Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Tiberius
We recently ran a CourseForge design contest in conjunction with TrackMan golf. The goal was to create a 9 or 18 hole par 3 course which was good looking and fun to play.

I'm please to announce that the top 3 courses which have been added to your course library are:

1 - Sand River by Mikahenrik

2 - Abel's Crossing by highfade

3 - The Aces Club by Matt Rose

Great work from some very talented designers. There will be more courses released from the par 3 design contest in the future.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Tiberius
TrackMan is pleased to announce a CourseForge design competition, providing all community members with an opportunity to design and create a challenging and fun par 3 course for TrackMan Indoor Golf and the PerfectGolf game.

Contestants are asked to create a unique par 3 course with the CourseForge design software. The course should provide a fun challenge to players of various skill levels from beginners to experts, and in addition it should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. All course styles are welcomed such as Oceanside, Parkland, Forrest, Links, Fantasy etc.

There are prizes for the best courses submitted.

Prizes are as follows:

1st EUR 1,000
2nd EUR 700
3rd EUR 400
4th EUR 250
5th EUR 150

Course requirements

Any submission must contain minimum 9 holes but preferably 18 holes

Hole designs cannot be replicas of existing holes or courses but inspiration may be taken from the world's best par 3 holes

The length of each hole can be anywhere from 50 to 250 yards, but for every hole at least 3 different tee lengths are required (easy, medium, difficult)

For every hole, 3 different pin positions are required (easy, medium, difficult)

Courses should have environmental sounds

Courses must be able to be loaded and played in TrackMan Indoor Golf and PerfectGolf (as bug free as possible)

The author(s) of the course will be credited on the loading screen and as part of the course description, if desired.

Not all courses need to be suitable for all skills levels of golfers ie: ‘Beginners’ courses or courses suitable for medium to advanced players are all welcome. However, courses that are designed well enough to cater to a wide variety of players will be preferred by the judging panel. This can be accomplished by the clever use of tee lengths and angles to the green.

Entry requirements

All contestants must acknowledge and agree to the requirements outlined below.

Entries can only be submitted by email to mjo@trackman.com

The mail should include:

Designer’s real name and address

Course description

Link to the course download location (e.g. Dropbox)

If a course is considered to have sufficient quality, but does not receive one of the main prizes, TrackMan may at their discretion award further prizes of EUR 150 for each course chosen in addition to the main prizefund.

In the event of a prize winning entry the contestant grants TrackMan all legal rights to the playable course (including but not limited to the digital course file and name rights)

Multiple entries and joint entries are allowed but if a prize is won by a joint entry it will be split evenly among contestants so all names must be included on the entry information.

TrackMan may have to adjust the prize winning courses slightly. These changes are meant to improve the design in relation to the design requirements. Trackman will also fix any bugs found on the courses.

All identified winners of the competition are responsible for any and all applicable taxes and other government levies that arise from the prizes awarded to each winner

The winning courses are planned to be released for TrackMan Indoor Golf – and will also be made available to the PG community to play in PerfectGolf. The course entries should not be released to the public anywhere until the final decision on the winners has been announced.
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Perfect Parallel
Quick Release to post a number of minor fixes that have accumulated in beta but never pushed to public

Swing Fixes

RTSM Splash Shot Fix

Game Play Fixes

Up and Down Points Chip In Fix

Simulator Fixes

Simulator Offset Fix
Simulator Pass Demo
Auto Putt Feature for Sim
Add Guest Feature when at home play and no player set up (Will get default clubs)

Overall Improvements

An all new New Wind Model with added wind levels between gusty and breezy which offer greater variability in the wind for those that want it and greater strength without variability for those that prefer that

Increased the field of view on the player camera to give a slightly less chlostrophobic view

UI Fixes

Fix TouchSScreen Bug

Added Scroll Bar to player list on left
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Tiberius
We have released a small physics update to try and fix some of the issues people have been experiencing with excessive cup 'lipouts' while putting in PerfectGolf.

Happy golfing!
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Tiberius
We are pleased to announce that the officially licensed Royal Birkdale course has been released for PerfectGolf. The site of this year's British Open starting today, the 20th July, This course is a true test of links golf at it's finest.

Available from the Pro shop in game.
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Perfect Parallel
We are pleased to announce the release of Innisbrook Copperhead Course now available in the Pro Shop.
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Perfect Parallel
We are pleased to release another patch for Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

This patch addresses the following issues


Fixed No Reads on SkyTrak Launch Monitors
Fixed First Tee Mulligans so only available on Hole 1
Changed Dots on Swing Meter to make them more visible especially in sand
Added a console command to allow changing of the Wind Meter Color to make it more visible on cloudy days - game_windColor
Added code to support our new Mobile Game Companion App that will allow remote control of the game and show shot data for each shot.


Added 1FT and 3FT gimmies

New Features

Added Drive Chip and Putt Challenge that uses the 2018 Rules for DCP
To play a DCP challenge use a course file specifically created for the challenge. We have included a DrivePitch Course with this release. Each of the nine holes represents one of the 9 shots required in DCP competition
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Perfect Parallel
This is a minor patch release to fix a few things

Many improvements to simulator application and Launch Monitor connections including new SkyTrak Short Game Mode
Fix Recorded Rounds and Shots
Fixed GIR being calculated incorrectly when taking a gimme also affecting distance to pin stat
Fixed AI players not being able to hit when 0in from hole
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Mike Jones
We are please to announce the imminent release of two new DLC courses for Perfect Golf. PGA national Champion course is home to this weeks Honda Classic on the PGA tour and is considered one of Jack Nicklaus' finest designs. It includes the infamous 'Bear Trap' which is one the toughest and most famous sequences of holes on tour and each yeah hopes and dreams are fulfilled and crushed on the water laden 15th, 16th and 17th holes.

We are releasing this course in two formats, one with the normal PG water 'NR' and the other with real time reflective water which is available for the first time in Perfect Golf. You will need a more powerful machine to get the best out of the reflective version of the course so we would consider a graphics card something like a Nvidea GTX 760 to be a minimum requirement.

Also being released is the infamous fictional Devil's Island golf course. Set on a remote desert island in the South China seas, Devil's island is the most demanding test of golf available for our game and It's as beautiful as it is tough. Plot your way round the course and down the snaking narrow fairways, avoiding the myriad of hazards, the ocean and even a partially sunken pirate ship!

You can purchase the courses in game or from our social site social.perfectparallel.com


A couple of pics of 'Devil's' below:

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf - Perfect Parallel
A patch release to fix a few bugs

Fixed GIR being calculated incorrectly when taking a gimme also affecting distance to pin stat

Fixed AI players not being able to hit when 0in from hole

Fixed AI players getting stuck in the sand

Reduced Minimum grid size down to 0.5 for those with machines to handle it

A myriad of inprovements to the Simulator Version of the game especially around the short game and spin

Fix Bug where resuming after hitting in a hazard resumed the player in the hazard

Fix bug where drop could be selected 1000 meters away and out of bounds

Fix bug where AI players would hit backwards in sand and never get out.

Fixed short game bug related to spin when ball is on fairway

Added the ability to set the tracer and comet color via the console

Added some practice range data to the API tournament call

Fixed ShotTimer

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