Fearless Fantasy - Alex@tinyBuild

Super exciting news everyone! Fearless Fantasy is coming to iOS (universal iPhone/iPad app) on May 14th!


The game has been almost rebuilt from scratch. About two months ago we were ready to release, and then decided to redo the artwork. And the months before that Daniel spent reworking the shop, the balance, adding new gestures, and more. This a very big update.

The big update log!


  • Complete overhaul of the trial system! This is now more skill based, more meaningful, and offers a lot more variety.
  • Custom trials for all enemies.
  • Ability trials become more complex with increasing levels.
  • Difficulty selection now only effects the complexity and difficulty of the trials.
  • Added a new trial element: The tap circle.
  • Added "dodge" effect when an attack is completely evaded (for both heroes and enemies).
  • Leon's Crimson Rush is now called Cloud Breaker and changed to a powerful AOE attack.
  • Various passive abilities and status effects have been tweaked to interact better with the trial system.
  • Enemies now don't attack without confirmation, so you can take a bite of your sandwich in-between a long series of enemy attacks.

  • Completely new background graphics and world map!
  • Increased resolution for all characters.
  • Added a simple soft shadow under characters.
  • Updated a few monster designs.

  • The achievement bugs have been fixed. Most missing achievements should be awarded as soon as the eligible save slot is loaded.
  • The game now saves in-between battles. When you load a game which was interrupted during battle, it will restart from the last wave.

  • Updated shop UI, with a much cleaner layout and better usability.
  • Trial elements have a much clearer look and feel.
  • Improved audio feedback.
  • Improved battle gauge, which now also shows which character is taking action and if they are blinded.
  • Colour coded hero selection markers for faster recognition.

We've also removed the challenge mode for now, it will be back in a later update.

Let us know what you think in the comments!
Fearless Fantasy - tinyBuild
Today's update is a big one. It's been in the works since the original release and is based on the enormous amounts of feedback we gathered at Casual Connect USA, Gamescom, PAX Prime, and EGX London. It sports a completely new engine, a new game mode, and numerous tweaks, making Fearless Fantasy a much better game!

The Changelog:

  • Added a completely new engine - steady 60fps
  • Redid all animations to fit said engine, reworked some of them
  • Reworked battle system (arrows), it's now timing based. It's more intuitive, more skill based, and also plays better with a mouse.

  • ADDED SURVIVAL MODE (and will be expanded on continuously).

  • Added 3 new monsters and a number of updated ones.
  • Went to Casual Connect's Indie Prize, won the Best Art Award, made this sweet video:
  • Rebalanced the game 380 times
  • Went to Gamescom
  • Discovered that girls really like playing this game for some reason. Some would sitdown for hours to play it.
  • Rebalanced the game 80 more times
  • Went to PAX Prime, changed 50 more little things. Same after EGX London. Balance should be good now. Play Veteran, I dare you!
  • Lost the full changelog. In general the game has countless improvements on UI and usability, and looks much better.
  • Made game touchscreen-ready. All UI elements are now touch friendly and will adjust to touch-friendly behaviour when used with fingers. Try it on your touch-screen laptop!
Fearless Fantasy - tinyBuild
Hi everyone! We'll be showcasing the latest version of Fearless Fantasy at EGX London this weekend! Stop by the Rezzed area if you're around!

This latest version runs at a steady 60fps, has plenty of reworked design and visuals, and is shaping up very nicely.

We'll be showing touch-enabled versions as well, so definitely check it out!

Before doing the update, we decided to invest more time and resources into making the game properly. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Fearless Fantasy - tinyBuild
Good news everyone, Fearless Fantasy will be showcased at Gamescom in the Indie MEGABOOTH next week!

You'll be able to find it by these sweet banners.

The version showcased at Gamescom will be an upcoming re-release version of Fearless Fantasy - running on a new engine. We will have both a desktop and a touch-enabled version available for demo.


We've printed some sleek Fearless Fantasy T-shirts which will cost around 15 eur at the show.

tinyQuest - win free games!

We'll have a scavenger hunt-style card collection game going on at the show. Collect all cards and win free games!

Are you coming to Gamescom?
Fearless Fantasy - tinyBuild
First off - thanks everyone for the super warm reception of Fearless Fantasy on Steam! It's truly great to hear the universally positive feedback.

Secondly, we are working on a large update to the game. It will allow Fearless Fantasy to use hardware acceleration properly and run at a much smoother framerate. We understand some mobile videocard users have issues right now - specifically on setups with 2 GPUs (an intergrated and a dedicated one).

The update will solve the issue and allow us to release the game on mobile platforms. At around the same time we will update the Steam version and release on Android/iOS.

- tinyBuild & Enter Skies

Fearless Fantasy - Valve
Fearless Fantasy is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*

As Leon, the world’s most dangerous bounty hunter, you embark on a mission to slay the world’s weirdest creatures, and save a girl from an awful marriage.

*Offer ends May 22 at 10AM Pacific Time

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