KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
After releasing the last Alpha 29 fixes I've been very busy with adding new, shiny features to your favorite game! In order to keep you excited for KeeperRL Alpha 30, here is a quick rundown of what's coming.

Playable Gnomes faction

Almost all mods add new playable factions to the game, so it's obvious that this is something that players crave. At the same time I want to make sure that new factions offer significant new gameplay experience, and aren't just reskins of existing mechanics. The new Gnomes faction will do exactly this! Being expert craftsmen by nature, gnomes dominate by constructing automatons, advanced traps, and other machinery. Automatons are assembled from basic parts, and every configuration offers different capabilities. You can create your own custom builds! Another thing that's unique about this faction is that there is no unique Keeper creature. The success of you base will depend on keeping any of the gnomes alive.

Minion titles and kill lists

I've set out to make minions feel more personal, and less like expendable cannon fodder. The game will track their kills, and give them titles for killing tribe leaders, along with significant bonuses. The Keeper will also write poems about your minions' triumphs and failures.

Group activity disabling

One of the oldest feature request was to allow disabling chosen activities for larger groups of minions. This is now possible!

White Knight faction additions

Thanks to the generosity of Archdiggle, the author of the Dig Realm mod, who kindly agreed for some of their sprites to be used in vanilla, the White Knight faction receives new minions and structures. The main addition is a group of angelic minions.

Mod merging

I've implemented further improvements to the modding system, and now one or more mods can be merged together. This means two things:
  • Modders no longer need to copy the entire vanilla content to add their changes. Every mod consist of only what it changes or adds, even if it's a single line.
  • Multiple mods can be used at the same time!

Custom map layouts

Modders can now circumvent the built-in procedural town generator and use their pre-made map layouts. The towns 'skins' (wall, floor, furniture types, etc) and defined separately, which lets you easily generate a lot of different-looking towns.

New spells and traps

New types of effects will arrive in Alpha 30: a spell that animates weapons, a trap (or spell) that sets off other traps in its vicinity, an effect which covers you in oil (and makes you flammable), and others.

Multi-weapon combat

Creatures will be able to attack with multiple weapons and body parts in a single turn. This includes multi-wielding weapons if one possesses the appropriate skill and number of limbs, and using extra intrinsic attacks, like poisonous bites, kicks, etc. This feature makes certain creatures, like werewolves and vampires, much more interesting and powerful.

I'm not going to spoil you with details, but in the future KeeperRL will have an 'ultra' ending, which will requires finding secrets and beating special areas and bosses.. Alpha 30 will include some new, hidden levels that are part of this. I'm curious to see how quickly you can find them!

Making Zombies Great Again!
Last but not least, zombies will receive their long due power-up! They will possess a 'swarmer' trait, which makes them more powerful when more zombies are around. Therefore a large horde of zombies will be extremely dangerous!
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
This patch fixes most of the remaining crashes in Alpha 29 and improves end-game performance by a large margin.

  • Creatures that have archery training potential can wield ranged weapons, even if they're ranged damage attribute is 0.
  • Stopped AI from casting offensive spells on captured enemies.
  • Fixed issue with tooltip covering item pop-up menu in the workshops menu.
  • 'Stones' terrain feature can be removed with the "remove construction" order.
  • Fixed construction debt inconsistency which caused crashes.
  • Fixed crash caused by an item cloned by the double trouble spell disappearing while being equipped.
  • Fixed a rare (and old!) task handling crash caused by a poor RNG generating task ids that weren't unique.
  • Fixed a crash when there are no more healthy body parts left to severe.
  • 'Other' items in minion's possession are stacked to stop the UI from potentially trying to render thousands of items.
  • Fixed bookcase ascii symbol.
  • Optimized spell casting AI.
  • Optimized imp/worker task processing, including the scenario when a huge number of 'dig' orders are placed.
  • Optimized general creature handling.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
This patch fixes a critical issue with downloading Steam Workshop items that caused the game to crash. Opening in-game links on Mac has also been fixed.

