Abatron - Devero
We're happy to release this big backend update for Abatron. We fixed many navigation issues and some server memory leaks preventing games from connecting up.

In addition, we updated the core engine to 4.16.3 which contains many bug fixes and performance updates.

Thanks for your support and see you on the battlefield!

Abatron - Devero
A big thank you to all of our Abatron Early Supporters! We really appreciate all of you.
Over the past few months, we have gotten a lot of very useful feedback and play data from our community. It made us look and evaluate our game in new ways, so keep it up!

We are going through some drastic changes on the game itself and I want give a sneak peak of whats to come. Our current workflow to create maps is very extensive and time consuming. In addition, we are running into a non-scalable memory budget when we add new races plus one of our goals for Abatron is to be Mod friendly. We are in the process of fixing all that with new texturing techniques and map building tools.

With our new map creation workflow, we are able to produce maps in the fraction of the time that look really beautiful. We can't wait to show more on that but it is very exciting.

We are committed in making Abatron wonderful because it's more than just a "Product" to us.. it's a passion project so we want it to be right.
Thanks! -Abatron Dev Team =)
Abatron - Devero
Our next bug smashing update is out with our focus on fixing several game play issues.

Enchantresses have been freed from constraints when firing their Dimensional Rift ability. Control is now in your hands on what height to create the Rift without any firing delay. The damage done has also been fixed to accurately kill the enemy and not your allies :)

A ton of Dedicated Server fixes and there is a new tunnel on Nekros cut into the mountains on the far side of the map. Large units like the Queen and Rocketbellies shall not pass!... for now. We want to test the potential use of adding more tunnels and battefiled obstacles in the future.

+Plus More... The core engine of Abatron has been updated to the lastest release. It comes with hundreds of bug fixes and performance gains suited for Abatron.

See you on the Battlefield

Release Notes .70
  • rocketbelly move fixed
  • take over units not working on clients fixed
  • dedicated servers not resetting correctly on lobby leaves fixed
  • fixed dedicated server joining a non empty server when querying for empty servers
  • fixed party size to find the fullest server to join
  • fixed lan servers from joing started games
  • fixed monitoring of players leaving in game on dedicated servers
  • fixed Reconnecting message from staying on after connecting
  • fixed units not moving on clients after being a hero
  • updated main menu notifications
  • Nekros Map updated with tunnel pass for small units
  • fixed ghost units on clients
  • fixed remote client hero tiny bug
  • fixed Dimensional Rift from hurting allies and self
  • Changed Dimensional Rift Aiming and Firing
  • Critters now defend local hives and not remote hives
Abatron - Devero
The new Party System is now online. You can now easily connect with your Steam friends and play Abatron together. The Party system allows players to connect with each other from the Main Menu without the need of actually loading into a Lobby Map together which typically needs to be done.

To Start a party, click on the new icon at the bottom of the Main Menu screen. A list showing your online steam friends pops up. Simply Click to invite each friend to your party.

Once connected, you can chat with all party members or you can also whisper to individual members directly. The Party Host takes full control of starting games once you are in a party. When the Party Host starts a Game Type to play, they must ensure the Game Type can support the number of players in your party. If not, a message will notify you to remove a few players.

After the Party Host starts the game all party members will be taken to the match automatically. During Match play, the party chat is removed and regular Game chat is taken over. Then once the match is over and the players return to the Main Menu, the Party is reconnected to the Host with a 90 second timeout. To manually remove yourself from reconnecting to the party host, select Leave Party from the Menu Options.

The Party system was a big change and is part of a bigger overhaul of the backend systems with more updates to follow. Enjoy!

New Training Videos also released and accessible from the Main Menu check them out and get up to speed faster! See you on the battlefield -Devero!

Release Notes .69
  • New Feature, Party System released
  • Fixed infrequent crash with texture allocation between map transistions
  • Fixed Challenges from getting reset
  • Fixed crash when loading in missions before steam stats downloaded
  • Audio Updates
  • Training Videos released accessible from Main Menu
  • Plus a ton of fixes put in from the Party System!
Mar 29, 2017
Abatron - Devero
[Abatron Council Delegate]

We've got some awesome changes coming down the pipe for Abatron. We recently made available our Trello Roadmap. This is what we are working on now and a little farther down the road. Check it out here:


This is a Summarized Version of our internal tracking list. Things may change some as we move through the list, but it gives a good idea of our up-to-date priorities and focus.

