Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Latenights7

Hey there again you lovely people!

The next few days are going to be really special for us, as we’ve teamed-up with the amazing folks from One Gamer Fund and have put our entire library of Good Shepherd Entertainment published titles on sale for the lowest prices each respective title has ever been available for here on Steam to benefit the One Gamer Fund during its inaugural charity weekend.

The One Gamer Fund is a new philanthropic initiative comprised of seven gaming nonprofits: AbleGamers, Child’s Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, the IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This. Between 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 21 to 10 a.m. PT on Sept. 25, half of all proceeds generated by purchases of Good Shepherd games after Steam’s share of revenue is factored will be donated directly to the IGDA Foundation on behalf of the One Gamer Fund and subsequently dispersed among all partnering nonprofits.

This is not all though! We’ve also just launched a special new Good Shepherd Entertainment Bundle to coincide with this sale. This bundle will allow those whom already own some of our games to easily complete their set at a special additional 25% discount! This means that you can add even more gaming goodness to life whilst helping these seven amazing charities and causes.

A number of Twitch personalities will also be hosting special streams to aid the One Gamer Fund throughout the weekend. Individuals can learn more about ways to participate by visiting and following @OneGamerFund on Twitter.

We can’t tell you guys how much this sales means to us and how proud we are to be a small part of helping these amazing causes. None of this would be possible without all of your help though, so on behalf of everyone involved in this benefit sale, we just wanted to say thank you very much for your continued support!

Here’s to the power of gaming!


The Good Shepherd Team
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Gambitious
Hey there guys,

We know that it's been awhile, but we've been closely listening to all of your feedback and have been hard at work implementing your requested changes/improvements. We've combined all of the changes that we've made over the last months into one big update, and we're really happy to bring you a whole new improved version of the game that we're calling Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth

This new version strives to improve almost every single element of the game, and deliver the experience that we believe players would like to see. There are far too many changes introduced in this update to cohesively document all of them in this space, but here are the most important ways this new version improves the game:
  • Overhauled Gameplay: Statistics for enemies, player characters, weapons, and gear have had a huge balance pass and a more enjoyable and consistently challenging experience has emerged. Dungeon generation has been modified to make each floor more exciting with more discoveries, more enemies to fight and hand-crafted enemy encounters at different intervals in each dungeon.

  • Smoother controls: Fully re-worked camera and shooting for the game’s real-time action mode. Vastly improved versus the original release with a smarter camera that is snappier and more responsive than ever.

  • Better feedback: New enemy death animations means players can better feel the weight of their kills and the resulting effects help provide a more immersive experience.

  • Enhanced Engine: Full transition to the Unity 5 engine resulting in all of the associated benefits – notably, the game can now take advantage of 64-bit architecture allowing for better performance on systems that support it.

  • Remastered Graphics: Every scene has had a full lighting pass, making way for a much more realized version of Harbor City than any previous version of the game. Textures have been retouched, compression settings have been modified, and it now fully utilizes Unity 5’s physically based rendering.

  • Improved environments: Environments significantly more polished, with all pop-in & pop-out issues completely resolved.

  • Removal of Online Co-op: Underutilized since launch, the team made the decision to remove online co-op from the latest version of Breach & Clear: Deadline. This led to widespread performance and reliability enhancements as the code’s dependence on the servers and the need to be ready for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer at any moment was removed. The improvements outlined below are just some of the ways the game has been made better by the removal of Co-op.

  • Performance: The game performs significantly better now, frequently reaching a steady 60FPS on machines which could previously only hit 30FPS.

  • Load times: Loading has been made asynchronous which would have been significantly difficult to pull off with the original network code intact. This has led to load times which are halved from the previous versions.

  • More reliable: Code that was needed to support the drop-in/drop- out co-op frequently led to bugs which could corrupt save files. Without co-op, these bugs are no longer a concern.
All of these changes and improvements combine to ensure that this is the definitive, and complete version of Breach & Clear: Deadline.

We really hope that everyone enjoys Rebirth and we look forward to reading your feedback.

Thanks for your continued support guys!

Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Randygbk

Back again to kick off the week with a new Deadline Update!

