Miscreated - Entrada Interactive

Trader System
  • This update introduces the brand new trader system in Miscreated
  • Multiple trader NPCs have been added to both Orcas Island and Canyonlands allowing players to buy and sell items using AmCoins
  • Each trader will have a different inventory with some static items and random items
  • Each server restart, some traders will offer a completely different set of items for players to purchase
  • The traders will never run out of items, which mean players can buy the same item any number of time they want

    A special trader was also hidden to both maps - it will sell more rare and sought after items but at a risk because they are not within a safezone

Outpost / Safezone
  • For this update, we also added safezone to both Miscreated maps
  • Safezones act as a social hub for players to meet, group up and chat without the risk of getting shot by players or bit by mutants
  • The safezone also serves as a home for most traders
  • Each outpost also has various campfires and barbecues for players to cook food, planters to grow crops, kiosk to store and withdraw items, and small bunkers in the event where players need to take shelter due to a storm
  • Safezones are marked by 3 huge fulton balloons floating above them making them easy to find on each map

  • The vehicle system has been adjusted for this update
  • Vehicles in Miscreated were made out of multiple components each having their own health pool but due to limitations of the UI, displaying the health of each component was never implemented
  • We decided to simplify the vehicle system by removing the unnecessary components and vehicular weak points and only keeping the main hull for damage
  • The benefits of doing so is that the vehicles are now much more durable and the health displayed in the UI will represent the actual health of the vehicle itself - no more hidden health
  • We also increased the health of most vehicles

Cooking System
  • The cooking system was also revamped
  • Players will now be able to buy 3 new cooking books from the cooking trader to learn new crafting recipes
  • These new recipes are designed to tie together the food related systems that were added in prior updates - such as hunting, farming and cooking
  • Each recipes will require multiple ingredients to craft, but will provide players with much more food and most can be partially consumed
  • Items that can be partially consumed will refill your hunger meter by the amount it needs to fill it to 100% (no more over eating)

  • Added support for AI modding (profiles, factions)
  • Added support for custom context menu actions
  • Added support for 3d coodinate flash mapping
  • Added inventory lock override support
  • Added bind for actionable menu reset
  • Added support for entity non-uniform scaling
  • Added query clan lua support
  • Updated complete scriptbind listing in github
  • Added get httpserver lua support
  • Added support for vehicles-health/jsons(contents, fluids, skin, etc.)

  • Added 3 new cooking guides
  • Added Bear sandwich
  • Added Ham sandwich
  • Added Wolf sandwich
  • Added Deer sandwich
  • Added PBJ sandwich
  • Added Jelly sandwich
  • Added PB sandwich
  • Added Chicken sandwich
  • Added Bear stew
  • Added Deer stew
  • Added Wolf stew
  • Added Ham stew
  • Added Chicken stew
  • Added Mushroom stew
  • Added Clam stew
  • Added Seaweed stew
  • Added Vegetables stew
  • Added Bear roast
  • Added Deer roast
  • Added Wolf roast
  • Added Ham roast
  • Added Chicken roast
  • Added Coffee bag
  • Added Bread

  • Adjusted the recoil pattern on some weapons
  • Added extended C-Mag for 5.56 based weapons
  • Removed HuntingScope support on the M16 and AK5D
  • Increased M40 bullet velocity (buffed range)
  • Increased ACAW bullet velocity (buffed range)

  • Added an additional painting for your base

  • Reduced spawn rate of most AR, SMG and automatic weapons
  • Reduced spawn rate of some ammo types (mostly ammo that goes along with the reduced weapon spawns)
  • Reduced spawn rate of medicines such as anti-radiation, antibiotics and mushrooms - be careful what you eat
  • Reduced spawn rate of most food items
  • Reduced Spawn rate of M97 and its ammo
  • Added prices to most items for the trader system - will probably have to adjust item prices based on player feedback
Miscreated - Jenilya
Have you been waiting to give the game a try, or have some interested friends? Here's your chance to try the game hassle free. From now until December 8th you can install and play Miscreated absolutely Free. Enjoy Orca Island with your friends or go it alone. If you have a good time then consider picking the game up during our 50% Off Sale lasting until December 16th.


Don't forget to check out our new DLC, Canyonlands, now available on Steam too!


