Miscreated - Jenilya

Air Drops
  • Random air drops have been added to the game, courtesy of the Amalgamated corporation
  • At a random interval, an airplane will fly across the map and drop a crate at a random location
  • The contents of the crate are themed (medical, military, etc.), but the exact contents are randomized each time

Database Changes
  • The need for a central i3d database is now removed and will no longer be supported
  • All i3d servers which have been using the central database will now automatically import all existing data to a local SQLite database
  • On each server start, the server will automatically make a copy of the miscreated.db in a folder named DatabaseBackups
  • The last 20 copies of the database will be kept in the DatabaseBackups folder

Custom Chat Commands
  • The method to create custom chat commands has been changed and will make modding in new chat commands a lot easier
  • For some examples, see the file named Scripts/GameRules/ChatCommands/examples.lua in the Scripts.pak file

  • Lua script binds have been added to expose some parts of the base building system
  • Lua script binds have been added to expose some parts of the faction system (see the examples.lua file mentioned above)
  • Lua script binds have been added to expose all player stats, so they can be read or modified - stamina, poison, etc.
  • Fixed Editor crash when using the Reload All Scripts menu option in the Miscreated Editor
  • Fixed issue where spawned in jerry cans and propane tanks would have water in them

  • Reduced the number of Iron Ingots from 4 to 2 to craft Sheet Metal
  • Reduced the number of Iron Ingots from 2 to 1 to craft Nails
  • Added several more country flags that can be crafted as a base building part
  • Craftable ammo boxes added
  • Reduced crafting time on BioFuel and C4 bricks
  • Adjusted C4 traps recipe to be crafted with a C4 explosive instead of the individual components

  • Fixed issue where players respawning within another player's relevance range would not equip their clothes correctly
  • Empty backpacks and primary weapons (with attachments) can be stored in crates, tents, and vehicles
  • Fixed the !base chat command so it will always display information about your base on the current server
  • The !base command will also output information about a clan member's base
  • Fixed sv_password so it can be used on clients (required to connect to password protected servers)
  • Fixed wrong message when you can no longer harvest from a Coal or Pyrite node
  • Fixed incorrect error message displayed when trying to join a server (Mod vs. Whitelist error messages)
  • Adjusted the "refill" timer on harvestable resource nodes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause bases to be validated a lot more times than needed (falling parts check)
  • Fixed an issue where the action menu would not appear at times when targeting a crate/fireplaces/furnace
  • Fixed an issue with weather mods not being properly loaded on the clients
  • Enabled server countdown to restart warning messages
  • Enabled the !uptime and !restart chat commands
  • Traps that don't get destroyed when triggered will now trigger when they take any damage - bear trap, cans trap, etc

  • Only clan owners and officers can invite someone to a clan
  • The Invite to Clan action will only appear if the inviter's weapon is lowered
  • Damage to base parts is now determined by the closest point on the part's bounding box to the explosion point, so even if a corner is within range it will take some damage. No longer is it based only on the part's origin.

  • Ropes can now stack to 10
  • Increased the number of rounds ammo boxes can hold, but also increased their weight
  • Ammo boxes display what type of ammo they hold on their inventory icon
  • Improved the C4 explosion particle effect and changed the sound effect it uses
  • Improved the particle effect that's displayed when using the Pickaxe
  • Fixed issues related to packing up traps: C4 2m, Cans 2m, Flare 2m

Please share all feedback regarding this update here:
Miscreated - Jenilya
Player Reservations
  • A server admin can now create reservations for players on their server
  • If a server is full and a reserved player tries to join the server, then a random, non-reserved player will be kicked from the server to free up a player slot
  • The kicked player will be notified they were kicked to make room for a reserved player
  • This is useful for server admins, owners, or VIP guests of the server
  • To manage reservations, use the following RCON/console commands:
    • mis_reservation_add SteamID - to add a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_remove SteamID - to remove a reservation for the specified SteamID
    • mis_reservation_status - to list all reservations

Password Protected Servers
  • A server admin can now password protect their server
  • Only players who know the password can connect to the server
  • The server admin will need to add sv_password=password_goes_here to their hosting.cfg file
  • Any players who want to connect to a protected server will need to add the same sv_password to their command line options, or it can be added to a user.cfg file as well
  • A new icon in the server browser UI will indicate that a server is password protected

