Community Announcements - boud
As posted on, KO GmbH is handing over all its involvement with Krita to the Krita Foundation.

This includes Krita on Steam. The Krita Foundation will continue making new releases of Krita on Steam: the main difference is that proceeds from sales will now go directly to the Foundation, instead of to KO GmbH.

Valve has worked with us to transfer the application from KO GmbH to the Krita Foundation and everyone who bought Krita on Steam will continue to receive updates.

Boudewijn Rempt
Founder, Krita Foundation
Community Announcements - Krita Team
It's been a while since we posted an update here what with summer holidays and presentations at a couple of international events.

For now the update is only in the "Beta" (for more: How to enable the "beta" branch)
In this you will find:
  • Manage presets in the pop-up palette - now a "Favourites" tag is created, but you can also choose which tag is used to populate the pop-up.
  • New transformation modes in the Transformation tool (Cage and Liquify)
  • Brush spacing has been improved for some presets, and there's the option for automatic spacing
  • "Dirty Presets" - in the brush editor, there's the option to lose changes made to presets in the current session, "Temporarily save tweaks made to presets"
  • Lock settings across presets (double-clicking an option in the brush editor will show a linked icon and cause those settings to be fixed between brushes)
  • Cumulative Undo option (enable in Settings->Dockers->Undo History right-click and choose "Enable Cumulative Undo")
  • Eraser remembers its size
  • More tools save settings between sessions
As well as various other fixes and improvements.
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Today's update includes an update to the Transform tool.
In addition to "Freehand" and "Warp" there is a new "Perspective transform" mode.

Paul Geraskin demonstrates it in use in this video:
Do remember to hit Enter or click Apply in the Tool Options docker to apply the transformation before saving.
Community Announcements - Krita Team
After some testing, we've now updated the regular and beta branches to the latest versions. Now everyone will have the benefit of:
  • Improved memory management
  • Faster drawing (less lag/CPU)
  • Fix: Some keyboard shortcuts that were not saving correctly
  • Fix: Perspective Grid can be manipulated again
  • Fix: Edit Grid tool back in the toolbox
  • Fix: Potential crash when quitting Krita and saving changed image

Big thanks to @Seikatsukan for reporting the errors with the two grid tools, both of which were fixed today! :)

UPDATE: It looks like there might be a problem for some users who have "Scaling mode" set to Bilinear or Nearest-Neighbour filtering. If you only see the top-left of the image (or just a black canvas) then go to Settings->Configure Krita Gemini, and under the Display category, set Scaling Mode to "Trilinear Filtering". We're working on a fix.
Community Announcements - Krita Team
If you purchased Krita Gemini during Early Access, or the Lifetime Upgrades package, you should see a subtle leafy decoration to the Welcome screen on startup now :)

We thought it would be a little bit of fun, helps those who purchased it see a difference, and it's an early step to providing some customisation in future perhaps.

For those who are interested the brush used was "X3BD Foliage" from Modular Brushset v4 :D

(although Krita will load these at startup, and 122 presets will take a little while)
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We've just pushed an update to the 'beta' branch (or "Beta" in Steam).
This includes two big updates:
  • Improved memory management
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Sketch-mode

We want to have more time to test the impact that the new memory management will have, which is why it has not rolled out to everyone just yet. Though initial reports are positive and it appears to be a little "snappier" now.

Instructions for enabling 'beta' are here:

Please leave feedback in the comments below, or the Beta branch discussion forum :D
Community Announcements - Krita Team
There's a new update which fixes an issue with custom keyboard shortcuts to some actions which were not being saved when Krita was shutdown.

