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From the opening titles it’s clear that Chronicles of Teddy is channeling a deep fondness of Zelda II. There’s homage clear in its presentation and its structure. But Chronicles of Teddy never quite reaches the heights of that inspiration. Its world is too meandering, and lacks the dense map design that would keep backtracking from being a problem. It has a good sense of weight and momentum, but its platforming is too fussy and its combat, while enjoyable when given space, never flows the way I wanted it to. No, what makes Teddy fascinating isn’t in the legacy of Zelda, but a quieter, if still revered, game: the LucasArts adventure game Loom. (more…)

Mar 30, 2016
Chronicles of Teddy - romain.dubuc
Hi everyone !

Big update today for Finding Teddy2, to celebrate the release on PS4 and WiiU. For the occasion, it's new name is now "Chronicles of Teddy : Harmony of Exidus".

What's on the program :
- Level Design adjustments
- Some bug fixs
- New cloth to find, only available in a NewGame+
- Improvement of performance and game stability
- There is now a map into the game ! It will also allow you to know if there is still items to find in a room.
- Add some tutorials in the game, helping new players to know what to do or where to go.

Enjoy !
Apr 24, 2015
Chronicles of Teddy - LookAtMyGame
-Bug Fix for users with low FPS (for exemple during streaming sessions) to prevent Physics Engine errors.
-Finish a New Games + unlock Steam Achievement for inferior difficulties.
Apr 18, 2015
Chronicles of Teddy - LookAtMyGame
-Bug Fix : Windows Users with special character in their session name
-Add Menu Back Button
Apr 10, 2015
Chronicles of Teddy - LookAtMyGame
-Difficulty balancing
-Fix Steam Achievement "Lexicom Mastered"
-Various Bug fixes
Apr 7, 2015
Chronicles of Teddy - LookAtMyGame
-Add "None" option for GamePad settings
-Modify "Death" Achievement
-Fix Star Road and Catacombs Achievement
-Add new sentences for Musicom
-Minor Changes for Boss 3
-Fix Coin Bug in Store
Chronicles of Teddy - LookAtMyGame
Seems to be a little hard at the beginning :)
-Changes in World 1, especially for the "Red Door"!
-Different Level Design adjustments.
-Bug Fixes

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