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Two more item updates for the holidays!

Pet Cage

Let's face it -- android cats and dogs are totes adorbs, but they're also rather cold and pointy. Sometimes you just wanna snuggle up to a real, live, cuddly critter (not including you, pet terrapus! Stop spewing ink on me, gross!)

Fortunately, we're pleased to introduce the luxurious Pet Cage -- an all-purpose pet trapping container! Just trap a bunny, skunk, crow, vulture, or terrapus with a Pet Cage and you'll find yourself with a domesticated critter in your inventory that you can put anywhere! They come pre-named like any good pet (and hopefully we can add a custom naming feature soon!) And the non-terrapus critters even have a cute bell collar.


This item has long been awaiting addition into the game, so let's get it launched! The Vault is a super-impressive looking container to house your rarest rares. It's for when you want to show off your showing off! Simply place your vault and then your rares inside, and everyone will know you you're a serious collector.

Both of these items will be exclusive to the shop for a limited time, then turn into rare root.
Deepworld - Bytebin
We've made lots of enhancements on the PC client over the last several months, and this server release caps it off with full world machine goodness for the holidays! In addition to world machines working 100% on PC and the addition of the onyx weather machine last week, this release includes the follow features:

- All world machine blueprints are now lootable
- All world machines are now craftable
- World machines can be dismantled and moved from world to world

Other good news:

- We're adding more ways to earn crowns in-game
- Mob spawning rates have increased 50%

There will be a couple other awesome features arriving soon as well, so stay tuned!
Deepworld - Bytebin

- Turn OFF liquid gravity! It's time to make some waterfalls or floating lakes or whatever you can dream up! (hat tip to Detech for the idea!)
- Turn ON double speed plant growth!

Bug Fixes:

- World machines are now useable on PC / Android
- Permanent rain no longer stops plant growth

Coming next:

- Craftable and upgradeable world machines
- Dismantling world machines
Deepworld - Bytebin
- Added GLOVE and KNIFE blueprints to allow crafting of mining gloves and survival knives
- Fixed an issue that sent acid rain through blocks
- Show Newton's position a little farther away
Deepworld - Bytebin
- Support extended latin, cyrillic, and greek alphabets in chat
- Minor performance optimizations
Deepworld - Bytebin
Phase one of Daily Challenges are arriving! 🎉

Starting today at Daily Loot O'Clock (6 PM EST), the first daily challenge will begin. It's a deepworld classic pastime: hunt down normal adult terrapi! Every time you score against the challenge, you'll see a message +1 challenge pt (10). (The number in parentheses is your ongoing daily score.)

Each day at 6 PM a new Daily Challenge will start, and you'll see an alert about what the challenge is. Right now there's no threshold to win anything -- it's purely competitive, to see who can do the best. You can view the leaderboard at

May the best terrapus hunter win!

In the future:

- Daily loot will be acquired by achieving a threshold in the Daily Challenge rather than a single XP amount
- The codex will display past challenges, with a focus on the winners
- In-game announcements of the prior challenge's winners
- In-game leaderboards
Deepworld - Bytebin
A few halloween-y updates rolling in! 👻

- New hellish quarries involve competing to mine BONES, SKELETONS, and PUMPKINS

- Brass, diamond, and onyx BOOT BLUEPRINTS allow crafting of agility accessories

- Giant pumpkin and coffin loot probabilities are greatly increased for Halloween! 🎃
Sep 24, 2018
Deepworld - Bytebin
- Fixed invisible bomb explosions
- Fixed particles disappearing much too early (for example, jetpack exhaust was nearly invisible, now it looks good!)
Sep 14, 2018
Deepworld - Bytebin
- Improved mobility
- More exciting loot, achievement, and level-up effects
- More and better footstep sound effects
- Show information about skill level upgrades
- Show hint overlays after first level-ups and quests
- Minor UI enhancements
Deepworld - Bytebin
A few notable improvements in this next release:

- Going down chutes should be a lot easier now
- Horizontal jetpack speed is now faster, matching iOS
- Significant performance fixes under the hood (*let me know if you see any new weirdness with lights or physics!)

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