My Riding Stables: Life with Horses - rokagirl

Dear horse lovers,
A remote tropical archipelago with... open world farming for survival... numerous explorations and adventurous discoveries... story driven quests... supernatural dangers.... ancient mysteries... pirate setting... in a low-poly art style! That's the best way to summarize Stranded Sails.

We will soon set sail and embark on an adventurous journey. Are you onboard? Well, then put the game on your wishlist right now!

Become part of the crew and experience a cheerful and relaxed single-player farming adventure in a tropical island paradise!

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My Riding Stables: Life with Horses - rokapublish

With "Horse World - My Riding Horse" you're immersed in the world of the equestrian center. Your own horse to groom and ride - anytime you want! You'll learn valuable things about caring for a horse, take lessons in the riding ring and master diverse tasks.


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