Community Announcements - Morgopolis Studios
To our friends and family in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving!

If you're at home relaxing with some games, maybe you can spread the word about our game! Magicians & Looters is currently 50% off

In other news, with the launch of the new Alienware Steam Machine (running SteamOS), there has been a rumor floating around that a Linux port (and possibly even a Mac port) might be in the works. Stay tuned to see if that is actually true, or we are full of... Steam :P
Community Announcements - Morgopolis Studios
Hey there folks,

It's been an amazing last day. We've been tuned into Twitter, email, and the forums here on Steam. We're getting a lot of great feedback and it's been a pleasure to read

For those of you running into technical problems (bugs) with the game, we'd first like to apologize for those. We did do a lot of testing, but there's always room for improvement :) The options menu being buried is a great example of something we can do better; I don't think was completely obvious to us. For any issues, we'd like to ask...

* If you've already reported a bug via the forums, we'll update the status if/when we get a chance to fix this OR if there's a temporary work-around.

* If you haven't reported the bug yet, please consider either looking for a similar issue on the forums and posting a "hey me too" (or create a new post if the issue hasn't been discovered yet) OR email a brief description of the problem (along with screenshots, those would be helpful!) to

Magicians and Looters is a labor of love. Even if we only have two programmers, we intend to look at each and every one of these bugs. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again! Keep the forum posts, screenshots, Let's Plays, and more coming! Whether you love it, hate it, or just think "meh", we love reading everybody's feedback

Jul 1, 2014
Community Announcements - vonny55
First off, ehem, MAL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and on sale)
Second, we are incredibly sorry for the delay. However, Magicians and Looters is finally available and we can't wait for everyone to enjoy it!

If you got something on your mind or want to swap tips on how to defeat the Red Warlock with other players please visit the officially official MAL forums here.

Happy Looting!
Community Announcements - Morgopolis Studios
Hey there folks! Welcome to the official Magicians & Looters Steam Group :)

Today is our launch day and we're already starting to see reviews for the game roll in. To say it's exciting would be an understatement! And in an hour, everyone that already has a key will be available to install and folks wanting to check this game out will be able to purchase it!

Join this group and post your thoughts and feelings about the game! We all hope you enjoy it and that you also enjoy the Steam specific content we created for you, including the achievements

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