Community Announcements - HMXPope
Hey gang,

We've been paying close attention to all your feedback on the game and have been considering it closely. As such, we've decided to permanently drop the price of A City Sleeps to $9.99 (Standard Edition) and $12.99 (Deluxe Edition) to be more in line with your expectations as a Steam player.

We're keeping the soundtrack at $4.99 because we think it's super awesome, so please check that out if you haven't yet!

We continue to be grateful for the support you've all shown the game so far, and hope you'll tell your friends they should pick it up for less than the cost of a fancy cheeseburger!

Also, if you haven't posted a review yet, we'd love to see more of them and hear what you think. Thanks a million times over to those who did post theirs!

Community Announcements - HMXPope
Hey Everybody!

Hope you've been having a great time in the SanLo City bustin' those Kami. We've been paying close attention to user feedback and are happy to post today's update which addresses a few specific things.

  • Keyboard+Mouse input support. While a controller still highly recommended, a few folks who don't have controllers, but still want to play the game, asked for this. We heard you, so here it is! Go here to read how to configure this mode.
  • “High visibility mode” for visually impaired players. Read more about this here!
  • Game now automatically pauses when controller is disconnected.
  • Fixed potential leaderboards exploit.

Keep playing A City Sleeps, unlocking more ghosts and relics, and climbing up those leaderboards! And, as always, let us know what you think of the game.
Product Release - Valve
A City Sleeps™ is Now Available on Steam!

From the creator of Rock Band™ and Amplitude™ comes a fresh new approach to the traditional shoot 'em up! All the action is driven by an entrancing soundtrack- no beatmatching required. The Idol System introduces a tactical layer on top of proven shmup gameplay allowing for a range of play styles.
Community Announcements - HMXPope
We caught up with A City Sleeps' Creative Lead, Matt Perlot, to talk us through how he goes about creating all the sprite sheets that make up all of the characters and enemies in the game.
Community Announcements - HMXPope
On this week's Harmonix Show, the devs from A City Sleeps came and showed off Level 1 for the first time ever- and did so on Nightmare difficulty! If you wanna see what some high level gameplay of this game is like, this is your chance![/b]

You also get a taste of the overall game shell and metagame design. Lots to chew on here!

Community Announcements - HMXPope
"What really makes A City Sleeps interesting is how music "drives player projectiles, enemy spawning, movement, and bullet patterns." Essentially every action you make has a musical accompaniment. Attack, and drums beat. Stop attacking, and the drums stop beating. Enemies follow a musical pattern, which allow you to sometimes anticipate their actions."

We got to show the good folks over at our game and they seemed pretty into it!
Community Announcements - HMXPope
Our composer/level designer, M-Cue ( came on this week's Harmonix Show and performed a live remix of the game's awesome soundtrack while we played. Super cool stuff.

REMINDER: you can currently get the soundtrack bundled along with the Deluxe Edition of the game when you pre-order.

To catch future episodes of the the Harmonix Show as they air, follow our twitch channel at
Community Announcements - HMXPope
The developers from A City Sleeps sat down to discuss the game in depth on the latest episode of the Harmonix Podcast. If you've been craving more details on this game's development story, you'll want to give this show a listen.

Community Announcements - HMXPope
"A City Sleeps is some of the most fun I had at PAX, and definitely hooked me even if it was through mercilessly beating me down."

Check out this hands on preview PC World wrote up based on their time with A City Sleeps at PAX Prime!
Community Announcements - HMXPope
This week our developers came on our weekly stream, The Harmonix Show, and gave an exclusive demo of A City Sleeps to our viewers. If you want more info about the game, this is the place to go!


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