Using the opportunity I put some pumpkins in the game too.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
This is a bug fixing patch that gets rid of the most common issues in Alpha 29.

  • Fixed the behavior of totems in retired dungeons and the crash that happened when they were destroyed.
  • Fixed a crash involving casting the firewall spell outside of map bounds, most common on the Adoxie level.
  • The game doesn't crash if a mod contains an improperly defined ranged weapon and reports an error instead.
  • Fixed a world generation crash caused by a mod giving a creature equipment that it can't equip due to missing body parts.
  • Fixed a world generation crash involving placing creatures in unreachable positions.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
KeeperRL Alpha 29 is out! This update features Steam Workshop integration along with gameplay improvements and a big amount of new content, including two new biomes!

I’d like to thank everyone involved in crash testing this patch, sending bug reports and suggestions. Your help was invaluable!

Scroll down for a detailed change log.

If you would like to continue your saved game from Alpha 28, you can opt-in into the "Alpha 28 save compatibility" BETA branch under the game's properties in Library. Make sure to opt-out of the branch to go back to Alpha 29 when you're done!

  • Mods and retired dungeons are shared on Steam Workshop.
  • Contagious plague effect.
  • Z-level enemies can attack upon being discovered.
  • Enemy aggression can be tweaked in settings.
  • Spying effect, which allows infiltrating enemy territory.
  • Equipped shield prevents equipping bows and two-handed weapons.
  • New “parry” attribute, which prevents de-buffs when surrounded by enemies.
  • Temporarily insane creatures won’t make allies hostile forever.
  • All consumable items are automatically picked up by minions.
  • Creatures with 0 ranged damage can’t equip bows.
  • Poetry writing.
  • Creatures can’t cast spells at enemies that they can’t see.
  • Bodies of water can become bloody after a large battle.
  • Items can have randomized modifiers.
  • Walking into the map border opens the travel menu.
  • Other furniture can be built on top of prison floor.

  • Special item ingredients: hydra tongue, cyclops brain, dragon scales, and more.
  • Iron and adamantine shields.
  • Wizard hats a’ka Cornuthaums.
  • Underground treeshrooms for players who always run out of wood.
  • Desert biome with thieves castle and a djinn in a dungeon.
  • Snow biome with Eskimos and a white dragon.
  • Totems that have a permanent area effect: healing, blindness, bleeding.
  • Evil God Adoxie is in vanilla game with his own secret level!
  • Double trouble unique ability.
  • Black rats infected with plague z-level.
  • Group healing spell affects only allies.

  • Items are moddable.
  • BuildingInfo is moddable.
  • Z-level width is moddable.
  • Items can grant a custom ability.
  • Creature first names are moddable.
  • More than 10 keeper/adventurer avatars are allowed
  • Game doesn’t crash when mod specifies skill level outside of [0;1] range.
  • New effect types: Chance, Message, Enhance, Wish, Filter, Ice, IMMOBILE, FROZEN, COLD_RESISTANCE
  • Creatures can drop custom items (body parts).

  • Improved mod menu.
  • Added “locate” button to minion page.
  • Rectangle selection on the map shows rectangle dimensions.
  • Uploaded dungeons include a screenshot of an area chosen by the dungeon’s author.
  • Main menu and loading bar visual changes.
  • Added warning when online features are disabled and trying to download maps/mods.
  • Main menu can display personal messages from the developer.
  • Added item effect description to item’s tooltip.
  • Added some handy links to the main menu.
  • Return key closes text windows.