Have questions, want to find some friends, or need some help? Come join us on Discord! We have an active community and developers who can give you a hand. Invite link:
Miscreated - Jenilya
Miscreated Canyonlands Map!
Players can now play on the brand new Canyonlands map after they purchase the Miscreated Canyonlands DLC on Steam. This new hand-crafted, desert-themed map is based on the deserts of the southwestern United States.

  • New weather - sandstorm and heatwave patterns
  • New vehicles - beetle-style and a police SUV
  • New animals - ram, donkey, and giant scorpions
  • New clothes - unique desert-themed scavenger outfit
  • New weapons - western style Model 1873 lever action rifle and the Peacekeeper revolver


Update 1.6.0

Alongside this DLC we've also released a patch for the base game, and started our Christmas themed event.

  • This update re-introduces some existing holiday items and also adds some new ones for this year!
  • New Christmas-themed event added

Task Log
  • A new task log has been added to help newer players learn the basics of the game
  • We plan to add more advanced tasks in future updates
  • Once all the tasks have been completed the task window will be hidden

  • Increased friction on sand surfaces so vehicles have a little more traction
  • Removed the overlay effect on the welder mask and sunglasses
  • Updated shader cache to reduce stalls while playing

Base Building
  • New garage door added with plated variation
  • Removed shadow casting from Christmas candles to increase rendering performance
  • Fixed issue with doors moving when entering relevance distance and they would end up in the wrong place

  • Removed physics proxy from the doors of the party bus so it can drive through base gates easier

  • Fixed delete message when trying to delete an item from the kiosk
Miscreated - Jenilya

In addition to a unique Halloween Event!, we have added a bunch of new Halloween themed items for you to find. They will spawn in the world via the Halloween bags or may be found by other means.

  • EasyAntiCheat updated to latest version

Base Building
  • Improved wall placement for snapping
  • Added new snapping sticky placement method (only modding for now)
  • Fixed tent placement distance when placing a tent
  • Prevent emotes after death
  • Fixed server-side exclusion checks (not relevant for most maps)

  • Additional AI optimizations to increase server performance
  • Fixed server crash caused by Chickens and Roosters
  • Fixed issue with AI spawning in very odd places at times

  • Many Halloween items added for Halloween (no spoilers!)

  • Removed the ability to store C4, C4 bricks and C4 traps
  • Removed the ability to store to store Pipebombs and Pipebomb traps
  • Removed the ability to store explosive arrows
  • Various items can be added to the kiosk system (mostly Halloween related)

  • Added requested keybind change for modders (helicopter related)
Miscreated - Jenilya
Miscreated will be available the entire week for 50% off the base price. Now with the first phase of our basebuilding rework adding snapping, and a brand new desert themed map coming soon it's a good time to get in game.

Have questions before you buy? Come ask our awesome community on Discord at: https://discordapp.com/invite/miscreated
Miscreated - Jenilya
Base Building Snapping System
  • The first phase of the base building snapping system has been completed and included in this update
  • It is recommended that all existing bases be rebuilt using the snapping system as some walls are likely to have been shifted due to required changes in some part sizes
  • Additional snapping features will be added in future updates
  • Freeform placement is still fully supported, so both snapping and freeform can now be used

  • Foundations are now been added to the game
  • There are currently two sizes of foundations you can use (4mx4mx4m and 2mx2mx4m)
  • Both have more health than any other base parts, which means they are less likely to get targeted or destroyed during a raid making your base much stronger
  • Their placement is restricted to terrain only and snap to each other
  • A foundation can be placed in shallow water as long as the center of the foundation is above water (so, partially submerged)
  • Foundations use rocks as a crafting material and can be upgraded to plated the same way you would upgrade other base parts

Plated Tier
  • Most of the plated tier base parts were reworked to facilitate placement with platforms and to give them a better look

Metal Tier
  • Most of the metal tier base parts were adjusted to work better with the snapping system
  • Their sizes have been adjusted, as well as their look, to better differentiate them from the plated tier
  • The health of the metal base parts was doubled making them extremely strong against explosives

  • The draw bridge and drawbridge wall base part have been added
  • Drawbridge placement is restricted to the drawbridge wall only
  • If the drawbridge wall is removed while a drawbridge is snapped to it, the bridge will be removed