  • A modder can now add custom chat commands to their server
  • The chat commands are processed via lua, so they are extremely customizable and can invoke hundreds of exposed API calls for the game
  • In addition, the game already has support to modify a player's spawn locations and player loadouts via lua
  • There are some example chat commands in the GameSDK/Scripts/GameRules/Miscreated.lua file

  • There are now two options to respawn - Respawn At Base or Respawn (random)
  • The Respawn still works like before where you will respawn at a random world spawn location
  • If you are a base owner and the base has a crafted bed, then you will also see the Respawn At Base action
  • After you use the Respawn At Base action, you will need to wait 30 minutes before it can be used again, during that time you can still randomly Respawn instead
  • A server admin can adjust the Respawn At Base duration by altering the g_respawnAtBaseTime variable
  • Destroying a player's bed will prevent them from being able to respawn at their base

  • The !restart and !uptime chat commands have been temporarily removed
  • For central, i3d servers, if a game server gets too far behind updating the central database it will force itself to restart
  • Altered mis_kick command so it should more reliably be able to kick players
  • Added specific message that's shown to players if they try to join a whitelisted server but are not whitelisted on it
  • Iron, Coal (Charcoal), and Pyrite rocks added around the map to harvest from
  • Nav mesh updated

Base Building
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players could place a metal base part at the same time
  • Repairing a part now heals 2000 health (was 1000)
  • To upgrade a part it now needs 1 SheetMetal for every 1000 health of the upgraded part. Ex: If the part has 15k health, then you need 15 SheetMetal to upgrade it
  • As long as you have at least 1 SheetMetal in your inventory you will see the Upgrade action. If you lack enough SheetMetal it will inform you how many is needed
  • Adjusted damage types for several items - like Rocks, so they no longer damage plated/metal parts
  • Wooden crates, Furnaces, and Fireplaces no longer take damage from explosions, but can stil be destroyed via melee

  • Fixed duplicated Sheet Metal crafting recipe
  • Sheet Metal crafting time reduced to 0.5 seconds
  • Sheet Metal now requires 4 Iron Ingots
  • Sheet Metal stack size increased to 64
  • Increased requirements to craft Pipe Bombs
  • Iron Ore is now smelted to get Iron Ingots (was Scrap Metal, which can no longer be smelted)
  • Added recipe to convert 1 Wood Log to 2 Stick Piles

  • Increased stack size for Electrical Parts to 10
  • Added Iron Ore item

  • Harvestable Iron Ore, Charcoal, and Pyrite deposits added around the map

  • Explosive damage from Boats and Jet Skis reduced

  • Icons added to the server browser for whitelisted and passworded servers
  • Filter added to filter out password protected servers

Post any feedback about the update here:
Miscreated - Entrada Interactive
Miscreated is on sale for 35% off this weekend as part of Steam's post-apocalyptic sale!: store.steampowered.com/app/299740
Miscreated - Jenilya

  • This update has a lot of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements in it - many of them are based on player's feedback
  • It also has a lot of new changes to the crafting, base building, and vehicle systems
  • Before providing feedback on the changes, please test them in game and then provide feedback on the Miscreated Discord server
  • Over time, we will add/remove/tweak features as needed to improve the gameplay of Miscreated
  • Some of these changes are to explore a faster gameplay style that balances the crafting and raiding mechanics
  • While some of the changes may appear small on the surface, they introduce a lot of new gameplay opportunities

  • A lot of the fundamental changes have now been completed to localize Miscreated in other languages
  • The game has already been partially translated into some languages by the community - thank you to all those that have helped so far!
  • Most of the UI, except the Main Menu, can now be fully localized, as well as all of the item names, descriptions, action menus, and in-game messages
  • To test out the changes for a language set g_language= (french|german|portuguese|russian|spanish) Ex. g_language=french in a created file named user.cfg in your root Miscreated Steam intall folder

  • 12 placeholder vehicle names have been added that modders can use to add new vehicles, so they don't have to replace existing vehicles