  • Gameplay loop optimizations.
  • Fixed spell schools of legendary humanoids.
  • Limited immigrant spawning to the ground level if possible.
  • Fixed issue with placing the smaller castle in bad position on the map.
  • Fixed rare crash when removing nonexistent team member in control mode.
  • Added diagnostics for a rare fire wall processing crash.
  • Fixed crash when using PlaceMinion order and creature can’t be placed at position.
  • Fixed scrolling to the end of message history window.
  • Fixed crash when multiple special attack effects kill a creature.
  • Fixed friendly fire issue when casting ranged spells.
  • Fixed issue with first name input field in the keeper menu.
  • Fixed verification of ViewIds in mods.
  • AI won’t throw items other than potion for their effect.
  • Flying over pits is possible.
  • Forbidden zone doesn’t block spells.
  • Fixed AI throwing logic.
  • Fixed special intrinsic attacks of some creatures.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
An unofficial Alpha 29 build is out on the BETA branch. Check it out if you're an experienced player and want an early glimpse of all the new stuff!

Please post your feedback in this thread or in the comments below.

Please don't opt in if you are new to the game, as this build is very unstable, and the tutorial doesn't work at the moment.

To opt into the build, please go into the game's properties, BETA tab, and choose the "dev" branch.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
Besides Steam Workshop support, Alpha 29 is going to bring a large amount of new content and mechanics for your enjoyment!

New biomes

KeeperRL will receive two new enemies with their own biomes and even dedicated soundtracks! They are: thieves in the desert, and a white dragon in an arctic setting. Both environments come with new mechanics and some juicy surprises! You can't build in different biomes yet, but it's something that will definitely happen at some point.


Totems are structures that place a certain buff or debuff on all friendly or hostile creatures in a given radius. The player has a healing totem available to build, and some locations feature other totems, like bleeding or blindness. They will mix up the combat mechanics in the game quite a bit. This is a feature that was suggested by player Amaze, if I'm not mistaken. Thanks!

Special item ingredients

Some (mostly major) enemies will drop body parts that can be used as ingredients to craft special items. This is in line with my efforts to give the player more rewards for exploration. Some of these crafted items will be very interesting :). The mechanic is fully moddable, of course.

Freezing mechanics

Along the new arctic biome and the white dragon enemy comes the effect of freezing, which interacts with water and other creatures. The reverse is also true - you can melt snowmen and igloos using fireballs :)


Originally intended for a new type of demon, this skill allows you to infiltrate the enemy lines. Great for gathering intel or stealing stuff! It's not clear to me yet whether it will be activated by a ring or by some other means, and I have to make sure it can't be used to evade attacking enemies forever as the Keeper.

Shields and the parry mechanic

Shields have been present in the game for a few updates, but they needed an overhaul. Thanks to some helpful input from players, I've added a new combat mechanic that makes them more relevant. If a creature is attacked multiple times within one turn, its defense stat gets a penalty for each attack. This makes it easier to take down very strong enemies if you have a large team of average creatures. Shields counteract this effect, for example an adamantine shield will let you take on four enemies at once before your defense is lowered.

Plague effect

Plague is a similar effect to poison, but it won't kill most creatures (and some are totally immune). It's also highly contagious. Have fun with it :).

Enemy aggression setting

You can now switch between three enemy aggression levels, with the lowest one completely turning off enemy attacks. The medium level will keep the normal aggression, and the extreme level will cause every active enemy to attack within a few thousand turns, provided that their population is high enough.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
The last few KeeperRL patches improved modding support to the point where you can change or replace the majority of the game’s content. I’m very happy that a few hardcore fans jumped at the opportunity and published some really cool things, and the most popular mod is played nearly as much as the vanilla game!

The game features a very simple interface for downloading mods, but a far better framework made for mod sharing is the Steam Workshop, which supports commenting, ranking, subscribing, searching and all the other things necessary for a great sharing experience. And thus I brought the coding guru Krzysiek onboard again, to integrate it into KeeperRL. Once at it, we also plan to support sharing of retired maps through the Steam Workshop.

I hope to release a testing build integrated with Steam Workshop in late August/early September, so we can work with mod creators and players to make sure the experience of content exchange is as perfect as possible.