  • AMD GPU users may experience increased performance (up to 50% more based on settings and map areas)
  • Can convert an AT-12 shotgun into a Sawed-off AT-12 shotgun
  • Airplane crashes should no longer occur in rivers
  • Airplane drops will no longer happen in base building exclusion areas (cities primarily)
  • Airplane crashes adjusted so they won't occur right at water edges
  • Lots of optimizations to models and prefabs to help increase client fps

  • Adjusted the cost to store Grenade in kiosk to 7 Amcoins
  • Adjusted the cost to store Pipebomb in kiosk to 20 Amcoins
  • Adjusted the cost to store C4 and C4 bricks in kiosk to 20 Amcoins

  • Sawed-off AT-12 added (secondary weapon)
  • Hacksaw added (drag onto an empty AT-12 shotgun to covert to sawed-off version)

Base Building
  • A base will be instantly removed when its decay timer expires (before the server had to restart first)
  • Changed explosion max damage radius to 3.5m (was 5.0m)
  • A maximum of 12 base building parts can be stacked on top of each other
  • New watchtowers added

  • Significant AI optimizations have been made
  • Roughly twice as many AI will now spawn in the world
  • Hordes/packs will now spawn with random clothing items
  • Increased the size of some of the hordes/packs

  • Minor tweaks and fixes
  • Some optimizations with larger prefabs to help with frame rate

  • Decreased intensity of sewer pipe water sound effec
  • Changed to and from prone transitions to stop head from being too far forward

  • Keybinds have been added to the General category for base building actions - rotate, etc.
  • By default, the CTRL key will toggle between freeform and snapping placement
Miscreated - Jenilya

Note: Snap Base Building is still under development and will continue to be tested on the experimental server until it's ready to be released, so it isn't included in this update.

Air Plane Crash World Event
  • A new world event has been added - at a random interval a small plane can crash on the island
  • The plane explodes when it hits the ground, so if you are in the vicinity don't be too close
  • Upon crashing the plane will release one crate and three backpacks
  • The crate's contents are military themed and the backpacks are civilian themed
  • The backpacks can be hard to find in the tall grass, so look around carefully for them

  • Increased network update frequency of the air drop plane, so it is less jittery
  • C4 can now stick to all static objects (houses/rocks/...) and bases/DWS objects
  • Fixed a couple of infrequent server crashes
  • Fixed not being able to turn the weapon laser attachment off
  • Fixed issue with a packed up tent respawning at same location after a server restart
  • Adjusted the arrow trail particle effect
  • Fixed issue with persisted entities not being loaded from the database - traps/roosters/pigs
  • Tents can now spawn with random items in them
  • Quadbikes, jetskis, and tractors can now spawn with random parts in them, so they are easier to get drivable
  • Fixed issue with loading some clan and clan member names - would cause a player to always log in as a new character
  • Increased the chance to get Thatch from bushes
  • Added more logging messages when players get kicked from servers - to help track down potential issues
  • Decreased recoil on several weapons when prone, crouched and holding breath
  • Increased default zoom amount for ironsight on all weapons
  • Ammo piles will spawn with at least 1 round

  • Cleaned up and organized the crafting categories more
  • Added craftable ammo boxes for all 12-gauge shells - slugs, pellets, and beanbags
  • Added craftable explosive arrows
  • Removed the wood walkway 0m x 4m x 4m recipe so it can no longer be crafted
  • Decreased Rags crafting time to 0.5 seconds
  • Added 0x4x4 roof to crafting recipe
  • Removed shelter pole from crafting recipes
  • Shelter base parts are now crafted using sticks
  • Changed the Molotov crafting recipe to make use of biofuel and gunpowder instead of oil and alcohol
  • Reduced pipebomb gun powder cost to 192 ( reduced by 64 )
  • Reduced crafting requirements for C4 and Pipebombs

Base Building
  • Fixed not being able to pack up a planter box
  • All base building traps can now be triggered (was a bug where some wouldn't) - reminder to wear good shoes
  • Traps will re-trigger each second a player collides with them - they are quite deadly now
  • Added craftable small shutter parts and plated equivalent
  • Fix to only being able to upgrade base doors and gates while they are closed
  • Increased pipebomb/grenade and explosive arrows damage to base parts
  • Increased sticks burn rate - should be 10 seconds
  • Decreased the palisade base part health to 5k (was 10k)
  • Physics proxy adjustments to the barbed wire base part so it works better as a trap
  • Adjusted model and physics proxy of the wooden palisade base part so it works better as a trap
  • Increased the amount of frag damage to wood, plated, and metal base parts (double the damage it was before)

Dynamic World System
  • Explosions will now damage DWS objects (house doors, etc.)

