Sep 9, 2016
ORBITOR - Evil Aliens
Hey everyone,

Just a short message to let you know that ORBITOR is still very much in development, although we've had some technical issues and we apologise for the delays.

Upgrading ORBITOR from Unity 4 to Unity 5 in particular, and addressing the bugs caused from subsequent engine and plugin updates continues to be challenging and time consuming for our 2 man team, but it will ultimately allow us to deliver a better final game experience.

So it may be a little quiet in here (cue tumbleweed rolling across screen) but we're always working on it and we'll do a better job of keeping you informed in future.

We should have a substantial ORBITOR update for you soon containing new levels, features, gameplay and music.

Thanks for your support.
ORBITOR - Evil Aliens
The 1st single from the ORBITOR soundtrack is now available pretty much everywhere, including iTunes.

There will be more released soon.

The full Soundtrack will be available with ORBITOR's official release.
Dec 18, 2015
ORBITOR - Evil Aliens
ORBITOR 0.26 is ready to roll. It took a while but we we've been busy adding cool stuff. Things like multi-monitor and full controller support. We made some interesting changes to the core gameplay and improved the overall direction of the game while adding some extra bling and threw in a few extra levels.
The main additions and improvements are
- ATI Eyefinity and NVidia Surround multi-monitor support
- Full controller support
- Updated and additional levels
- Improved capture mechanics and effects
- Graphical improvements
- Improved performance
- Improved collision feedback
Sep 2, 2015
ORBITOR - Evil Aliens
The Evil Aliens crew had a great time at PAX Prime in Seattle showing off ORBITOR. Just before we left we were able to give you an update.

It included
  • Score effects
  • Improved performance
  • Settings menu - including quality settings
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks

We'll be adding new levels, gameplay and Steam features so keep an eye out updates coming soon.

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