Jul 9, 2016
Hangeki - Pentavera
Hi all,

We have a performance update for everyone which improves light effects and background effects. Things should be much smoother for more players now.

As always thanks for playing!
Hangeki - Pentavera
Hey all,

Sorry to everyone who had issues with the game crashing with HTTP error messages or not getting the online features.

There was an issue with a server update we made a while back that slipped by our own testing. It should be fixed on the server, no update is needed.

Special thanks to the players posting on the discussion board for helping us with this issue. Yes. We do read those boards regularly, even a year after the game has released.

We know Hangeki isn't the biggest and most popular game out there, so we really appreciate the support from the community.
Apr 19, 2015
Hangeki - Pentavera
We've addressed several issues with game stability in the latest patch. Be sure to double-check to make sure you're on the latest version.

If you downloaded an update sometime last week, you should be good to go.
Apr 3, 2015
Hangeki - Pentavera
Hey all,

We've received numerous messages about technical problems with the latest game update. Sorry about that! We're in the middle of updating our engine, so please hang on with us as we work through the issues to modernize the game a bit.

In the meantime, we've found one of the main culprits of crashes are the 3D backgrounds. Going into the graphics options to disable the 3D backgrounds should greatly increase stability.

Thanks for your patience with us, and we'll be rolling out several incremental updates in the week to come. Keep posting any crashes or bugs you find and we'll do our best to fix em.
Mar 21, 2015
Hangeki - Pentavera
Mostly optimizations this time, but we've added a new mechanic to hopefully clarify the purpose of the "Hangeki" more.

Using the "Hangeki" now causes enemies to drop coins. These coins have diminished value.

We've noticed many players hold on to the "Hangeki" in hopes of getting more coins by doing so. This is never a good strategy as the small amount of extra meter you gain by doing so is offset by the meter decay that happens when not hitting enemies.

But don't worry, the amount of meter you'll end up with throughout the level is about the same since the "Hangeki" coins have reduced value, ( basically the amount you would have obtained if you manually cleared the wave with meter decay taken into account ).

Full list of changes are below:
  • Using the "Hangeki" now causes enemies to drop coins. These coins have diminished value.
  • Brighter moon in Nebula.
  • Global scores load things more intelligently.
  • Level assets are preloaded in the menu. So mid-level stutters should no longer happen.
  • 3D assets are no longer loaded for 2D mode.
  • Score loading will no longer overload the connection with too many requests.
  • Minor graphical bug fixes.
Hangeki - Pentavera
Leaderboards are great, but competing against strangers isn't always fun when you're ranked 324th. Hangeki actually already has a way to filter by friends, here's a cool infographic to explain the simple process to do that:

Infographic here!

We've also released a new update with a few tweaks to streamline the tutorial as well as numerous visual improvements.

Thanks for playing!
Sep 5, 2014
Hangeki - Pentavera
We've been hard at work these past weeks preparing our biggest update yet!

Leading the changelist is the first release of the Japanese version of the game. Simply set the game to Japanese in Steam or change the language from the in-game options menu.

Following up is the complete redesign of all the main levels of the game. We've heard your feedback, and have responded with a complete reimagining of the levels. New beautiful and challenging firing patterns await. For all veteran players, this unfortunately means clearing most of the leaderboards, but don't worry, special emblems have been assigned to all current players ranked on the leaderboards. Think of this as a new opportunity to shoot for that number one spot. Rest assured, level redesigns shouldn't be happening again for a long, long time. So learn these levels, master them, they'll be around for a while.

Sound effects have been completely overhauled, giving familiar weapons a new feel.

Weapons have been tweaked, balanced, and fixed. So things like the Artillery Blaster, whose cooldown was as long as some level 2 weapons, have been buffed by a reduced cooldown.

New key bindings menu makes selecting control schemes much easier. Right now there isn't an option to create custom bindings, but that is coming very soon.

And of course a ton of minor visual bugs have been fixed.

Enjoy the update, and thanks for playing!
Aug 19, 2014
Hangeki - Pentavera
海外プレイヤーたちに発表です、Hangeki 日本語版が今翻訳されています。今後のアップデートをチェックして楽しみにしてください。 皆さんの応援有難うございますこれからもドンドンとスコアを上げていってください!

Translation in English:
We are happy to announce to overseas players that Hangeki is currently being translated into Japanese. Look forward to it in the coming weeks, thanks for your support and keep those scores going!

Extra special thanks to CueZero for the text and translation! Be sure to check out CueZero on twitter: https://twitter.com/CueZero2
Aug 16, 2014
Hangeki - Pentavera
Hey everyone,

Weapons are pretty important in Hangeki. So important, that the game collects a lot of data about how you use them (just look at the end level screen).

One goal of Hangeki is to create a great competitive experience where everyone can develop their own unique strategies and play styles. But making strategies means making decisions, and making decisions requires information and data.

So therefore here:
Information and data!

On the page there are graphs for weapon kills and equips for every game played since a number of months ago. So if you were curious about how many people use the Pyroclasm to survive the final boss, you can see that many do!

Also note: One graph is kills, the other is equips. Even if a weapon looks like it has a lot of kills, if it has a lot of equips, that means it doesn't get as many kills-per-use (So the Pulse Laser isn't actually THAT good on Core).

Take the data as you will and keep at those leaderboards!
-jaronkong [developer]
Aug 14, 2014
Hangeki - Pentavera
We've heard your feedback and have begun to address your critique.

We'll be releasing a small update that will address a few clarity issues as well as some minor bugs.

Highlights include:
Bullets are now slightly larger and have stronger outlines.
Citadel background has been darkened.
Minor bug fixes.

The update is live on the Beta, and will be pushed to the main release very soon.

Thanks for playing, and keep the comments coming!

-jaronkong [developer]

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