Soul Locus - Tyrain
After an unexpectedly long delay, our next update is finally ready. We're sorry for taking so long to get this build stable and ready to go. Without further delay, here are the patch notes:

-- Dialog Story added for all levels on both world maps.
* This includes unlocking the player abilities during plot progression.
-- Added hot keys for quicker actions.
* Left / Right arrows change the game speed.
* Space bar toggles pause.
* Abilities are triggered by number keys:
* 1 = Augment, 2 = Vortex, 3 = Evolve

Changes and improvements:
* Improved map tile art throughout the entire game. This should be the final pass on map art.
* Added a credits scroll for our team. Credits will be updated again before release.
* Improved the Augment ability. It's now beautiful and powerful!
* Vortex now displays the amount it heals.
* Reworked ability cost scaling. Abilities can be used repeatedly. The cost goes up by one per use.
* Numerous sounds added, including environmental and combat SFX.
* Volume levels tweaked to be consistent.
* Added a fade transition between town and map screens.
* Most Steam achievements should be retroactively unlocked once a relevant event is triggered.
* Tuned the stats of enemies for all three difficulties.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Hacheep and Ox animations.
* Enemy death animations finish playing before game over.
* Fixed a bug with replaying tutorial missions failing to give rewards.
* Experience is now awarded based on waves completed. Fleeing at wave 1 gives no exp.
* Fixed numerous issues with Endless Mode.
* Fixed display issues with the options menu and background.
* Right click info on units should display correctly.
* Poison no longer displays 0 damage when it is being resisted.
* Fixed numerous skill descriptions to be more accurate.
* Corrected a bug with map transitions causing a black screen.
* Fixed layering issues in the shop screen.
* Adjusted tower placement on various maps to avoid UI conflicts.
* Fixed crashes during combat.

Considering the extended development time, many other bugs were encountered and fixed that may never have been player facing.

Work on Soul Locus will continue slowly through the Summer and possibly into Fall if necessary. There's one important feature left in the release plans and various amounts of polish and balance and fixes left to do. More music should be coming as well.

Please let us know of any issues you encounter and thanks for playing!
Jul 20, 2016
Soul Locus - Tyrain
We've released a new public beta build. It's loaded with fixes, but so much has changed that it's likely we have a few more things to find and fix.

Please report any issues you encounter if you try out the beta build!

You can activate the beta branch in Soul Locus properties, under the BETAS tab. The beta is currently only for PC. OSX probably won't be updated until the build is verified to be stable and ready to go live.

This build fixes endless mode issues and has proper spawning for the two new endless maps found in the Cloud Mesa area.

Most of our story dialog is in, along with associated quests. Quest progress will be used to unlock abilities like Vortex. This may not be working as intended at the moment.

In preparation for the upcoming permanent Evolve/Card Merge feature, we have removed Focus Cost from the guardian list. All Guardians cost 1 focus to play. This will ensure that evolving is always a positive choice since there isn't a greater cost to use them.

The majority of the other changes are just fixes and polish that are numerous and small. We'll continue to refine the game as we near content complete!
New sounds have been added including different ambient SFX for each map environment. Most are still not finalized so they may change in the next few builds.
May 22, 2016
Soul Locus - Tyrain
While we work to wrap up the next build, we decided to release a large number of achievements. These ones are already working, and in many cases, they have already been counting up for a few patches.

You might notice there are 25+ hidden achievements. The logic to trigger those is coming in our next patch, which will hopefully complete our achievement sets for Soul Locus!

We also submitted our trading cards, emoticons and backgrounds for approval. Expect those to be releasing in the near future.
Soul Locus - Tyrain
This update is a large one! The main highlights include a new area with 15 additional maps and 2 more endless levels. Along with that, we've added two new enemies. Play through the content and you'll be sure to notice their intimidating presence!

In addition to this large content drop, we also fixed a number of issues reported by players. Most notably all the known bugs involving endless maps and save and continue.