Big changes for the overworld areas and some improvements to the Office and Cave Dungeons... Shroud/Fog of War has been brought to the overworld areas, and this definitely increases tension, difficulty and makes for more tactical encounters outside of dungeons. You'll also find that exploring the Caves in the Parks Hub is more difficult with the Infested crawling out from the crevices around the walls of the caves.


  • Added Fog of War to the overworld sections of the game
  • The map for dungeons now only shows explored areas
  • Fog of War now reveals more when a soldier leans from full cover
  • Fixed issue where sometimes ammo pickups would stick around on the map when switching dungeon floors.
  • Revamped enemy spawns in dungeons
  • Added more roaming enemies to the Park
  • Some layout changes to dungeons
  • Fixed toggling advance time using tab when it should have used the space bar.
  • Fixed some objects “sparkling” on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed loot crates in the office that may spawn facing the wall
  • Lowered the chance for critical shots for LMGs, SMGs, and Assault Rifles
  • Added cooldown to the Provoke tactic
  • Zoomed in the minimap on dungeons so it doesn’t give away as much of the layout
  • Fixed issue with human enemy animations where they might look weird when crouching
  • Fixed issue where a soldier with Out With a Bang might explode in the safehouse
  • Added roaming enemies and balanced existing in the docks
  • Balanced enemies in the residential district
  • Added a tactics heavy human focused floor in Jupiter Enterprises (Office)
  • Added a finale battle at the top of Jupiter Enterprises
  • Added in Infested in Caves that crawl out of the holes on the side of the cave walls
  • Set more accurate "Par Times" in all of the encounters across the campaign

Thanks for all of the feedback and updated reviews! It fuels the team forward. The game is still growing and improving. Keep it coming!

ːammofistː ːcultː ːammofistː


Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Randygbk

We're sorry this took longer than planned. Unity 5 had some memory leaks that needed to be resolved before we could get our update out. Unity fixed the issue, and now we can get back to releasing more updates. Check the update log below as there are tons of fixes and improvements listed below.

