Fort Defense - elizaveta.krasenko

Denizens of Business Tour temples, are you ready see the most beautiful real greatness.
New DLC Great Leaders: Cleopatra is now on Steam!
The great queen of Egypt is ready to give you the vacant seat of her favorite cat. Together you will bring everyone to their knees within a radius of the Business Tour.
Fort Defense - elizaveta.krasenko

Attention! This time we prepared for you something new and interesting!
The level-80 sense of purpose helped him to reach incredible heights. He is ready to share it with you. Pinch off just a small piece and you will become a great president ... that is a monopolist.

More information about DLC Business tour. Great Leaders:
Jul 27, 2017
Fort Defense - kozhinovakate44
Business Tour is available in the official release on Steam. Invite your friends and enjoy unpredictable strategic.

Jul 11, 2017
Fort Defense - kozhinovakate44
It's our pleasure to inform you that our game will be available soon.ːsteamhappyː

"Business Tour" is a free to play multiplayer tabletop game. We've prepared for you daily tasks and gifts. You'll have to use all your wits to achieve victory.

Don't miss an engrossing competition for the title of Monopolist.
Fort Defense - seliseev_ru
Hi there,
We submitted the new Tower Defense game on Greenlight. Please support us ;)
Fort Defense - seliseev_ru
Please support our new project on Greenlight, it's really awesome version of well known board game! You will be able to play with your friends and have a lot of fun!
Fort Defense - seliseev_ru
Fort Defense - seliseev_ru
Battlestations! The pirates are preparing to board again!
Surely you didn't think that the pirates would leave once and for all? They've come back, and the peaceful fort requires your strategic mind and steady hand to defend it from the onslaught from the sea once more.

Key Features
  • 20 new different progressively challenging levels
  • Unparalleled sea setting.
  • Awesome struggle! Unique balance!
  • Menacing bosses, upgradeable towers and spells.

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