Numerous levels received balancing and some UI was improved. You can read the full patch notes on the Welcome Screen that shows when you start the game.

As a small treat, we updated the art for the Ox to include Hacheep perched and searching for enemy goos.
Soul Locus - Tyrain
This build introduces Difficulty Settings for each level. Our main goal here is to make the game fun for a variety of players from casual to hardcore. We also want to provide more longevity to the existing content. When you select a map to play, you will be able to choose between three difficulties. Please let us know how the balance feels!

The other big item for this build is a new story introduction which blends beautiful still art with new music and simple animation to tell beginning of Soul Locus' story. Start a new game to check it out.

A number of adjustments and bug fixes are also included in the build. Here are the full patch notes:

[New] Difficulty settings per level. Earn 25% additional gold and experience per difficulty.
[New] New story intro! You can view it by starting a new game.
[New] A new music track was composed for the intro along with new sfx.
[New] Updated the sfx system and added Environmental background sounds to the levels.

[UI] Greatly improved the Level Preview popup to support difficulty settings.
[UI] Improved Tooltips on abilities in the Card Inventory screen.

[Fix] Cleanup of effects on Vortex for better performance. More later!
[Fix] Fixed Splitter spawns to not die the moment they are created. This fixes backwards walking goo behavior. It will also hopefully fix the problem with Endless levels not completing properly.
[Fix] Mini-bosses are now immune to Unsummoning.
[Fix] Evolved guardians should display properly when viewing card info.
[Fix] Other miscellaneous tweaks and clean up.
Soul Locus - Garat
We're getting closer to a complete game. We're focusing more and more on the longer game experience. As part of this, there are mini-bosses now, as well as intermissions for endless - a good chance to take breather, collect some loot, etc. As the notes mention, this does make endless a bit easier for now. We'll be rebalancing once we have a bit more data from the mini-bosses in regular maps, to bring endless back in line with where we think the challenge level should be.

Hop in, kill some mini-bosses, and check out the new changes.

Patch Notes
    [New] Mini bosses have been added to many levels.
  • - They spawn smaller goos as they take damage.
  • - Levels have been rebalanced for this new challenge.
  • - A few levels weren't adjusted since they are being saved for full bosses.

    [New] Damage Numbers are displayed and colored by tower type!
  • - If you don't like it, you can turn it off in the options menu during battle.

    [New] Endless Wave Intermissions.
  • - Every 25 waves, the game will reward your progress and allow you to Save and Quit.
  • - This makes Endless easier, but we'll be adding mini bosses to fix that once they are tested in regular zones.
  • - If you Save and Quit, you can resume by selecting the endless map then selecting Continue.
  • - Once you Continue and earn prizes, that save will no longer be valid.
  • - This increases the crafting items earned to be closer to regular maps.
  • - It should also help with performance by cleaning up each Intermission.
Soul Locus - Garat

Greetings, Luminaries!

If it's actually back to school for you.. well, sorry for the salt in the wound. But if you've been waiting to learn how to best send the goos back to the chaos from whence they crawled, this patch is for you! As we prepare for more of the RPG elements of the game, we've revamped our old tutorial, and now take you back to university to really learn the in's and outs of summoning Guardians.

More content and more fixes! We're also working on some big new features. Check out our roadmap section on our store page to see what's coming next!

  • [New] Added a Tutorial starting area. New games begin in the College for a short lesson on game mechanics.
  • [New] Added sounds and improved a few others. More to come!
  • [Fix] Focus crystals reward more focus in later waves.
  • [Fix] Many miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • [UI] The Fast Forward button can be used to start missions.
  • [UI] Focus Crystals display the amount of focus gained.
  • [UI] Improved visual crispness of large fonts and character portraits.
Sep 9, 2015
Soul Locus - Garat

Greetings, Luminaries! A new patch, full of delicious, fun tower defense goodness! A bunch of changes, fixes and additions, and we're sneaking ever closer to the finish line. This is a big patch, the culmination of quite a few weeks worth of work. Hop in and play!