  • Game upgraded to Unity 5 engine. Should have performance improvements.
  • Fixed some pathing issues in the Parks
  • Fixed ground in the Residential scene that soldiers appeared to hover over.
  • Fixed inventory menu showing stat categories it shouldn’t for guns and gear.
  • Fixed inventory menu not showing the weight stat for gear.
  • Fixed issues where human enemies might react to being shot at by walking backwards.
  • Fixed a series of events that could break the quest to obtain the keycard in the Docks.
  • Fixed pink steering wheel in the Docks.
  • Fixed pathing issues on the boat in the Docks.
  • Fixed bug when using Provoke on the Nightmare.
  • Fixed bug that occurs if the player tries to switch guns after loading up a save file in which the soldiers only have sidearms.
  • Fixed enemy who might spawn on top of a streetlight in the outskirts near the beginning of the game.
  • Popups on the main menu can now be closed with the cancel button.
  • Fixed issue where both the join and host button on the online menu would show as highlighted when backing out from joining a game.
  • Fixed supplies for the safehouse in the city that could be interacted with through a wall.
  • Fixed issue where removing a vest or headgear while inventory is full would lose the item.
  • Can now use B button or ESC to back out of New Game+ menu.
  • Added code to make sure friendly NPC combatants do not shoot at you if you shoot at them.
  • Fixed issue where trying to pick up two items quickly when you only have 1 inventory slot free would result in one item stuck floating in the air.
  • Fixed issues with incorrect rarity color showing for item pickups
  • Fixed Armor for gear that is upgraded never showing above 100.
  • Now, if you access the map menu directly, pressing the map button will close the pause menu rather than prompting to return to the main menu.
  • Fixed description of Breach & Clear M4 not showing correctly.
  • Added Master Volume settings to the Options menu. This enables you to change the volume for everything at once.
  • Added option to Keybind Settings to restore defaults.
  • Setting keys for key binding now checks for key up, not key down.
  • Added support for deleting saved files.
  • Increased the size of the name text for interactables.
  • Pickups now show what type of pickup they are with the interaction prompt.
  • Added option to Options menu for whether or not to show damage tickers.
  • Added option to Options menu for whether or not to show the kill cam.
  • Fixed issue where player would be prompted to target a kill zone that had been placed in command mode.
  • Added a particle effect to be played when the full heal tactic heals a soldier.
  • Marmoset and all associated files removed from project completely.
  • All marmoset shaders changed to unity 5 shaders
  • Lighting upgraded to unity 5 friendly settings with near final results in
  • Urban outskirts, urban hub, residential
  • Deleted all the remaining substances in the environment. Character and weapon substances are still lingering
  • Improved Rusher responsiveness.
  • Increased resolution of vision cones.
  • Fixed issues with loot crate IDs that affected both single player and multiplayer.
  • Fixed some networking issues with loot crates.
  • Fixed invisible colliders on the final floor of the sewers.
  • Fixed bridge soldiers got stuck on on the final cave floor.
  • Fixed pipes in the Utility Tunnels that could be walked through.
  • Camera panning is no longer affected by auto aim.
  • Auto aim no longer occurs if there are enemies within a close distance of where the soldier is facing.
  • Fixed where a grip attachment is positioned on the AA-12.
  • Fixed attachments not showing accuracy stat changes on the workbench equipment page.
  • Fixed issue where some crates wouldn't add tactic to open if targeted in command mode.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes lines wouldn't draw when targeting loot crates in command mode.
  • Fixed propane tank at the gas station in residential that couldn't be shot.
  • Improved responsiveness of Breeder to sounds.
  • Fixed soldier name not showing up for a soldier that is revived while in command mode.
  • Fixed issue with multiple input devices where the game would still consider the mouse cursor to be being used in some cases.
  • Tweaks to input to reduce mouse control getting taken over by a controller in case the controller is accidentally giving input. The mouse will work so long as a mouse button is held down, and for a small amount of time after it stops moving.
  • Fixed barrier player could possibly walk over in the docks.
  • Changed terrain shaders for better performance, reducing passes on any terrain area by half.
  • Added new conifer trees to the parks area, giving it a more mountainous feel.
  • Added new broadleaf trees to the graveyard area giving it a more fall look.
  • Fixed colliders in scenes to prevent soldiers and zombies from getting stuck.
  • Added selection boundaries to every encounter to restrict movement selection to the encounter area to avoid false-positives when laying down move nodes.
  • Refactored the “save the supply runner” encounter to have better pacing.
  • Fixed safehouse exit trigger being finicky in the residential scene.
  • Fixed issue where provoke effect might show on dead enemies.
  • Cutscenes now clear out tactics for all soldiers.
  • Using fast travel in command mode now exits command mode.
  • Game now shows prompt to press start after the splash screens.
  • Enemies are harder to stagger at higher levels.
  • Loot crates no longer disappear after being opened. This makes them consistent with ammo crates and lets the player see where loot crates have already been found.
  • A message now shows when the player tries to enter a dungeon while in combat.
  • The player can now enter dungeons through command mode.
  • Fixed pathing issues in parks.
  • Fixed soldiers sometimes getting stuck when trying to open a door.
  • Fixed issue where soldiers would start off dead or with less than full health when starting new game+. Previously they had the same health as they ended the game with.
  • Fixed quest interactables that couldn't be interacted with in command mode.
  • Fixed issue where couldn't talk to the civilian in command mode in the Residential scene.
  • The office exit now says "Return to street" instead of "Return to surface".
  • Fixed door in the pharmacy that couldn't be targeted in command mode.
  • Fixed issue where path lines would stay showing sometimes from actions to interact with a quest item.
  • Fixed not being able to successfully interact with the supplies on floor 5 of the office through Command Mode.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! If you have any other issues please feel free to post all bugs in the forums and leave us feedback.

ːammofistː ːcultː ːammofistː
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - ThePraetorian
We're back with our 5th post-launch update! We have some bug fixes and improvements we think everyone will appreciate. You can now use some cars to trigger car alarms that will attract the nearby infested when they are set off, distracting them. Look around Harbor City and the Parks for cars with blinking dashlights.

We are now working on some more in-depth improvements and optimizations that are going to take a bit more time to complete and test to ensure stability. What that basically means is that we'll be skipping next Friday as far as updates go, and we will return in September with some more updates for everyone.

As always, we want to thank all of you in the community for all the feedback and bug reports in the forums. Keep them coming!


