Sep 28, 2015
Community Announcements - petrucio
Bug fixing update:

--Fixed: Alternative level 3 objective now reads "Get Near Portal" instead of "Pass Through Door"
--Fixed: You can no longer walk through locked gates
--Fixed: Moonlight setting is now properly saved and loaded
--Fixed: Quick load during death spinning animation no longer makes it stick
--Fixed: Exceptions when saving levels should no longer lock the game up and lose the save
Sep 17, 2015
Community Announcements - petrucio
Tell your friends, tell your mom, post reviews, tweet the tweets, facebook the facebooks (?), watch the new trailer, and enjoy the game!

We hope this is a beginning and not and end - we want to keep improving and adding new things to the game for a long time.
Community Announcements - petrucio
This update adds two new levels and a bunch of fixes, and is the last major update before the official release next month!

Change log follows:
- LEVEL: New level - Ed's Path
- LEVEL: New level - Zook's Path
- Added: Achievement: Paradox
- Added: New weapon: axe B
- Fixed several issues
Community Announcements - petrucio
Lots of new content on this update! Mines - a new level type with VERY dark environment, and a new level showcasing it!

A list with the goods follows:

0.24.0, Aug 26th
- LEVEL: New level - Blackrock Mines
- Added: New Level type - Mines
- Added: Dungeon walls
- Added: 4 new floor types
- Added: 2 new rock types
- Added: Reagent - Diamong
- Added: New 'road' - Minetracks
- Added: New 'light' - Minecart
- Added: New weapon: pickaxe
- Added: Dwarven bed
- Added: Dwarven door
- Added: Small bathroom window
- Added: New shelf
- Added: Wall mirror
- Added: Wooden Arch
- Fixed several issues
Community Announcements - petrucio
0.23.0, Jul 31th:
- LEVEL: New level - Orkatraz
- Changed: Completely redone and improved the notes UI
- Added: Notes can now show images instead of text
Community Announcements - petrucio
The Adventurezator is taking part in the Indie Game Maker Contest 2015 (, with a special "Prize Pig" for the best level created using the Adventurezator!

Q: When is the deadline?
A: August 7th, so you've only got a week, get to it!

Q: How do I submit?
A: Instead of using the regular submission form on the contest site, just publish your level to the Workshop, and add [contest] to the title.

Q: How will the winner be announced/contacted?
A: The winner will be announced on the contest site, and on Adventurezator's Steam forums. I'll also personally contact the winner through his Steam profile to get additional information for the prize, since we won't have any information on the contestants other then the Steam profiles.

Q: The official rules state that "The game must be made in an actual game engine, and not a map editor/mod of an existing game.", that's up with that?
A: The Adventurezator is not taking part of the main contest, it's a side prize and some of the rules like this one will not apply to it.

Q: Does my level need cutscenes and/or voice-overs?
A: Do, it doesn't - it needs to be fun and engaging. Sure, nice cutscenes and voice-overs won't hurt, and if we there are multiple levels fighting for top spot, they will be taken into account in the final decision.

For more information visit:
Community Announcements - petrucio
The Music Update is here, with 150 instrumental songs for you to choose for your levels!

There's also path-finding preview on the editor, and these other goodies:

0.22.0, July 15:
- MAJOR: Music Setlist setup on the Level Editor
- Added: 150 songs
- Added: Music ducking on dialogues and tutorials
- Added: Audio & Video Settings on sandbox scenes
- Added: Path-finding preview on the Level Editor (new button on top-right corner)
- Added: Gameplay settings dialogue
- Fixed: Several minor (and some not no minor) bugs
Community Announcements - petrucio
This month's update adds a lot of great stuff, rounds up the gameplay for several old levels, adds a new level, and fixes a LOT of stuff. It's full of awesome.

- Major: added new level: Castle Crasher
- Major: added new mechanic: explosions
- Major: new mechanic: wall-breaking
- Added: Bombs (classic, auto, big)
- Added: Crying angels (new enemy with new mechanics)
- Added: Flute
- Finished/Fixed gameplay for levels: Arena, Prison Break (standalones), Newton's Balls, Village People
- Fixed: more than 100 bugs (again)
Community Announcements - petrucio
We strongly recommend a replay of the second level (Angry Bears) after today's update, as it has received a good revamping, getting rid of the pixel hunting annoyance (while you still need to hunt for objects, but you need only find 2 amongst the 5 available in the level), and adding some more puzzly puzzles with the fish, using the new Ignitable mechanics.

0.20.1, June 10th:

- Added: Ignitables / Igniters (affects logs, torches, fireplace, cooking spot, firepit, torches)
- Added: Mounted and wieldable torches
- Added: Basic cooking - raw -> cooked meats (fish, steak, chicken)
- Fixed: Some game breaking bugs on the Village Level.
- Fixed: Several other issues
- Improved: Angry Bears puzzles and playability
Community Announcements - petrucio
There is literally more than a hundred fixes on this update, so I won't post the change log here like I usually do.

We've also added bombs, explosions and other very cool stuff to the game - an update with all that will be coming soon.

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