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Hi all!

I've added a better custom controls setup. It should work with just about any controller or joystick ever. If it doesn't, email me at 'michael at michael todd games dot com' & tell me the details so I can fix it in my next patch.

It will (should*) work by default on windows/OSX/Linux with keyboard or xbox360 controller.
A ps3 controller will need you to go to the controls menu (just press ESC in the main world area & select controls, or walk to the controls computer), and select 'Set Player1 Controls'.

As with any complex new system, there are bound to be bugs. I've tested as much as I can, but at some point, I can't find any more & have to just release it. If you have any problems, please email me at the above email.

- Michael
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
Hi all!

I added 19 more things to the level edior, including another camera movement, player ability double jump, player ability flying & a bunch of monsters, sticky walls, etc.

I also fixed an annoying 'Load from Server' bug, where loading from the server was pretty broken. But that's fixed! Yay!

Please report any bugs to michael at michael todd games dot com or tell me on twitter: @thegamedesigner

- Michael
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
I've just added a bunch of new objects to the level editor, that you can place in your levels. Just a small update. :)

More coming soon!

- Michael

Follow me on twitter for the fastest updates:

Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
I've added a level sharing server to the game, which means you can now save your levels to the server, and browse & playtest levels that other people have saved there.

Still fairly basic (and not steam workshop yet), but still really cool.

Next up! Lots of exta in-game stuff! Spikeballs, monsters, lasers, etc. :)

- Michael
Sep 23, 2014
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
New update:
- Fixes a few bugs with the level editor, including the PlayTest-can't-quit bug.
- Adds hotkeys to the level editor.
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
Hello all! I've just released a Level Editor!

It's pretty basic, and I'll be updating it & adding fan suggested features over the next couple of months.

Check it out! And if you build a level, msg me a screenshot on facebook or twitter & I'll post it/retweet it!

I'll be online for the rest of the day, posting quick bug fixes & so forth.

- Michael
Sep 22, 2014
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
I'll be releasing the Level Editor (beta) for Groove City on Steam, tomorrow afternoon.

Over the next few months, I'll be updating it with new stuff & fan suggested features. If you have ideas & suggestions, post about them in the Steam community or tweet at me, @thegamedesigner

- Michael
Sep 17, 2014
Community Announcements - yazarmediagroup
Play against your Steam friend's ghosts in Groove City!

We've added Steam ghosts, so if you play Groove City & your friends do to, you can see them playing through the level.

Awesome for racing & learning the tricks of a level.

- Michael

(Add me as a Steam friend! I'm thegamedesigner)
Product Release - Valve
Groove City is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

A Giant Robot Stripper called JoJo has smashed Groove City! She's angry because Dr Swinger stole her Laser-Nipples!

Help JoJo reclaim her Laser-Nipples & defeat the Evil Plans of Dr.Swinger, with the help of Pope Boris the Super Sexy!

*Offer ends June 13 at 10AM Pacific Time

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