  • Fixed police cars in the docks that weren't being treated as cover.
  • The player can now choose to skip the prologue when starting a new game, even if they do not already have a save file.
  • Fixes to the controller check to prevent the game from sometimes defaulting to show XBox buttons when no Xbox controller is plugged in.
  • Fixed pathing issues in docks.
  • Fixed door to building in the docks that player shouldn't have been able to enter (it led to an empty area).
  • Fixed issue where sometimes door map icons would be rotated sideways.
  • Fixed door icon showing on the minimap for a door that could not be entered in the docks.
  • Fixed door that could be walked through in the docks to an empty building in the docks.
  • Destroyed Anti-air no longer leave behind tank treads.
  • Targeting Anti-air now targets the gun part rather than the center of the vehicle.
  • Fixed bad pathing around chairs in the first floor of the lab.
  • The 1st floor of the medlabs and the tutorial scene now properly show the map.
  • Fixed walls sometimes on Medlab floors that could be walked through.
  • Fixed issue where a dead soldier's icon would sometimes still show on the map in strange locations after changing scenes.
  • Fixed issue behind diner where stairs were too far off the ground.
  • Added car alarm cars to the parks area.
  • Fixed various pathing issues in the parks area.
  • Fixed an issue where geometry could be seen through in Utility Tunnels.
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - ThePraetorian
Hey all!

More improvements this week! We've got bug fixes out the wazoo as well as steady gameplay improvements. You should start to notice even more streamlined gameplay!

As always, be sure to post in our Community Discussion area for things you are running into, be they issues or ideas! We're always on the hunt for bugs, so please be sure to speak up!

Love you guys, thanks for all your support!

  • Fixed issue with the camera sometimes not being positioned correctly when choosing for suppression or provoke using the mouse.
  • Fixed issue with enemies sometimes floating.
  • Fixed issues where Breeder was not using root motion and sometimes falling through the floor.
  • Fixed stairs that soldiers could get stuck in at the motel in the parks.
  • Fixed doors at the motel in the parks not flying off when kicked.
  • Fixed issue in parks where encounters would set the player to load in at the beginning of the parks.
  • Fixed doors at Ranger Station in the parks sometimes positioning the soldier backwards when kicking open.
  • Fixed doors at Ranger Station in the parks not flying off when kicked.
  • Fixed icons not displaying for gas systems and triggers on the workbench and equipment screens.
  • Fixed talking character indicator not properly positioned on some resolutions during dialogue.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a Breeder would not die properly and be stuck standing in place.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a revived enemy wouldn't be able to do pathfinding and would just run forward.
  • Fixed soldiers facing the wrong way when opening doors from some directions at the park visitor center.
  • Fixed encounter at the park visitor center not starting if the player takes the back entrance.
  • Fixed stairs in the parks that soldiers could get caught on.
  • Fixed trigger for the encounter at the bait shop in the parks not working.
  • Fixed doors in the parks sometimes glitching out when opened.
  • Fixed floating tree in the parks.
  • Fixed dungeon elevator list not properly displaying on some resolutions.
  • Fixed pathing issues with the Nightmare battle in the parks.
  • Fixed enemy that might spawn at a bad spot in the caves.
  • Fixed soldier max health not properly increasing with soldier's health stat when leveling up.
  • Fixed some input issues with a controller when navigating diagonally on skill trees.
  • Fixed bushes and trees in the residential area that could be walked through.
  • Fixed a door entrance to a house in the residential area that was previously unusable.
  • Fixed a rug in the residential area that couldn't be pathed to in command mode.
  • Improved enemy ability to react to shots fired at them that miss
  • Fixed doors in residential area that did not fly off correctly when kicked
  • Fixed door icon on the map showing up sideways.
  • Fixed issue where enemy might get stuck in the wall of the Utility Tunnels during the Infiltration quest.
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Randygbk
Alright everyone, this has been a major update for the team; a lot of time spent on getting the game running faster, in addition to hammering out bug fixes.

That being said, we're still hard at work. This is definitely an ongoing process and the game will continue to be updated with more tweaks, fixes, optimizations, improvements and additions.

We'll be looking to you guys in reviews and comments in the forums for more bugs and feedback. Post up, let us know, and we'll do everything we can!

Here's your changelog for the new update, going live soon!

