Feb 8, 2017
Community Announcements - DecayingLogic

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Community Announcements - DecayingLogic

Welcome to the first in our monthly newsletters. These newsletters are designed to keep you informed as to whats happening in the amazing world of digital jigsaw puzzles.

Pixel Puzzles website is finally ready
The new site contains information on all things Pixel Puzzles. You can find upcoming pack info, checkout the current challenge, check out our social pages and more.

Pixel Puzzles now has a Facebook page
The Pixel Puzzles Facebook page is now live. Like the page and get even more news and updates.

New 'Unique' area
This month we will be rolling out the new ‘Uniques’ area for Pixel Puzzles Ultimate. This is where you will be able to spend some of your Golden Pieces on unique figural puzzles. You can also use your Ultimate Pieces that you’ve earned from completing challenges, on special experimental puzzles, including a mega 1410 piece puzzle.

Even more puzzles available for Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
All of the previous Pixel Puzzles titles (minus RADical ROACH) can now be played within Pixel Puzzles Ultimate. If you own any of the previous Pixel Puzzles titles, you will automatically receive the corresponding puzzle pack DLC for Ultimate for FREE. The final Pixel Puzzles 2 series title Pixel Puzzles 2 RADical ROACH pack for Pixel Puzzles Ultimate will be released later this month.

New Pixel Puzzle Ultimate Pack Releases:
  • FEB 3TH - Australia
  • FEB 3TH - Pin-Ups
  • FEB 14TH - Wild West
  • FEB 14TH - Landscapes XL
  • FEB 21ST - Volcanoes
  • FEB 21ST – Chernobyl
Pixel Puzzles Ultimate: Challenge Puzzle 3
February 1st - March 1st

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Community Announcements - DecayingLogic
You can now play all you Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime puzzles within PIXEL PUZZLES ULTIMATE.

If you own any other Pixel Puzzles game you can play them for FREE with the new PIXEL PUZZLES ULTIMATE system.

Apr 10, 2015
Community Announcements - DecayingLogic
Update 1 is now live, containing a few fixes and things we needed to smooth out.

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