Product Release - Valve
Jump Tanks is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

Hyper-charged, 5-on-5 tank shooter from the future! Dash, dodge, and crush your enemies with top-notch pilots in fully customizable tanks. Pick your parts and charge into battle in neon-drenched futuristic cityscapes of mayhem.

Mar 11, 2016
Community Announcements - caseytron
Build ID: EA.002.02

  • Bug where bullets are always stopped by a shield even when raised.
  • The navigation arrows on the part equip screen are now actually buttons.
  • Abrupt cut-off for the turret death and health pod collect SFX.
  • Bug where destructible VFX would eventually stop playing.

  • Mega Missile: missile range decreased.
  • Photon Shotgun: bullet range increased and added vertical spread to shot.
  • Shock Rocket: rocket range decreased; aiming is now free, without assist.

  • Removed some debug logging and rendering code. This is good for performance, but the improvements may not be noticeable yet.
  • FPS and ping only display during a match.
  • Position and text color of the HELP button on the tab screen.
  • Garage music always plays in the garage, even when connected to a match.
  • Changed mixed damage color from green to white.
  • Lighting update for Jo-kamachi - Night.
  • Muzzle flash improvements.
  • Crunched normal maps for increased performance and reduced load times.

  • Added mouse-over and click SFX to the battalion menu.
  • Added SFX to the startup screen PROCEED button.
Community Announcements - Kumatar
Jump Tanks is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access!

We're looking forward to jumping into a game with you.

- Team MBS
Mar 7, 2016
Community Announcements - Kumatar
Dear Jump Tanks fans,

Last week, in preparation for the Early Access release of Jump Tanks, we ended the Jump Tanks closed beta, which caused beta testers to see a scary-looking Steam notification when their key was deactivated.

Some of you mentioned that there are basically two ways of ending a beta using Steam: a good way, and a less good way. Unfortunately, we chose what we now know to be the less good way, and that's why you saw the Steam pop-up. For that, we apologize. It wasn't our intention to cause confusion or alarm.

Others expressed concern that the good standing of their account would be negatively affected by the key revocation. A Steam representative has assured us the good standing of your accounts has not been affected.

As a thank you for our beta testers, every tester subscribed to our mailing list will receive a copy of the Jump Tanks Digital Artbook and the Jump Tanks Original Soundtrack. Steam keys for this DLC will be distributed later this week, which can be redeemed after purchasing a copy of Jump Tanks.

Thanks for supporting us, and see you in game!

- Team MBS
Community Announcements - Kumatar
"A Steam Product code you entered has been removed from your account."
If you're seeing this message it's because you redeemed a closed beta access key. Beta keys are being deactivated now. You will see this message when your key is deactivated. This will not affect your ability to buy a full copy of the game. Everyone will still be able to buy Jump Tanks on March 8.

Thanks for participating in the closed beta of Jump Tanks!

See you in game next Tuesday!


We apologize for the alarming language used by the key deactivation notification. It wasn't our intention to cause alarm. We're checking with Steam to confirm that the good standing of your accounts wasn't affected by the key deactivation method. Stay tuned.

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