  • Fixed Breeder that was set to level -251 in the parks
  • Made it so the user can't manually save during cutscenes.
  • Fixed bug Where Dead Men Tell Tales quest could be broken by taking a certain path to get the documents before the proper quest step.
  • Fixed floating bottle in Pegram's pub.
  • Fixed some sidewalks in the urban hub that weren't showing projectors for active character or vision.
  • Fixed bug where Dead Men Tell Tales quest could become uncompletable by skipping a quest step.
  • Fixed issue where stat comparison for attachments was showing incorrectly for "None" option or for attachments affecting range in the first slot.
  • Fixed some audio not being properly affected by the audio settings.
  • Fixed incorrect half-cover in the office.
  • Made half-cover in office use more efficient implementation.
  • Fixed loot crate in office that might spawn inside an object.
  • Fixed the Russian translation for the Full Heal ability to not say without a medpack when it requires a medpack.
  • Fixed hitman and assassin tactics which were not working.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes soldiers would be seen as shooting with their guns aimed at the ground when crouched.
  • Optimizations to player squad AI calculations - spread out across more frames.
  • Optimization for idling enemies to not do animation root motion calculations.
  • Optimization to move enemies without animation root motion if the player won't notice.
  • Optimization to turn off enemies who are far away.
  • Objects in the office can now be leaned from appropriately.
  • Fixed rocks in the urban outskirts at the beginning of the game that the player could walk up, but wasn’t supposed to be able to.
  • Fixed XM-25 showing up as a rifle instead of an assault rifle.
  • Fixed issues where human enemies would sometimes walk backwards too quickly.
  • Fixed issue where human enemy might try to go outside of the pub during the battle at Pegram’s Pub
  • Fixed med and explosives crates not spawning the right kind of loot in dungeons.
  • Fixed issue in multiplayer where sometimes a loot crate would be in the same place twice.
  • Made enemies more reactive to being shot from behind.
  • Gave human enemies a wider view cone for detecting player characters.
  • Fixed co-op game over issues
  • Fixed storage locker causing incorrect state on the opposite player in co-op
  • Fixed some issues with players not standing back up when getting knocked down in co-op
  • Fixed soldiers sometimes pointing gun at the ground when using suppression in cover.
  • Added an advanced Mk13 rifle for mid level enemy snipers.
  • Added an SVD rifle for high level enemy snipers.
  • Raised accuracy on all sniper rifles that the enemy uses.
  • Reduced the damage penalty imposed on human enemies.
  • Lowered reaction time on human enemies.
  • Raised the time enemy has lost sight required for enemy to need to reset their reaction status.
  • Reduced accuracy penalty applied to all human enemies.
  • Fixed issue with Pharmacy encounter where sometimes enemies would not move into the encounter.
  • Started implementing functionality to award better guns as loot in New Game+.
  • Added loot tables and stats for new New Game+ loot.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the line above the selected soldier ends up lower on screen than it should be.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain conditions client characters would spawn slightly below the floor and fall through.
  • Fixed a discrepancy with the minimap near the power station.
  • Changed the graveyard encounter to work more like originally intended
  • Fixed an issue with player foot circles in high grass
  • Fixed an encounter trigger that could have been skipped

Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - ThePraetorian
We have another week of fixes and improvements ready for you. We've been watching the forums, interacting with all of the players, and working with them to resolve issues.

We read every post and look into every issue reported, and we're working through them at the moment. If you don't see a fix for something you reported in the notes below, check back next week. Our goal is to give you the best support we possibly can.

Thanks for all your assistance so far! Keep it coming and Deadline will keep improving.

Change Log begins now!