  • When a DWS or base door is opened/closed the action menu will refresh to show the correct actions
  • Fixed issue with exploding items on the ground not causing damage or having any physics forces generated
  • A message is now displayed when a player consumes most harmful items - be sure to inspect items before consuming them
  • Added another game.log log file entry when a player gets disconnected to help troubleshoot potential issues
  • Filter out any item context menu actions that cannot be used on the player's target
  • Harvesting from rocks now has a chance to return the new Pyrite item
  • Possible FPS improvement for some systems because of a system timer optimization

  • Bicycles and Dirtbikes will no longer spawn in the game, but are left in the game files in case modders want to re-enable them
  • All Bicycle and Dirtbike spawn points will now spawn Quadbikes
  • If you already have a Bicycle or Dirtbike in game it will still remain until it gets destroyed or is removed from not being used
  • Bicycles and Dirtbikes were removed due to the stability issues they caused with the CryEngine physics system - caused too many crashes and anomalies
  • All Quadbikes, Tractors, and Jetskis will despawn after not being used for six hours
  • With the Quadbike changes it should be a lot easier to find Quadbikes to use now - 19 are now in the game to be used
  • Vehicles that have general inventory slots now have a maximum of 5 inventory slots (reduced from 10)

  • Added craftable Furnace for bases - can smelt and cook items - has generic 10 slot persistent inventory
  • Added craftable Fireplace for bases - can smelt and cook items - has generic 10 slot persistent inventory
  • Added craftable Workbench for bases - must be used to craft some of the new recipes
  • Added craftable Metal Shelf for bases
  • Added craftable Rugs for bases
  • Added craftable Flag poles (many flag variations) for bases
  • Added craftable Bed for bases
  • Added Iron Ingot
  • Added Charcoal
  • Added Sulphur
  • Added Gunpowder
  • Added BioFuel
  • Added Pyrite
  • Added Weapons Ranged 1, 2, and 3 crafting guides
  • Added Explosives 1 and 2 crafting guides
  • Most base building parts can now be stacked in the inventory and have had their weight reduced
  • Increased the stack size for some crafting components

  • The Crafting tab will now show all recipes in the game
  • Any recipes you do not know will be grayed out and it will inform you what you need to craft that item
  • Some recipes also require the player to use the new Workbench base building part in order to be crafted
  • Many items have had their crafting times reduced
  • Removed Nails requirement from the Plotsign recipe
  • Adjusted Pipebomb crafting recipe to use Gunpowder instead of shotgun shells
  • Adjusted Sheet Metal to be craftable from Iron Ingots
  • Adjusted C4 crafting recipe to require more C4 bricks since it can now be crafted
  • Added recipe to craft a Metal Pipe
  • Added recipe to craft Nails
  • Added recipes to craft the new Bed, Furnace, Fireplace, Workbench, Shelf, Rugs, and Flag poles base building parts
  • Added recipe to craft BioFuel
  • Players can get Iron Ingots by smelting Scrap Metal in the Furnace
  • Players can get Sulphur by smelting Pyrite in the Furnace
  • Players can get Charcoal by burning wood in the Furnace
  • Players can now craft several craftable weapons
  • Players can now craft Gunpowder
  • Players can now craft the following rounds: 9mm, 5.56, and shotgun shells

Base Building
  • The number of Furnaces in a base is limited to 2
  • The number of Fireplaces in a base is limited to 1
  • Pack up time reduced to 3 seconds (was 5 seconds)
  • Fixed the position of the light and fog effects for worklights
  • Crates can now be stacked on top of each other (or other base parts)
  • Plated and metal base parts can only be damaged by using explosives - wood parts can still be damaged by melee weapons
  • Adjusted explosives damage on wood, plated and metal base parts so explosives are a lot more effective now
  • If the new Bed is added to a base then the owner of the base will respawn at his bed after death - has no effect on clan members
  • Any items in the new Furnace or Fireplace will be smelted, cooked, or damaged if it is lit - depending on the item - explosive items will explode when fully damaged
  • The Furnace and Fireplace will stop processing items if all players leave the general area they are located at, but will automatically resume when a player returns

Post any feedback about the update here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/299740/discussions/0/1649917420740376744/
Miscreated - Jenilya

Post any feedback about the update here:

Modding Support
  • This version introduces the first iteration of modding support for Miscreated!
    Please send us any/all feedback related to modding via the Miscreated Discord in the #modding channel

  • Modding is only supported on self-hosted servers
    To enabled mods on your server, in the hosting.cfg file, add a line for steam_ugc and assign it a comma separated list of Steam workshop items to install
    Ex.: steam_ugc=workshipid1,workshopid2, workshopid3

  • Some forms of mods are not fully supported in the initial release - entire levels, workshop collections, and dependent mods

  • When a player connects to a server that requires mods, the mods will automatically be installed via the Steam Workshop

  • Extension mod support to all spawner and weather lua scripts

  • Disabled verbose logging of all skins in the log files
  • Allow throwing of some items that can now stack (Rocks)
  • Fixed throwing of items so the throw action can no longer be spammed quickly
  • The g_idleKickTime server variable will now work correctly to kick inactive players
  • Optimizations related to saving out players to the database after they disconnect
  • Fixed damage to DWS objects caused by new ammo types introduced in version 1.0
  • Bleeds levels and poison are now saved in the database and restored upon login
  • Display a message when an item can't be moved to another item or slot for any reason
  • If an item has items inside of it on the ground the name will now be prepended with [+]
  • Added football pads to leather repair kit
  • Fixed the stats on clothing when clothing is hit or repaired
  • Tweak environment temperature handling, separate heating and warmth and limit the ranges - prevents too fast overheating from cooking and too many temperature sources around
  • Replaced non-usable water barrels with no-lid versions
  • Fixed static duplicated door in new warehouse (couldn't be opened)
  • Removed ability to connect power to large power boxes (only small ones are used on houses)
  • Optimized the "bunker cave"
  • Clarified the !ping chat command result
  • Workaround for Windows 10 1809 new GPU performance handling and for NVIDIA profile choosing a suboptimal default
  • Workaround for the case of spawning in ocean (you won't drown anymore and will be automatically disconnected)

  • Added weather danger level (and wm_dangerScale 0.0-5.0 (default 1.0)) can be used to reduce fancy/dangerous weather patterns (and prevent too many patterns after each other)
  • Fixed snow outro transition now so it doesn't instantly reset ground snow in some cases
  • Reduce amount of snow patterns

  • Items crafted using the crafting window will now have full health

  • Increased chance for the map to spawn (in case someone loses their starter map and needs one)
  • Converted Rocks into a throwable item which can be used to distract AI/players
  • Removed the light glow on the Survivotron
  • All chemlights now have a max stack size of 10
  • Rocks now have a max stack size of 5
  • Increased the distance rocks can be thrown (press and hold the throw key for up to 1 second to maximize throw distance)

  • Quad bike skins added

  • Don't tell AI the position of the player shooting surfaces near to the AI - direct hits and unsilenced gun fire will still alert AI to player's location
  • Fixed AI stimulus (receiving players position) for Molotovs
    Improvement to help reduce AI spawning on roofs/trees

  • Fixed some floating forest debris
  • Fixed LOD setting on some trees
  • Add some props to bathrooms that were almost empty
  • Fixed an unreachable bee hive
  • Various fixes to some of the residential buildings
  • Added floor to bottom of elevator shaft in Woodhaven bunker

  • Decrease fade in/out effects time when respawning

  • Revised some weapon related sound effects
  • Added pistol slide sound effects

  • Added remaining first select animations for firing weapons
  • Added remaining dry reload setups

  • Fixed physics proxy on a cliff wall asset to help prevent players hiding inside of it
  • Adjusted physics proxy on bollards
  • Adjusted Radio Tower fence physics proxy thickness to allow bullets to travel through it
  • Adjusted Oil Tanker floor proxies to sit level with the surface to reduce item spawner floating
  • Fixed broken physics proxy on the camping chair
Jan 23
Miscreated - Jenilya
  • Removed the Halloween/Christmas seasonal items so they no longer spawn
  • Update the Wwise audio engine - please give us ANY feedback of unexpected audio issues - including if the screeching still happens
  • Removed unused textures from DDSTextures2.pak file (850MB -> 250MB) to reduce install size
  • Adjustment to base/DWS syncing to clients - should reduce the cases of being stuck after respawning
  • Decreased poison/radiation/torpidity screen visual effects
  • Decontamination shower should only remove radiation - no longer heals the player as well
  • Reduced the "epic" spawner used in bunkers and a couple of other areas on the map
  • Potential fixes for some physics related crashes
  • Disable physicalization on boids (birds, etc.) so the surface area errors won't appear