  • Reduced the crafting time for all bolts and arrows and increased the crafted quantity

  • Craftable explosive arrow added
  • Barbed wire parts are now stackable
  • Increased the stack size for arrows and bolts
  • Increased Thatch stack size to be the same as sticks
  • Fixed 0x4x4 roof thickness to be the same as platforms
  • Added additional zoom strength option (mouse wheel) to Hunting Scope

  • Fix for SendTextMessage not being able to send a message to all players (playerId as 0)
  • Changed return value of ISM.SpawnItem and GiveItem - they now return the actual entity and not just entity Id
  • Added script binds for more item properties - health, stacking, magazines, consumables

  • New main menu background image added
  • Fixed "Tear Off Trap" to "Tear Off Tarp"
  • Fixed the extra padding between item slots in the inventory that was introduced during localization changes
  • Fixed pack up tent message while items are inside of it

  • Increased explosion audio range for C4 (and the new air plane crash)

Feedback thread can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/299740/discussions/0/3428846977640542785/
Miscreated - Jenilya

Air Drops
  • Random air drops have been added to the game, courtesy of the Amalgamated corporation
  • At a random interval, an airplane will fly across the map and drop a crate at a random location
  • The contents of the crate are themed (medical, military, etc.), but the exact contents are randomized each time

Database Changes
  • The need for a central i3d database is now removed and will no longer be supported
  • All i3d servers which have been using the central database will now automatically import all existing data to a local SQLite database
  • On each server start, the server will automatically make a copy of the miscreated.db in a folder named DatabaseBackups
  • The last 20 copies of the database will be kept in the DatabaseBackups folder

Custom Chat Commands
  • The method to create custom chat commands has been changed and will make modding in new chat commands a lot easier
  • For some examples, see the file named Scripts/GameRules/ChatCommands/examples.lua in the Scripts.pak file

  • Lua script binds have been added to expose some parts of the base building system
  • Lua script binds have been added to expose some parts of the faction system (see the examples.lua file mentioned above)
  • Lua script binds have been added to expose all player stats, so they can be read or modified - stamina, poison, etc.
  • Fixed Editor crash when using the Reload All Scripts menu option in the Miscreated Editor
  • Fixed issue where spawned in jerry cans and propane tanks would have water in them

  • Reduced the number of Iron Ingots from 4 to 2 to craft Sheet Metal
  • Reduced the number of Iron Ingots from 2 to 1 to craft Nails
  • Added several more country flags that can be crafted as a base building part
  • Craftable ammo boxes added
  • Reduced crafting time on BioFuel and C4 bricks
  • Adjusted C4 traps recipe to be crafted with a C4 explosive instead of the individual components

  • Fixed issue where players respawning within another player's relevance range would not equip their clothes correctly
  • Empty backpacks and primary weapons (with attachments) can be stored in crates, tents, and vehicles
  • Fixed the !base chat command so it will always display information about your base on the current server
  • The !base command will also output information about a clan member's base
  • Fixed sv_password so it can be used on clients (required to connect to password protected servers)
  • Fixed wrong message when you can no longer harvest from a Coal or Pyrite node
  • Fixed incorrect error message displayed when trying to join a server (Mod vs. Whitelist error messages)
  • Adjusted the "refill" timer on harvestable resource nodes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bases to be validated a lot more times than needed (falling parts check)
  • Fixed an issue where the action menu would not appear at times when targeting a crate/fireplaces/furnace
  • Fixed an issue with weather mods not being properly loaded on the clients
  • Enabled server countdown to restart warning messages
  • Enabled the !uptime and !restart chat commands
  • Traps that don't get destroyed when triggered will now trigger when they take any damage - bear trap, cans trap, etc

  • Only clan owners and officers can invite someone to a clan
  • The Invite to Clan action will only appear if the inviter's weapon is lowered
  • Damage to base parts is now determined by the closest point on the part's bounding box to the explosion point, so even if a corner is within range it will take some damage. No longer is it based only on the part's origin.