  • Fixed bug where a new game started would be in new game plus if a new game plus file was previously loaded.
  • Fixed issue where dropped clothes wouldn't show up correctly to be picked up again.
  • Fixed the way soldiers hold the AA-12 and also fixed the sight positioning for it.
  • Fixed hand position when holding the M60.
  • Anti-Aircraft battery can no longer be targeted after it is destroyed.
  • Fixed issues with some text overlapping things when in certain languages.
  • Fixed Sheriff's Hat pickup showing as a gun and also fixed it's icon not showing in the inventory.
  • Added quest step after releasing the valve in the sewers, so the player isn’t confused about where to go next.
  • Things that should be treated as cover in the caves are now treated as cover.
  • Fixed loot crate that might spawn inside of a desk in the office.
  • Fixed issue with the diner’s front steps being difficult to ascend.
  • Moved the NPC Kyle away from the player’s locker in the parks safehouse to avoid overlap.
  • Fixed a door in the residential area that was integral to an encounter to open as intended.
  • Fixed an issue in the residential area where the roof of an enterable house would not disappear when players entered the area.
  • Fixed seams in the ground in the residential area.
  • Fixed an issue where a spitter could spit through a door in the residential area.
  • Fixed an issue that showed false cover in the residential area.
  • Fixed name labels on the map screen that were being cut short.
  • Fixed issue where camera would sometimes focus on the location of the last cutscene when trying to use a dungeon entrance/exit.
  • Fixed bug where gear that can't be upgraded would scrap for a big negative number.
  • Fixed Healing Aura perk to work correctly in all situations and show particle effect when it is happening.
  • Fixed Chemical Warfare tactic not properly affecting enemies.
  • Fixed weapons stats in equipment menu not properly reflecting attachments on guns.
  • Fixed pathing issues in the Residential scene.
  • Scrap values for guns and gear no longer increase by way too much when upgraded.
  • Fixed some save loading issues.
  • Invalid port fix, random unable to connect fix, and a fix for when steamworks doesn't connect correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a gun that had attachments overflowed inventory with duplicate items.
  • Fixed a widespread item duplication issue in co-op.
  • Fixed a critical issue in co-op that resulted in freezing on load screens.
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Randygbk
Hey everyone!

Our first update is live. We're going for a policy of getting stable fixes out the door as quickly as possible (which is more than likely going to be weekly, every Friday). Whereas our updates were twice a week or more during Early Access, we're going to get things out with a bit more testing time on each build. That doesn't mean updates every other day, it means as soon as we're done (and that could mean a week, maybe two for major issues. I'm not going to lie to you, but I will be as upfront as possible to give you guys real and manageable expectations).

So, the big optimizations are going out the door hopefully in two weeks. This update isn't a fix-all, but we're working hard to get it out soonest!

We're pretty confident that resetting the server cleared up some of the co-op issues that players were running into. We've added some in-game help on the Main Menu in the Multiplayer section, so check that out if you have problems. As always, let us know of any issues that you run into and the steps you took to get them to occur. Post them up in our Bug Report sub-forum and one of the dev team members will respond asap.

Here's your change log, and as always post to our discussion boards, message us and tell us what you're seeing and liking as we continue to fix issues!

  • Fixed a save game issue that would occur if you named two squads identically.
  • Popup menus for fast travel and dungeon shortcut lists no longer spawn off-screen. (
  • Fixed a pathing issue in the Stadium area of the urban district.
  • Clamped floating loot crates in the caves safely to the floor.
  • Fixed an issue with entering dungeons if you'd previously visited floor 20.
  • Added online co-op connection help tips screen to the main menu.
Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth (2016) - Randygbk
Hey everyone playing and currently checking this game out.

Launch day is here and we've hit a few growing pains. Our biggest issues right now are optimization and networking in Co-Op. We've overcome a lot of challenges during development, we'll surely overcome these as well over the coming weeks.

One of the major Co-Op problems is that people are having a hard time finding games and getting things going. Our server needed to be brought down on launch day for a brief period of time account for all the new players, but unfortunately there were many players trying to connect while this ocurred. We've got a forum thread here that will hopefully fix you up if you encounter further problems with connections!

As for those of you with optimization issues.

The best we can do right this moment is to apologize and tell you that we're working on optimizations.

We're a small team, a dedicated team and we woke up his morning to see the issues from an even larger group of players. You can be sure we'll do what we can to get you running smoothly as quickly as possible! You can definitely expect a new build on Friday that is focused on global bug fixes that affect the experience. Performance improvements need to be confirmed stable and could take a little longer to get to you, but rest assured that we want to deliver the best game possible.

For those of you that have been with us, thank you so much for all your help! For those of you new to us, we look forward to working with you to ensure that you have an awesome time with Breach & Clear: DEADline!

We love you all, positive and negative! Just know it makes us want to do better!

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