Big thanks to those who reported this in! :)
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We're happy to release another update which, in addition to adding some features, fixing some potential crash-conditions and other tweaks, improves the startup and loading of files, so Krita Gemini should feel a little "snappier".
  • New Splash, "Blooming" by Tyson Tan (on his DeviantArt gallery)
  • Faster startup
  • NEW: Selection overlay mask (toggle by clicking the icon at bottom-left)
  • NEW: Can cancel running brush-stroke with "Esc"
  • IMPROVED: Layer docker - better handling, icons and feedback
  • IMPROVED: Advanced Color Selector - Shade Selector includes HSI and HSY
  • IMPROVED: Line Tool - Pressure sensitive, live preview of brush, supports mirrors and sensors
  • SHORTCUT: Hold V and paint to temporarily enable line tool, tap to toggle on/off
  • New smoothing options available in Sketch mode
  • UI: Improvements to grid editing tool
  • UI: Modal Toolbar buttons now highlight in theme colour
  • FIX: Rulers start with correct units
  • FIX: Crash-condition in Blur Filter
  • (plus some minor fixes and slightly better management of memory)
Community Announcements - Krita Team
(I'm hoping those translations are correct...)

We're happy to announce a new update, which add the following features and fixes:
  • NEW: Language-pack (please read below)
  • NEW: Stabilizer mode for smoothing input
  • NEW: Multilayer selection
  • NEW: Edit selection mask
  • NEW: Support 8-bit and 16-bit heightmaps (as .r8 and .r16)
  • NEW: New launch option for sketch-mode "--sketch"
  • NEW: HDR Painting with the LUT Docker
  • FIX: Memory leak in colour transformation
  • FIX: to colour smudge brush engine
  • FIX: lens-blur filter artifacts when used as an Adjustment Layer
  • FIX: Conversion of clone layers into paint layers and selection masks
  • Plus various other minor fixes!

Language Settings in Krita
We felt a few users would benefit from the language packs, and we were hard at work getting an early version of these in Krita Gemini, though there is still room for improvement. We've identified that there is still a little problem, but in general:
  • Krita Gemini defaults to English (US)
  • Currently only the Desktop mode allows setting the language (though we're working on translations of the sketch mode)
  • If you open the "Select Application Language" dialog under the Help menu and change it to anything other than English (US), then it will ignore that setting, and display in the language which matches your "Formatting" setting in Windows Control Panel (Region and Language) - we're investigating why it doesn't correctly allow the setting of other languages.
If we're missing a language, please free to let us know - we'll add a discussion topic with language instructions you can comment in.

Have fun / Viel Spass! :D
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Some of you may have already seen yesterday's announcement on, and the video by Timotée Giet demonstrating HDR painting in Krita.
It's still being developed, and one of the Windows dev machines ran into trouble using the new LUT docker, so we're not pushing this out to everyone just yet, but you can enable the Beta branch to try it yourself.

Here's how to try out HDR painting:
First, switch to the "Beta" branch. You can do this by:
  1. Right-click on Krita Gemini in your Steam Library, select "Properties".
  2. Select the "Betas" tab.
  3. Select the "beta" branch (not a strict beta, more "unstable")
Now Steam should update Krita Gemini to this branch, and you will see "Krita Gemini [beta]" in your Library. You can follow the same procedure to return to the (default) branch.

To play with the HDR painting, using the new LUT docker:
  1. Create an OpenColorIO config, or download one from OpenColorIO
  2. Create a new custom image, you'll want to use RGB, 32-bit Float, scRGB (linear) Color.
  3. Open the Dockers menu under "Settings" and enable the LUT docker
  4. Enable OpenColorIO and select the .ocio profile that you previously downloaded
  5. You can adjust the gamma and exposure using the docker, or you can assign your own canvas-input shortcut.

To assign shortcuts to exposure:
  1. Select "Configure Krita" from the Settings menu
  2. Choose the category "Canvas Input Settings"
  3. Expand the "Exposure and Gamma" setting at the bottom and you can assign a shortcut for Exposure mode. We're going to set it so that holding Y and dragging the mouse up and down with adjust exposure (this may already exist)
  4. Select "Add shortcut..." and as type, choose "Mouse Button".
  5. Double-click on the center column entry "None". Click the entry for Mouse-Button and when it asks you for mouse-input, click the left-mouse button.
  6. Click the button for "Modifiers" and press Y on the keyboard.
  7. If the far-right column says anything other than "Exposure Mode", then click that entry and select Exposure Mode from the popup-list.
  8. Close the dialog and try it out :D

For more information, check out the

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