Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware

Hot Hardware has approved the Alienware Steam Machine. The question is, do you guys approve?

Why its Hot

Great introduction to PC gaming
System is fast and responsive
Vast indie game library
Intuitive and clean UI
SteamOS open platform great for modding

Why (they feel) its Not

Limited AAA title library
Limited functionality
Finicky controller has a steep learning curve


Nov 19, 2015
Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware

Compact and quiet design
Well-designed, efficient UI
Innovative controller
Tied into a brilliant gaming service

Significantly more expensive than a console
Controller takes some getting used to
Limited selection of AAA games

Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
One big point of debate about the Steam Machine is its games library. With around 1500 games already available for it, it’s theoretically the biggest launch line-up ever for a games console, and its games library is expanding at a rapid rate. The number of SteamOS games has more than doubled since this time last year, and currently around 100 new Linux/SteamOS games are being released each month.
Granted, most of these aren’t the AAA launch titles that grace the PS4 and Xbox One, but that’s something that Valve is working on, and the exponential increase of SteamOS games in the last year is promising.
In the meantime, there are still plenty of stellar SteamOS titles that’ll have console owners secretly pining for, while pretending that remaster upon remaster of previous-gen games is all they need to get their gaming kicks.

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Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
Its starting to get crazy up in here. Early adopters are receiving their Steam Machines for the first time and we couldn't be more excited to finally get the machine in their hands. Here's some reading material in the meantime while you wait for yours.

From PCWorld:

Alienware Steam Machine Hands On
Impressions from one week

From Engadget:

Finally, a Gaming PC for the Living Room

From TechRadar:

Whats it like to use a Complete Steam Machine, Controller and all

From CNET:

First Look
6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

From IGN:

What You Need to Know
Photo Gallery

From Tom's Hardware:


From PC Mag:

5 Cool Things About the Steam Machine

From Polygon:

Hands On Video

Oct 13, 2015
Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
Valve’s baby is more powerful, more versatile and has a bigger launch line-up than any games console ever launched, so set aside your PS4 or Xbox One gamepad, and read on for 8 reasons why Valve’s first home console will give Sony and Microsoft fearful, fitful sweats of jealous rage.

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Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
Want to see a Steam Machine in action before you buy one? You’ll get the chance this fall when Valve opens official “store within a store” experiences inside of GameStop and other gaming-related shops.

The Bellevue-based gaming giant said it will showcase its Steam hardware and software at three retailers in the US, UK and Canada: GameStop in the US, GAME in the UK, and EB Games in Canada.

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Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
...Steam has been adding roughly 100 Linux titles per month throughout the summer. And while the total number of Steam Linux offerings still pales in comparison to competing platforms—Phoronix cites Windows at 6,464 games and OS X at 2,323—the statistical growth in such a short period of time is undeniable.

Alienware Steam Machine - Alienware
"The new Steam Controller has positioned itself as the most universal controller out there, able to work with all of your games to some degree or another. Honestly, thanks to the customization options available, I think Valve have achieved that."
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