On My Own - OMO Dev Team
We have some good news today: we released our first update since this summer that will hopefully fix some issues that players are having.

This update includes (but is not limited to):
  • Controller set-up bug has been fixed. We recommend trying out OMO with a controller for a more relaxing experience.

  • Fire bow drill is now easier to use. Try crafting this item when you run out of matches.

  • Computers that are having issues with UI resolution should see an increase in UI fidelity.
Thanks to our new developer Alex for looking into these bugs. We hope to continue looking into issues based on user feedback. Thanks for your support!
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
Hello OMO Players! It’s been a while, but we have some good news to share.

We're excited to announce that we have a new developer joining our team. In the coming weeks, Alex is going to be helping fix issues and bugs, as well as optimize the game.

We'll be taking a look at the comments players have brought up the past couple months and see what we can do fix the game, and make it a better experience for players. If you’ve found any new bugs, please let us know in the OMO discussion area.

Since summer, the core dev team has unfortunately been on hiatus, but we’re excited to have Alex on the team to help. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with any updates in the future. Thanks!
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
It's been some time, but we are back with an update for On My Own!

- Players will finally be to sit back and enjoy the game with a controller as we are bringing gamepad support in this update.

- We've also been listening to user feedback, and added a couple new prompts in the game. When choosing to travel to a new biome, it's now more explicit that players will need both food and energy to make the trek. Also, there is a new prompt warning players when they are getting close to starving.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks, hope you enjoy the new update!
Mar 22, 2016
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
Hello On My Own Players!

We released a new version of On My Own today. It includes multiple bug fixes and also changes that we received requests for. We are excited to continue support for On My Own and to make it better.

Our team is currently hard at work to bring you Gamepad support! Stay tuned for more news.
Mar 10, 2016
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
First couple weeks since launch have been great, and we appreciate the feedback we've recieved. We're continuing to support On My Own so that everyone is able to enjoy playing it.

For players having trouble crafting, there is a great achievement guide put together by steam users Black Mage Jedo and Pink Monkey available in the guide tab here on steam. Also, user ShadowBlastYT has taken charge on keeping the OMO wiki page up to date.

Big thanks to the 3 of them for adding those resources!

We hope everyone is enjoying the unique pace, and feel of OMO. It takes a bit of patience, but like making a real deadfall trap or starting a fire with just a fire bow drill and your hands, we hope it becomes a rewarding experience.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and good luck reaching the Mountain Summit!
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
Well it's finally here, we hope you are enjoying your experience with On My Own so far! Thank you for supporting this game. We'd like to also help out new players by answering a couple frequently asked questions.

- Is there a crafting Wiki?

Yes! While we think part of the fun of OMO is discovering what you can craft, we do have a wiki page here: http://onmyown.gamepedia.com/On_My_Own_Wiki
Also, once you craft an item in the game, the journal entry for that item will show a recipe in case you've forgotten.

- Why is the mobile version free?

We have a very old beta demo of OMO on iOS and Android that is free for the first biome. Since the beta release, we've revamped and added new content and features to the game. Currently, Steam is the only place to get the full release version of OMO. Once we complete the mobile version of the game, it will no longer be free.
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
It's been a great 11 months having On My Own here on Early Access; your feedback during this period was instrumental, and we appreciate your patience throughout the development process.

Today the team is excited to announce the release date for On My Own on Steam: February 26th, 2016.

Additionally, we've added a new launch trailer and screenshots to the page, showcasing some of the games new features and visuals. We are in the final stages of polishing up the game, and hope you are as excited as we are to see it completed.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you again for supporting On My Own!
Jan 16, 2016
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
Hey everyone, wanted to share a news update on how development is going, and what we have left to do!
  • All planned gameplay features are now complete!

  • Soundtrack is finished, now focusing on adding sound effects

  • Working to balance all the gameplay elements, and polishing visuals

  • Revamping tutorial, and journal; crafting recipes will now be included for items you've already made

  • Finishing story elements; story will hint at how to craft complex items

We look forward to sharing a big announcement with you very soon! Until then, thank you for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Dec 16, 2015
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
News update on development progress! We hit some big milestones these past few weeks:
  • All 4 biomes with all 4 seasons are finished

  • New seasonal interface is completed

  • All the art and game animations are completed

  • The final song for the game is in review, then the soundtrack is finished
We are very close to having all the features that we initially pitched when we launched this game on Early Access finished.

Once we get these last features polished up, we'll post the final trailer and a release date. We appreciate everyones patience as we continue to make progress on the game!

Nov 19, 2015
On My Own - OMO Dev Team
We've been very quiet since our last update in early October, but the team has been working very hard on what we are hoping is the final release version of On My Own. We apologize about the lack of communication; know that the team is fully committed to seeing this project through to completion.

Here is some of the new content and features that players can look forward to, along with some new screenshots of the final biome:



  • The Mountain Biome will be available for players to check out. This biome will be the most unique of the 4, as players will need to be well prepared to overcome the harsh elements in order to reach the top of the mountain.

  • Each biome will now have all four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each season will offer a unique challenge in what resources will be available. Players will be able to keep track of the length of each season with a new seasonal interface element during the nightly sleep screen.

  • Players can discover secret letters and items left behind by the mysterious forebear.

  • New craftable items and wearables to help on your journey. Also, the Journal Menu will now show crafting recipes of items that you have made.

  • New level of visual polish, with some refined animations, more detailed background assets, and new lighting features.

  • New original music for players to enjoy.

  • Gameplay adjustments to help usability across all platforms. We've been listening to user feedback, and continue to refine the gameplay experience.

  • A more cohesive tutorial, with hints to help get players up to speed on the gameplay.

  • And some secret stuff that you'll just have to find in the game!

    We hope to have a final game trailer and release date for you in the coming weeks. Thank you for your support on this project, and please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback, we'd love to hear it!

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