting announcements coming from us in the coming months/weeks, so stay tuned!
You can add yourself to our mailing list at

Community Announcements - Albino Lullaby
Happy Halloween month to all y'all spooks!
We've posted our first major update to Albino Lullaby.

Here is a summarized list of our changes:

-28 brand new achievements
-Trading Cards
-Checkpoints closer together in challenging segments.
-Fixes for AI detection in rooftops.
-Improved AI pathing.
-Improved lighting visibility in many areas.
-Bonus track, 'Subjugated Siren' added to the original sound track.
-Indicated to the player that they can read collected notes from the
main menu.
-Many many more bug fixes for bugs found by the community.
(Thanks community!)

I want to thank those that have really helped us champion the game. We are a very small team so feedback from you folks has been invaluable to us. We've watched just about every You Tube let's play of the game we could find and have really taken your thoughts into consideration. Not only have you helped us find incredibly elusive bugs, you helped us to make a smoother, more fun and rewarding game! Thanks so much for your honesty! Keep helping us spread the word about Albino Lullaby while we keep working to make the game even better!

Remember, you can always reach us at with suggestions, ideas, issues, and general warm feelings.

PC Gamer

Article by Stefanie Fogel

Albino Lullaby revels in its own weirdness. The episodic first-person puzzler, which launched last week, proudly claims to have no jump scares, gore, or blood. Instead, it relies on atmosphere and some truly awful creatures to get under your skin.

Its world is garish and beautiful, full of rooms that twist and rearrange as you explore them. Walls and floors mechanically slide around, revealing hidden areas or paths. Buttons prominently displayed on walls ask, Are you sure? with a metaphorical wink and nudge. Because of course you re going to push the damn buttons. And what results is often a mix of the unsettling and the humorous.

Duality is an important theme of our game, said Justin Pappas, creative director of indie studio Ape Law. We wanted it to look pretty and fun, but have this horror and terror undercurrent. And when those themes clash, I think that confuses the brain a little bit. It makes players feel kind of disoriented. And that all lends to that feeling of unease and the uncanny.

The creatures that call this twisted haunted house home are the Grandchildren, pale and tubular things with oddly-pitched voices and nightmarish eyes and mouths. They sprang from Pappas subconscious.

Ever since I was a kid, I've been drawing these, like, french fries with really scary, empty eyes and teeth, he said. When we first started building the game, our intention was actually to make them more humanoid. But we started with these tubes because it's easy to test like that. We didn't have animations yet ... so we just put these tubes in. And I drew on one of the tubes, one of these french fries that I used to draw, and it turned out that any other sort of concept we tried to create for the Grandchildren just didn't feel quite as right.

The Grandchildren, Pappas explained, are a vague representative shape that people can project their own fears onto. Some might think they look like stretched marshmallows. Others might see thumbs, worms, or undead Easter Island heads. Maybe they look a little bit like actor Tim Curry. Maybe they look phallic. Either way, you ll spend most of your time in Albino Lullaby trying to avoid these monstrosities by crouching and sneaking around them.

Or you can just sprint past them in a terrified panic. The Grandchildren are slow, but relentless. Only a loading spot or strange blue lights will make them give up the chase. And if they catch you, you die.

A game where you run away from evil french fries might sound more absurd than terrifying, but that s kind of the point. Albino Lullaby walks a fine line between horror and comedy, creating an experience that is neither laugh-out-loud funny nor overtly frightening, but instead nightmarishly surreal. Pappas admits that it s a hard balancing act to maintain.

I think the main thing is to make sure we don't go to the point where things are starting to feel silly or like we're abandoning any sort of logic, he said. I think Albino Lullaby feels very illogical at times, but there is sort of a logic to this world. There's a sense that there's some kind of rule set to this world. And if the comedy gets to the point where you're throwing away any kind of anchor to that logic, where it's just sort of silly and cheap, then I think you are in danger of diluting any sort of serious tension that the player might feel.

One could argue that Ape Law has already diluted some of that serious tension, however. By emphasizing the game s lack of jump scares, the developer is tipping its hand. Once you know nothing is going to leap out and startle you, it becomes less terrifying. Sure, the Grandchildren are good for a few heart pounding moments, but they too lose their shock value over time when you realize they can easily be avoided as long as you don t accidentally box yourself into a corner. Albino Lullaby is a game that will never have you reaching for a new pair of undergarments, but it s charmingly macabre. And, for me, that was enough. Once my fear of the Grandchildren fled, I simply enjoyed the game for its colorful and inventive scenery, its grotesque atmosphere, and its oddball humor. But Pappas admits that might not be enough for everyone.

Some people, it just doesn't work on them at all, he said. They just don't buy it. It's definitely a game for people that want to be scared … and go in wanting to be in another place as opposed to just getting through the game.

Both sick and self-aware, Albino Lullaby could be compared to The Stanley Parable, another short exploration game notable for its twisted sense of humor. But it s actually influenced by something much older—the 1993 adventure game Myst.

I love that game, said Pappas. I love how it drops you into a really interesting world and really doesn't tell you what to do at all. In Myst, it's all about you sort of figuring out where you are, how you got there, and how you're going to get out. And that's exactly what Albino Lullaby is about. You're dropped into this world, you have to figure out where you are, how you got there, and how you're gonna escape.

Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 is currently available for $10/ 7 or as part of a season pass for $25/ 17.32. Three episodes are planned in total, and all of them will support virtual reality devices like the Oculus Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR.

Product Release - Valve
Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 is Now Available on Steam!

Albino Lullaby is a horror adventure game that doesn't rely on jump scares or gore. Escape from a surreal psychological nightmare.

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