  • Ropes can now stack to 10
  • Increased the number of rounds ammo boxes can hold, but also increased their weight
  • Ammo boxes display what type of ammo they hold on their inventory icon
  • Improved the C4 explosion particle effect and changed the sound effect it uses
  • Improved the particle effect that's displayed when using the Pickaxe
  • Fixed issues related to packing up traps: C4 2m, Cans 2m, Flare 2m

Please share all feedback regarding this update here:
Miscreated - Jenilya
Player Reservations
  • A server admin can now create reservations for players on their server
  • If a server is full and a reserved player tries to join the server, then a random, non-reserved player will be kicked from the server to free up a player slot
  • The kicked player will be notified they were kicked to make room for a reserved player
  • This is useful for server admins, owners, or VIP guests of the server
  • To manage reservations, use the following RCON/console commands:
    • mis_reservation_add SteamID - to add a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_remove SteamID - to remove a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_status - to list all reservations

Password Protected Servers
  • A server admin can now password protect their server
  • Only players who know the password can connect to the server
  • The server admin will need to add sv_password=password_goes_here to their hosting.cfg file
  • Any players who want to connect to a protected server will need to add the same sv_password to their command line options, or it can be added to a user.cfg file as well
  • A new icon in the server browser UI will indicate that a server is password protected

  • A modder can now add custom chat commands to their server
  • The chat commands are processed via lua, so they are extremely customizable and can invoke hundreds of exposed API calls for the game
  • In addition, the game already has support to modify a player's spawn locations and player loadouts via lua
  • There are some example chat commands in the GameSDK/Scripts/GameRules/Miscreated.lua file

  • There are now two options to respawn - Respawn At Base or Respawn (random)
  • The Respawn still works like before where you will respawn at a random world spawn location
  • If you are a base owner and the base has a crafted bed, then you will also see the Respawn At Base action
  • After you use the Respawn At Base action, you will need to wait 30 minutes before it can be used again, during that time you can still randomly Respawn instead
  • A server admin can adjust the Respawn At Base duration by altering the g_respawnAtBaseTime variable
  • Destroying a player's bed will prevent them from being able to respawn at their base

  • The !restart and !uptime chat commands have been temporarily removed
  • For central, i3d servers, if a game server gets too far behind updating the central database it will force itself to restart
  • Altered mis_kick command so it should more reliably be able to kick players
  • Added specific message that's shown to players if they try to join a whitelisted server but are not whitelisted on it
  • Iron, Coal (Charcoal), and Pyrite rocks added around the map to harvest from
  • Nav mesh updated

Base Building
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players could place a metal base part at the same time
  • Repairing a part now heals 2000 health (was 1000)
  • To upgrade a part it now needs 1 SheetMetal for every 1000 health of the upgraded part. Ex: If the part has 15k health, then you need 15 SheetMetal to upgrade it
  • As long as you have at least 1 SheetMetal in your inventory you will see the Upgrade action. If you lack enough SheetMetal it will inform you how many is needed
  • Adjusted damage types for several items - like Rocks, so they no longer damage plated/metal parts
  • Wooden crates, Furnaces, and Fireplaces no longer take damage from explosions, but can stil be destroyed via melee

  • Fixed duplicated Sheet Metal crafting recipe
  • Sheet Metal crafting time reduced to 0.5 seconds
  • Sheet Metal now requires 4 Iron Ingots
  • Sheet Metal stack size increased to 64
  • Increased requirements to craft Pipe Bombs
  • Iron Ore is now smelted to get Iron Ingots (was Scrap Metal, which can no longer be smelted)
  • Added recipe to convert 1 Wood Log to 2 Stick Piles

  • Increased stack size for Electrical Parts to 10
  • Added Iron Ore item

  • Harvestable Iron Ore, Charcoal, and Pyrite deposits added around the map

  • Explosive damage from Boats and Jet Skis reduced

  • Icons added to the server browser for whitelisted and passworded servers
  • Filter added to filter out password protected servers

Post any feedback about the update here:
Miscreated - Entrada Interactive
Miscreated is on sale for 35% off this weekend as part of Steam's post-apocalyptic sale!: store.steampowered.com/app/299740

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