  • Fixed spelling of Cooked Snap Peas
  • Added ironsight kit item for the AT-15 and the Tactical shotgun
  • Don't display the mannequin arm on a player's back
  • Thatch added (can be harvested from some bushes)
  • Craftable Fire Drill added (can be used as a replacement for Matches and Lighter)
  • Update display name and description for Vertical Foregrip
  • Decrease mass of rope from 0.3kg to 0.1kg
  • Clarified which 7.62 rounds are used in the different 7.62 magazines
  • Removed harvest ability from Machete
  • Add glow to shotgun ironsight tritium mesh
  • Put P350 magazine into its own location category, otherwise mixes with the 357 revolver

Base Building
  • Fixed missing damage multipliers for the plot sign
  • Decreased weight of Amalgamated kiosk to 250kg for better towing
  • Added more tolerance when checking parts on the server to help reduce some of the cannot be placed here messages
  • Increased the location precision when saving parts to the central database to reduce parts moving slightly after a server restart

  • Disable physics reaction from players standing on boat

  • Remove blood pool from Brute death event

  • Fixed sound issue with exit door on Brightmoor bunker
  • Fixed a few floating item spawn locations
  • Fixed some doors and other minor issues based on feedback
  • Improved supermarket rain occluder setup
  • Fixed area where players could prone under a building
  • Removed the need to prone in a section in Brightmoor bunker, it caused issues and frustration
  • Delete/replace unoptimized test rock mesh used a few times in Sultan

  • Fixed several spelling, grammar, and readability issues with the UI hints
  • Changed date in the start screens to be 2019

  • AK74U, AKM, AT15, Bulldog, P90, Storm, AUMP - slight IK change to lowered crouch, lowered stand, and stand sprint
  • Remaining dry reloads added for firing weapons
  • Fixed standing and crouching select animations for all rifles
  • Fixed first select animations so arms don't pass behind player when looking down
  • Weaponposes altered for AT15, and Tactical 870 shotgun to support rear ironsight kit
  • Fixed some foregrip weaponpose animation errors
  • Unique fire animation for Bulldog added
  • Changed attachment layers for magazines during reloading to stop the magazine occasionally appearing at the end of the weapon on the first frame

  • Many optimizations to various textures and materials
  • LODs added for smoke grenade traps
  • Disable Lights on scope glass material so players can use headlamps at the same time
  • Tweaked Hunting scope to lessen artifacts, increase tex resolution

1.0.1 Feedback thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/299740/discussions/0/1742232339924489791/
Miscreated - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matt Cox)

My DayZ are numbered. After spending the past week being murdered in the original multiplayer survival sandbox, I’m not sure I can stomach another. Although Miscreated does have varied zombie types, aggressive wildlife and more interesting weather than ‘rain or not rain’. It’s fresh out of early access, though somehow they’re still calling version 1.0 “a beta release”.


Miscreated - Jenilya
Version 1.0 is a major milestone for Miscreated because it means that Miscreated is leaving early access (alpha) and is now considered a beta release of the game.

1.0 indicates that the majority of all planned features for the game have now been implemented.

Several of the implemented features will continue to evolve and be improved upon as further development takes place, as well as general game optimization and polishing.

For your enjoyment, Miscreated 1.0 contains over 100 weapons, 15 types of vehicles, 12 types of AI, 19 main weather patterns, 100 skins, 700 clothing variations, 400 base building parts, and 100s of other gameplay related items.

Miscreated is a dangerous world. Be prepared to survive!

