Ensign-1 - Onionman
Hello all,

Some new mouse options have been added to the game, specifically the ability to add roll to the mouse movements, and to set the throttle to remember the last setting. This should help in the transition for players used to the Elite: Dangerous style of controls.

In addition, a number of bugs have been addressed, which should aid in program stability.

Ensign-1 - Onionman

I just wanted make an announcement that multiplayer has been added to Ensign-1. You can now create and join a server as a pilot character in one of 3 factions, the Coalition, Pirates, or an unnamed alien race. As a character in each, you will gain money from killing enemy ships that you can spend on purchasing new ships, and later - better weapons.
You can also travel between different points of interest, each owned by a different faction.

Oct 22, 2016
Ensign-1 - Onionman
Hey all,

I apologize that I have been silent for so long. I was burnt out on having developed this game mainly for Desura, and eventually had gotten one of those real life jobs. I've finally switched tunes and found me a nice flex job and am hoping to...do what is needed on this project. I do appreciate the players who've enjoyed this game so far.
For now, I've done my best to fix up the Linux versions with up to date libraries that should run on modern distros.

Hoping for more in the future. I'm sorry for going silent for so long. I didn't know what to say knowing that I didn't have the time needed to make the changes that were being asked for. Right now the game is what it is, but I'd like to continue developing it to be something worthy of being on Steam.


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