For players that don’t use Steam, all content will also be hosted on the server, as usual, but without the extra functionality that Steam Workshop supports. I feel bad about creating this inequality, but since more than 95% of players play on Steam, it would be a mistake not to make use of the extra free features that it provides.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
This is a bug fixing patch that gets rid of some common issues found in Alpha 28.

Please note that the first three items take effect only in newly started games.

  • Fixed dark elf ally recruitment.
  • Removed temples from the home map (priest was too dangerous).
  • Fixed ghost spawning in ruins.
  • Fixed issue with removing some tree trunks.
  • Fixed flickering immigrant button glitch.
  • Fixed a crash caused by non-humanoid creatures trying to drop items.
  • Fixed a typo in the gloves item plural name and one in the build menu.
  • Vanilla mod files were converted to DOS line endings.
KeeperRL - Michal Brzozowski
KeeperRL Alpha 28 is out! This update focuses on modding support, and also features new content and many quality-of-life improvements.

At this point most of KeeperRL's content has been exported to data files and can be modded. Mods can be shared at and downloaded directly from the game! A few veteran players have already published a mod with massive amounts of new content.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in crash testing this patch, sending bug reports and suggestions. Your help was invaluable!

Scroll down for a detailed change log.

If you would like to continue your saved game from Alpha 27, you can opt-in into the "Alpha 27 save compatibility" BETA branch under the game's properties in Library. Make sure to opt-out of the branch to go back to Alpha 28 when you're done!

  • Merged "campaign", "free play" and "endless" modes. Endless enemy waves can be set to attack after winning the game or from the start.
  • Improved the spell system, with multiple spell schools and many added spells.
  • Demon rituals are now performed by regular minions in order to attract demons and to heal them.
  • Improved AI for spell casting and potion throwing.
  • Spirit/ghost creatures have a separate health type, called materialization, with dedicated health potions and can be healed using demon rituals.
  • Healer team member AI does a better job at not engaging in fights.
  • Added rare spawning of the village guardian aka "witchman".
  • Black dragon enemy.
  • Gates/double doors.
  • Fire trap.
  • Orc healer minion
  • Orc shaman renamed to orc mage.
  • Battle mage and fire mage minions for the White Keeper.
  • Fighter abilities: "swap positions" and "shove".
  • Reworked "summon spirit" spell of the shaman and unicorns to summon ghosts of actual creatures.
  • Healing and Heal other spells have been merged into a single spell with two upgrades.
  • Group healing spell.
  • Cure blindness spell.
  • Magic missile spell upgrades.
  • Teleport spell.
  • Pacify spell.
  • Magic cancellation spell and effect, preventing another creature from casting spells.
  • Pull spell.
  • Firewall spell.
  • Magical damage ring, which transforms melee damage of a creature into magical damage during a fight.
  • Added a new mod menu that allows downloading mods from the server.
  • Added support for adding new sprites in mods.
  • Campaign and endless enemies are now moddable.
  • All furniture, traps and other constructions are moddable.
  • Better support for creative or "cheating" modes: placing minions, and items, and immediate digging in the building menu.
  • Improved reporting errors in mods.
  • Retired dungeons contain information on which mods are required to load them.
  • Some sprites, such as all of the keeper sprites, support color variants without having to modify the sprite itself.
  • Added support for "magical floors" that cause a "LastingEffect" on the creature standing on them.
  • Added a search box and other improvements to the list of retired dungeons.
  • Improved player name entry text field.
  • Multiple optimizations for larger dungeons.
  • Online highscores are not downloaded anymore at the start of the game to improve startup time.
  • Made White Keeper animals visible in minions tab and obey quarters.
  • Fixed splitting team if undead team members can't travel due to daylight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused traveling team members to be transferred back to base randomly.
  • Fixed base retirement crashes.
  • Fixed showing gender names in character menu.
  • Fixed issue with increasing adventurer training levels beyond limits.
  • Fixed gas emitting in poison gas trap.


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