Follow our social media channels for all the latest news and information:
Discord: discord.gg/miscreated
Twitter: twitter.com/miscreatedgame
Instagram: entradainteractive
Facebook: facebook.com/miscreatedgame

Abbreviated Patch Notes:
  • Iron Sons' DLC - New Steam DLC that contains exclusive weapon skins and content
  • Self hosted servers - anyone can host their own Miscreated server now - server is a separate download from Steam
  • Over 20 new weapons - a wide variety of new weapons are included
  • Over 100 new weapon skins - with the exception of exclusive skins they will be randomly awarded as you play
  • 100% finished map - including two new huge undergound bunkers and general overall polish to the map
  • New and improved weather patterns - acid rain and blizzard are new - seek proper gear or shelter indoors as needed
  • Exhaustive temperature system - keep an eye on your temperature - many gameplay elements will now affect it
  • New base building parts - shutters and shutter walls, hesco barriers, angled walls, water barrels, purifiers, and collectors
  • Farming system - Grow crops using planters found in the world or craft some for your base
  • Interactive world - Doors, explosive items, powering houses for working lights, ovens, and microwaves
  • Audio improvements - Sounds wil now adjust depending on the environment you are in
  • 100s of bug fixes and quality of live improvements

Consumable Item Changes for 1.0

In version 1.0 the consumable item system has been enhanced to add more gameplay options and depth.

Due to their age, all old items you find in the game (MREs, soda cans, packaged foods, water bottles, canteens) will mostly likely not be in a pristine state and can make you sick, poisoned, or irradiated when consumed. Be sure to inspect all items before you consume them. Items you find in bunkers and underground have been protected from the harsh aftermath of the war. Search for items in these areas for consumables that are safe to eat and drink.

Most above ground water sources have also been irradiated due to the war. Consuming water from above ground water sources will make you sick. Clean water sources can still be found underground, or you can use the few water pumps located around the world.

As you explore the harsh world, keep a watchful eye out for any water purification tablets. They can be added to any refillable water container to purify the water inside of it. If you decide to settle down and and create a base you can construct a water purifier that will clean any contaminated water source.

A water collector can also be constructed that will collect clean water when it rains, but don't try and drink any of it after a radiation storm as the entire contents will be irradiated. Remember, your water purifier can be used to clean the irradiated water should this happen to you.

All refillable fluid containers (jerry cans, water bottles, and canteens) can contain a random amount of either diesel fuel or any type of water, so inspect any container before drinking it. As a devious player, you can choose to fill a canteen with diesel fuel and leave it for some future traveller to find and hopefully consume, or you can also use rotten vegetables to poison water. Consuming too much diesel fuel will kill you.

The only way to detect that an item is irradiated is to use a Survivotron to inspect it. If you do not have one, be wary of consuming anything that appears to be clean - unless you like the warm fuzzies of being irradiated.The safest way to stay nourished is to revert back to your primal instincts and kill animals to harvest them for food, or be more civilized and just grow crops. All fresh food is perfectly safe to eat.
Oct 12, 2018
Miscreated - Entrada Interactive
The next release for Miscreated will be Version 1.0 and will also coincide with Miscreated leaving Early Access on Steam.
Version 1.0 will be the largest Miscreated update since the game was started.

In the coming weeks, we will be revealing a few of the major new features coming to the game and how some of you will be able to get an early peek at those features. So follow us on our social media channels and join our Discord community to stay up to date on the latest news.

The current experimental version of the game on Steam has an early implementation of some upcoming features including the Dynamic World System and Farming/Horticulture. This will be just a small taste of the upcoming Version 1.0 Release.

The team behind Miscreated has been very busy working on Version 1.0 and we can't wait to share it with all of you soon!

-- The Miscreated Team

Website: miscreatedgame.com
Twitter: @miscreatedgame
Discord: discord.gg/miscreated
Aug 31, 2018
Miscreated - Jenilya

  • Fixed a common server crash related to item handling (about 50% of all current crashes)
  • Fixed a common server crash related to AI (about 50% of all current crashes)
  • Some server optimizations related to bases
  • On server start kiosk support is disabled until the Steam inventory configuration data is received from Steam - can still be disabled by admins as well
  • Potential fixes for a couple of AI related server crashes

  • Prone support has been added to the game - default 'z' key to go into prone stance
  • It works well on slopes up to 45 degrees and in tight spaces - the player can also prop up on smaller objects
  • All usable items stay equipped, unusable items get automatically dequipped (guitar, bow and most melee weapons)
  • Usable prone items are all shooting weapons, all utility/tools, throwables, and the knives
  • During prone movement certain actions are blocked (as the arms are busy) and have to be performed while not moving (aiming/shooting, weapon switching, emotes etc.)
  • We ironed out most issues on the experimental server - thank you for helping to test and we plan on sligthly extending the prone feature at a later date