We are planning a new Party system to be released very soon. Once we bitbang all of the bugs out, we'll make it live. Steam friends can join into a party from the main menu without actually connecting to a lobby first. More on that to come and much more!

Thanks for all your support!
Mar 14, 2017
Abatron - Devero
Getting stuck with the Goomba Challenge? We fixed him from being too aggressive during the training with this update. Also we fixed several stuck scenarios you could get into while training.

We added Mouse Edge Scroll, where you can move the map around by moving your cursor near the screen edges. It is on by default, but can be turned off via the game mouse settings.

Don't know the dude your're fightning, now you do. New in this update Lobby players now have names above their head in the practice mini game. This has also been fixed for allies in Coop vs Ai games.

We've already gotten so much awesome feedback, keep it coming!

Abatron Early Access Update!
Abatron Dedicated Server Updated!
Abatron Demo Updated!

Release Notes .68
  • Added Screen Edge Scrolling with your mouse
  • Allied Players in Coop vs Ai correctly display their Name bar
  • Fixed Crash if player jumped off of map
  • Added Kill volume to lobbymap
  • Fixed stuck scenario if deleted building in Goomba Challenge
  • Fixed stuck scenario if killed unit in Goomba Challenge
  • Fixed Objectives not matching user set keybinding
  • Updated Tutorial Texts
  • -Fixed Goomba from attacking until the main training is over
  • Fixed purchasing Manapulse Upgrade triggering matter objective
  • Clicking on the hotkey reference opens up keybinding panel
  • Updated Tooltips and displays
  • Fixed incorrect level on scoreboard
  • Added hotkey menu to lobby practice game
  • Lobby Players can now see other Player healthbars/name in practice mode
Abatron - Devero
New Challenges have begun. The first missions are now available to play. You must defeat Goomba's Challenge to play multiplayer. Its geared to get a new player up and running fast using game play mechanics.

Many steam connection issolves have been fixed and we are now hosted world wide using PingPerfect Dedicated Servers.

The Demo version has also been updated!

Release Notes .67
  • Goomba Challenge Unlocked
  • Saleos Challenge Unlocked
  • New players must now defeat the first mission before multiplayer
  • Added rejoin penalty for suicide deaths
  • fixed rejoin after crash potential hangup
  • moved start location of starting unit and drone out of way of collectors
  • fixed session connections when joining exiting games
  • fixed create session issues with steam on invalid connection states
  • fixed dedicated servers memory crash after players leave match
  • targets are now spread out more for the Ai
  • tons of audio updats
  • and many more menu, bots, & help updates!
Abatron - Devero
Ever wanted to know how well you are doing or actually see your stats from playing. You now can in this new update, New Scoreboards, Rewards Screens, & Stat Screens!

The stats have been tracking behind the scenes for a couple of weeks so lets see how you did!

Release Notes .66
  • New Profile Overview Menu/Section added
  • Updated Scoreboard for end of matches
  • New Game Results Summary Section added
  • New Scoreboard for post patch section added
  • Rewards Screen now active when returning from Match
  • Crash fix with stats uploading
  • fixed mouse state out of sync at end of match
  • more updates to tips and help
Mar 1, 2017
Abatron - Devero
Expect frequent updates as we gear up for Early Access launch. This patch aims at making it easier for new players with hotkey menus added to the game!

Plus several other game breaking bugs fixed below! Keep the reports coming, they are great!

Release Notes .65
  • dedicated servers now auto-reconnect to steam for sessions, if disconnected
  • fixed slowmotion bug when leaving minigame and starting match
  • added hotkey reference menu
  • removed cubes from test minimap, causing phyics difference between lient/server
  • stopped match vote timer from timing out while in active minigame
  • fixed client color on slow to join connection
  • fixed "Exit Delay" overwritting "Rejoin Delay"
  • fixed Colors not being released when players left lobby
  • fixed filters for CoopvsAi & FFA game mode searches
Abatron - Abatron
Hotfixes for death and Ai perceptions from last update! Improved the Queen logic for Ai teams! Restart Steam to update =)

Release Notes .64
  • fixed units not dying correctly on dedicated servers
  • impact forces from attacks impulse ragdoll correctly
  • all attacks now generate force with hero modifiers
  • fixed colors for minigame clients
  • enchantress & rocketbelly ragdolls jittering fixed
  • hotfix for ai perception
  • fixed buildings not destroying at player defeat
  • fixed ai timing out queen when not attacking

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