Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms - Unerde

The Devourer awaits!

We are happy to announce that we have now added the exclusive Shadows: Awakening Steam beta to the accounts of all owners of the original Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms.

Over the course of the evening today, owners of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms will see the Shadows: Awakening beta added to their Steam libraries. The exclusive beta (also open to all Shadows: Awakening pre-order customers on Steam) gives players the chance to charge into the adventure before the official release in late summer 2018.

Additionally, you can leave your feedback in the connected Shadows: Awakening beta community hub on Steam.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to decide if you will plunge the Heretic Kingdoms into darkness, or bring peace to the world.

What makes Shadows: Awakening unique:
  • Deep integration of the ‘Shadow Realm’ – a parallel world that is central to the core gameplay mechanics and the story, as well as influencing equipment, combat tactics, puzzles and quests.
  • Play as a soul-devouring demon.
  • Unique party system where players can play as multiple characters in a single avatar, while being able to experience the full range of personal stories and characters’ identities.
  • Tactical real-time combat using a bespoke ‘Synergy’ system and cross-realm tactics.
  • Use the Synergy system to strengthen and develop the combination of characters in your party.
Community Announcements - [= GF =] Slnecnica
This is the first public patch we release since we have received the rights for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms back :). It definitively is not the last one though!

This patch from 28/8/2015 addresses the following problems:
- Crashes with controller
- Occassional overlapping GUI
- some minor problems and issues which were reported

Have fun and look for more! :)
Community Announcements - NickName
The next Update for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is for our friends in Russia and Poland! Enjoy the game in your language! Furthermore the patch contains several fixes and improvements.

All new fixes and improvements at a glance

- added Polish language
- added Russian language
- improved meleee combat mechanics and controls
- improved stability
- reduced the difficulty of Taymurian Ghosts enemies and added loot to them
- added preloading for several maps to have more stable and fluid gameplay
- added Autoloot option to the Gameplay options
- added support for lower resolutions (1024*768, and unoficially also 800*600)
-fixed deselecting recipe when crafting the same items repetitively.
- fixed incorrect keybindings for quicksave and quickload functions
- fixed incorrect selling function when selling from some inventory slots
- fixed formatting of experiences when in large numbers
- fixed the crash when playing with no soundcard
- fixed the ability to kill the Aphotic Queen before entering her lair
- fixed the bug when leaving lower catacombs and immediatly reloading the last autosave
- fixed bug with lost merchants quest not beeing able to report to Arashad
- fixed obstacle not beeing removed when saved the game immediatly after killing Darmok and the Ironclad Golem
- fixed the incorrect behaviour with Taymurian berserkers
- fixed the crash if the player found a replacement for Hermit and visited the Hermit's cavern
- fixed some wrong descriptions for Devourer skills
- fixed several small bugs with interface
- fixed incorrect display of gamepad buttons when playing with controller
- fixed Demonblast skill display error
- fixed description of Cure Dark Spasm from Spores quest
- fixed problem with the Darmok texture under specific conditions
- fixed inventory movement animation display
- fixed scrolling in the crafting interface, added mouse scroll too
- fixed the ability to resurrect the puppets in inventory
- fixed description of Heamorhage skill
- fixed missing sounds in the menu
- improved text visibility on the Death screen
- fixed missing sounds of Soulraven nests
- fixed problem with appearing stairs after fight with Darmok
- fixed problem on the bridge in Kogog'ak

Community Announcements - NickName
Final Update adds the new Chapter III and completes the First Book "Devourer of Souls". Chapter III takes place in the cursed jungles of Taymuria, and its capital Dura Tyr. There is also another very special location, but we will leave it to you to discover it ...

All new features and changes at a glance

- A lot of new locations in Taymuria and its ancient capital Dura Tyr, built upon Zikkurat of the Sun.
- Meeting with the greatest being of Heretic Kingdoms universe in a very unique location…
- 2 unique new playable characters – Wood Elemental and Thorn Wasp; both with their own unique skill sets.
- A lot of new gameplay hours
- Improved looting, crafting
- New equipment, spells, dialogues and much more
- Major improvements in game balance
- Removed tons of bugs and problems
Community Announcements - NickName
As the release date is approaching fast, we are releasing the final major update for the Early Access version of Shadows today! Get ready for the complete second chapter with new quests and enemies, a new playable character, the entire crafting system as well as many improvements and fixes!