  • Improvements to collision detection when opening/closing doors and gates
  • A player that newly spawns/respawns will now have a basic map in their inventory
  • Fixed issue where some items could be restored with the wrong health value
  • Rebalanced radstorms and nuclear flash freeze
  • Pressing the jump key will now cause the player to stand up from any stance
  • Some new skins added
  • Fixed damage done to items on players - damage is only applied now after all other game/faction multipliers
  • When a player, tent, vehicle, item on the ground, etc. gets shot it may also damage items inside of it
  • The amount of damage done to items has been adjusted for all items
  • Almost all items in the game now have a health value
  • Some trivial items, like sunglasses, will automatically be removed if their health is reduced to 0
  • The damage done to a weapon does NOT currently affect the weapon's damage output - that will be in another update
  • Adjustments made to breathing, vomit, and blood particle effects
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some items to be damaged twice when hit
  • Campfires will only damage items inside of it while lit
  • Fixed issue where traps wouldn't appear at times after a server restart

Base Building
  • Doors will now stop and reverse direction if they collide with a player
  • Fixed issue where the action menu wasn't being reset correctly after interacting with base parts

  • Vehicle camouflage skins cost 20 amcoins, instead of the standard 10 for solid paint colors
  • Fixed an issue where amcoins could be deducted incorrectly while storing an item in a kiosk (caused by the above issue)
  • Fixed an issue when retrieving some items from the kiosk - would remove it from steam inventory but not be given to the player

Vehicle Skins
  • Increased chance to be awarded a vehicle skin while driving
  • Skins added for the SUV and dune buggy
  • Orange, pink and purple colors added for all vehicles that currently have skins
  • Camouflage skins added for dune buggy, pickup truck, base sedan, suv, and semi trucks
  • Vehicles only spawn with solid colored skins, not camouflage - players have to apply camouflage skins

  • Decreased number of dirtbikes from 5 to 4
  • Increased number of semi trucks from 1 to 2
  • Slightly decreased the top speed of some vehicles
  • A vehicle will automatically stop if a required item is destroyed inside of it

  • Increased chance for frag grenades to spawn
  • Increased chance to find the hazmat mask and tank
  • Repair kits added for cloth, leather, canvas, and teflon items
  • Decreased weight of the tranquilizer gun
  • Adjusted movement sensitivity on weapons while aiming
  • Increased the physics proxy size of the amcoin ledger to help prevent it from falling through the ground when dropped

  • Critters may now randomly spawn around players while players are running around
  • AI will now make use of some animation variations
  • AI's visual perception now scales based on a player's stance and movement speed
  • Critters may now randomly spawn around players while players are running around
  • Some AI will now spawn wearing clothes
  • Spiders spawned by performing a world action (searching an item) will now scurry away before they come back to attack

  • Allow rebinding(ui+save+load) of empty inputs (for actions that haven't been bound on a specific device)
  • Allow rebinding of controller mouse emulation (click and context menu)
  • Unbind previous stance DPAD up from controller (instead use DPAD up for tactical) -> Jump now causes stand up And next stance cycles as well
  • Bind DPAD up to tactical action
  • Fix the reset of keybinds to work in-game as well (restore actionmap/filter states)
  • Some general improvements to speed up the inventory loading time - more improvements will still be made
  • Added new stances to the stats bar UI
  • Adjusted keybinds and added some new keybinds to the UI screen
  • The keybind configuration for controllers has been changed - be careful remapping now as it could break access to features
  • Zoom sensitivity scale added
  • Updated wheel slots to now be consistent with other items in the inventory

  • More cars on the highway ramps near the beach farms north of the map
  • Replaced fire hazard areas with updated new areas that support heat for the player stats

  • Prone animations added
  • Fixed foot ground alignment for standing and crouching idles
  • Verified all weapons have movement in sfp during idle animations
  • Fixed vector reload sound set up
  • Giant roach mesh update
  • Gas mask mesh updates

Feedback thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/299740/discussions/0/1737715419897762742/

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