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Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Trading Cards hit the high-seas of Steam!

Greetings! Trading Cards have been added to Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.

The cards, backgrounds, badges and emoticons feature images of the characters, creatures and landscapes from the game. We are especially proud of our range of Turtle badges! Collect the whole set and plunder some booty!
Product Release - Valve
Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is Now Available on Steam and 15% off.*

A place where pirates roamed the seas looking for treasure, and where one innocent 8 year old girl grew up to become the most famous Pirate of the Caribbean! From an early age, Morgane Castillo was a confident and feisty girl, playing with her friends and getting into scraps on Bounty Island. Living with her mother and bored of her chores and island life, she longed to go to sea, just like her pirate father Alessandro! But she was too young and young girls weren't meant to become pirates. But Morgane’s early life was beset by tragedy.

Uncle Eduardo, her dearest friend, was lost at sea and her mother, Bonita Castillo, died suddenly when Morgane was only 8 years old. Accompany Morgane in her quest to find the legendary “Golden Turtle” and experience the story of a young girl who grows into a pirate captain!

Make decisions, but remember – your actions have direct consequences for those depending on you.

*Offer ends January 10th at 10AM Pacific Time.


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