  • [New] Patch numbers updated to represent the progress we've been making!
  • [New] 6 more Guardians added!
  • [New] With the new Guardians, all crafting combinations should be possible!
  • [New] Enemy path preview. Each path will be traced by particles to indicate where goos will move. The particles will also hop through portals to demonstrate the portal connections.
  • [New] We're in the process of trying out new sounds. More adjustments and additions are coming up.
  • [New] Focus Crystals will now float onto the screen and can be picked up by mousing over them.
  • [Fix] Targeting AI improved to prioritize anything on the final path.
  • [Fix] Focus Crystals should not spawn directly over towers.
  • [UI] Added confirmation when starting a mission without selecting a full team.
  • [UI] When Evolving, the stat changes will be displayed.
  • [UI] Added notification when the final wave spawns.
Soul Locus - Garat
Hello again, Luminaries!

A couple announcements as we head into this PAX 2015 weekend!

First off, we will be at PAX! Come find us on the 6th floor, in the WIN Reactor booth #6010. We'll be showing off the latest build of the game, one we're hoping to release to Early Access this weekend - we finished it at about 11PM last night, so we need a little time to test it before we release it to Steam. We'll be there all weekend, and on Sunday, we'll also be at the Seattle Indies Expo, a few minutes walk from PAX in Melrose Market! Stop by, play the game if you haven't yet, chat with us, have fun at the show if you're going, or watching vicariously through your favorite game website if not!

Current Game Status:

We are getting very close to a finished product! We expect to exit out of Early Access in the next few months. We are working on two patches at the moment, the next one which will include a number of new features and get us very close to feature / code complete, and the next big one, hopefully within two weeks, that will be content complete (or very close), revealing the entire second region, as well as the Atelier! Our university for Guardians.

If you haven't hopped in the game in a while, now is a good time. As we can see the finish line, we want to find any lingering bugs, really make sure the balance feels rock solid, and provide you all the best possible Collectible Monster Tower Defense game!

Stay tuned, and we'll have more patches to announce soon! Our status map on the store page will get updated very soon as well, so keep an eye on that for a more visual representation of how far along we are!

Thanks for your support so far, and we're looking forward to finishing up Soul Locus: Cards of Order!

The Fat Loot Team
Aug 5, 2015
Soul Locus - Garat

Greetings Luminaries!

We're excited to bring you a lot of new content with this latest patch!

We've got a new player ability: Vortex! Try it out in an Endless level and watch the sweeping attack hit all Corruptors on the level!
For those of you wanting to start a new game, all 6 Soul Locus Guardians are now available to choose! Try out our new Sly and Keen Guardians! We've also updated our Valiant starter, Pilohop with a new ability.
We've also finalized the art on current Soul Guardians! Check out your team to see the updates!

Complete Patch Notes below!:
  • [New] Player Ability: Vortex - Damages all enemies and heals the goat. Focus cost and effectiveness go up with each use.
  • [New] All Six starter choices are now playable.
  • [New] All Guardians have the finalized art!
  • [New] Drag and drop Guardians onto towers!
  • [Balance] Pilohop has changed Aim into a new ability: Shockwave - On defeating an enemy, deal a small amount of damage to all enemies.
  • [Fix] Fixed a crafting bug that allowed spamming Combine for duping results.
  • [Fix] Hacheep should not repeated tutorials after they've been viewed.
  • [UI] Clicking on the help button a second time will close the help menu.
  • [UI] When viewing card info, you can now spend attribute points.
  • [UI] The '+' icons indicating available points can be clicked to spend them.
  • [UI] The bookmark buttons now layer under pages in the Inventory book.

    Let us know what you think of the updates on our Steam Forums! We love hearing from you!

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