For full rundown of all the changes and new content click here:
Community Announcements - NickName
The extensive new update for the PC action RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms comes with a prologue to the game, as well as numerous new features and improvements. Players of the Early Access version can now play through a tutorial, introducing the game's basic features, that reveals the back story.

Those familiar with Kult, the predecessor to Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, will meet an old friend: Carissa, who is joining as a new playable character. Carissa Cantrecht is a former member of the secret society Penta Nera, and a skilled melee fighter, who finishes off enemies with her sword and shield.

All new features and changes at a glance

• Introduction of prologue and tutorial
• New playable character - Carissa Cantrecht
• New abilities and effects
• Improved, challenging combat
• Configurable controls
• Improved menus and user interface
• New recipes and a menu book for crafting added
• Enemies now respawn on most maps
• RPG system has been balanced
• Additional graphical effects
• Improved performance
• Numerous bug fixes and improvements
Community Announcements - NickName
All early access players can enjoy new features today thanks to a major content update. The update brings a new playable character to the world of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms: Evia, the Daughter of Fire. Evia is the last of the three primary main characters. She is the princess of a long-extinct kingdom and an extraordinarily mighty mage with the power to control the elements, which she uses as a weapon to destroy her enemies.

The crafting system is also now available, allowing players to craft their own weapons and armour, brew potions and create powerful rings. Additionally, due to feedback received during the early access phase, the developers have opened up the skill system, giving players more freedom when selecting their skills.

The new features at a glance

• New playable character: Evia, Daughter of Fire
• Crafting system
• Improved skill system
• Many minor improvements and new options
Community Announcements - NickName
bitComposer and Games Farm today released the first big update for the early access version of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. Amongst other smaller fixes the update introduces Zaar, a new playable character and the Outlands, a brand new zone with several new areas. Additionally, the developers have implemented changes based on player feedback from the early access, including controller support for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms and much more dynamic battles within the game.

The Highlights of the Update include:

1. Based on the feedbacks from the players Games Farm has implemented

a. Controller support
b. Speed and combat dynamics

2. New content

a. New playable character – Zaar
b. New enemies – Nomads, Sebekans, Maggots, Scorpions, Porcupines, Soulravens, Revenants, Mercurial Demons, Bone Demons
c. Additional Voiceovers
d. New skills for the characters
e. Lair for Devourer
f. 6 maps, including Nomad’s camp, Outlands and associated maps around.
g. Several quests will be added; some of them won’t be possible to accomplish though (those which are related to Oasis, or later locations). Approximately up to 10 new quests.
h. Additional equipment, adjusted drop system and RPG system
i. GUI updates and improvements
j. Options updates
k. Optimizations
l. DirectX11 support
m. Ragdolls and physics updates
n. Improved drop system, looting system, respawn

3. And countless of bug fixes

Community Announcements - AndersCM
We are currently finalizing the upcoming update for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms and since we have reached 500 Likes on Facebook, we are going to celebrate the occasion, by raffling off 3 Shadows Steam Keys!

The new content update will feature new areas to explore and adventure in, new enemies to slay and a new playable character! As time progresses, we will release more tidbits of information. So stay tuned!

If you are interested in playing Shadows, but haven't bought the Early Access version yet, then join the raffle! You can either join the raffle on Facebook or Twitter. Simply comment the Facebook post or retweet the Twitter message and you will be in the pool for a Steam Key of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms!

Who knows - this weekend, you might be among the adventurers that roam the Heretic Kingdoms...

Community Announcements - [= GF =] Slnecnica
We have released an update which will fix some of the reported issues.

The following problems were addressed:
1. Added support for multiple monitors
2. Added support for multiple rendering devices
3. Added lower and higher resolutions
4. Removed OpenAl linking which could cause crashes at game start
5. Added a new crash reporting system to better trace the problems on your end.
6. First version of an options menu
7. Added video options to adjust some basic graphical options to improve the performance and adjust visuals
8. Music options
9. General bug fixing and gameplay improvements

We hope this will help to improve your gameplay experience!

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