Feb 3, 2017
Community Announcements - jack
We have now chosen to release Entropy, taking it out of early access, as well as significantly lowering the price. It is our hope that this will bring in new players to give the online experience the game was meant to have.

For those who have not played the game in a while we have made quite a lot of changes to the startinging experience of the game. We recommend that you start a new character to experience it, and to make it easier to get into the game. We have given all players an extra account slot so you can do this without having to delete one of your older accounts.

In terms of future support, we can promise that we will try to keep the servers up for as long as there is any player activity, and whatever money we make from sales will go into updating the game.
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone,

We just uploaded new bug fix patch. Server was unstable since the last update, which is fixed now. There are also number of minor fixes and improvements, including:
  • Tips on loading screen
  • Optional Confirm button on loading screen
  • Loading time optimization
  • Changed hostile behaviour detection (only ship hull damage will be taken into account now)

Entropy Team
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone,

Raging Kuma started new Tutorial Video series, so if you want to see gameplay video or you need detailed Entropy guide, then we highly recommend it.

You will find his post here:

Also we moved EU server to new better provider, which should fix lag issue.

Thanks for following,
Entropy Team
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone,

17 August we planning developers playtest, everyone who wants to participate and play with the team are invited!

Event time is 1 p.m. CET time
EU Live server

We continue with bug fix updates, and another one was just uploaded. Please check forum for the patch notes.

Thanks and see you in game!
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone!

New Live update is ready. There are number of bug fixes and improvements, mostly related to missions and market issues.

Main feature of this update is Alien Raid mission, which can be played in party.

How to play Alien Raid in group
  • Invite up to 5 players to your group (use chat window for it)
  • Go to Mission Board and take "Alien Raid" mission (any member of group can do it)
  • As usual you can find mission information in Journal (J key) and use Track button to see markers and objectives
  • To continue just follow mission objectives
  • Any objective can be completed by any player in group
  • If player fails, other can just continue mission

Players must cooperate to complete raid mission successfully, for example if one player is collecting items, others should cover him.

Thanks for following.
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Good news, Everyone!

We just released new live update focused on bug fixes and minor improvements.

Major changes
  • Improved targeting/shooting usability (weapon focuses on the target right under the crosshair instead of closest target and other related improvements)
  • Fixed Linux version (we really need your feedback here);
  • Fixed random client crashes;
  • Fixed server connection bugs (sometimes caused disconnect);
  • Improved support of old video cards (added fallback shaders and minor improvements);
  • Bounty hunting reward now depends on target level and reputation;
  • Police will not pursue player after name change;
  • Fixed stations collision bug (broken/transperent stations);

Other changes
  • Removed invisible button which closed game if pressed;
  • Removed ability to select dead target;
  • Russian language applied only after character selection;
  • Fixed bug with shields (if you take down either forward or back shield, it acts like both are down);
  • Removed hull indicator for navigation markers (gates sectors stations);
  • Fixed text placement in plastical surgery clinics;
  • Mute button now mutes both music and sound;
  • Removed faction info if player or object is independent;
  • Fixed wrong fuel cost indication at fuel depots;
  • Fixed rotation of free camera if system object list is open;
  • Removed ammo related info if player ship don't use any ammo;
  • Fixed bug which allowed creation of characted named "choose your name";
  • Initial loading screen displayed until player character is fully loaded (previously default characted was displayed during loading);
  • Fixed skill description text localization;
  • Warning message will be displayed in case of disconnect (for example internet connection lost or server is down);
  • NPC market orders will be saved/loaded on server shutdown and following restart;
  • Fixed random bugs related to player respawn;
  • Fixed random hangups on new character creation;
  • Fixed character name change;
  • Fixed NPC freezing;
  • Removed non premium starter ships from the list for premium accounts;
  • Multiple minor bugs in user interface;

Thanks for your reports and support. Please let us know if you'll find any new issues.
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Exciting news, Everyone!

After all attempts to fix Entropy gameplay and long internal discussions, we’ve decided to change development focus. Hold your horses! We are NOT abandoning Entropy, just shifting priorities and and internal resources.

There are many reasons to do it. First of all, we all came to the conclusion that space games are either too boring, or either too complex for the average player. Secondly, we now feel that the gaming industry is changing thanks to Virtual Reality helmets. And finally, let’s be honest, economy and trading materials are not trendy anymore in games.

Plus, we want you to be more involved with your character. We want you to develop him/her and grow a connection with him/her. The brand new Story Missions introduced in the latest patch were only the first steps.

Today, we are proudly announcing to you, dear Entropy players, that we are now currently developing a brand new feature for your favorite game: Night Life!

Next Gen Dating Simulator
Did you ever dream about a dating simulator where you can meet beautiful alien girls? “Night Life” is a all about that. Your character can now seduce sexy alien girls in any bar in the system. Talk to her, flirt, lie, drink cocktails and even dance together.

Night Life will also add a bunch of new social RPG skills to your character: Barter, Persuasion, Charisma… Finishing the solo story missions will allow you to gain experience to augment them and shape your character to your own desires: Will you make a Womanizer? A faithful husband? Yes, you read the right word. Marriage will also be added to the game.


The game you already love will be deeply enhanced by a new, never seen before, social-tactical gameplay, and rich dialogs that interact with complex AI behaviours and intriguing storylines.


To cater for every taste, many beautiful alien girls will available at launch, you will find them in all bars on all space stations.

A side note for the girls, as we cherish you as players, you will be able to flirt with alien males. Or females, actually. You can do whatever you want with your social life as we want to make Night Life the most developed, realistic, involving sci-fi dating simulator on the market.

VR Support
Virtual Reality is the next big hit. You know it, we know it! And we have been tinkering with a VR dev-kit for a while now. Entropy will been ported on VR platforms to give you me most immersive sci-fi dating simulator ever.

At some point, you can expect space fight in VR too, but later: as I said, we are now focusing on a deeper, more personal Entropy).

So, yes, Entropy Night’s Life feature will bring Entropy to the next level, to, VR, to the future of gaming!


Planned Release
Entropy’s Night Life is, as you can imagine, a big new feature, with a lot of challenges to overcome. We should warn you that updates on Entropy will be scarce in the months to come as the team will be mainly dedicated to “Night Life” development.

Entropy’s Night Life is planned to be released in a year from now, on 1st April 2017.

Thank you for your interest and continuous support!
Entropy team
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone,

We just released live update. There is only one new feature and multiple bug fixes and improvements.

Story Episode 1
Entropy has a story which will tell you important things about game world and will help you to understand it. So we added the first sequence of story missions in this update and will continue adding them. Episode 1 will continue tutorial story line, so you will find new missions only if you completed tutorial.

Bounty hunting
New mission at station is available now. If player got reputation value for one of the factions below -500 points, this faction could add station mission for player's head (only in faction stations).
  • Bounty hunting mission is available at all stations of the faction
  • If player get this mission, player have to kill target for 24 hours
  • Other players can apply the mission for the same target player
  • If one of hunters kills target then mission will be faied for other hunters
  • Only one bounty hunting misson can be generated within 24 hours

Fixes and improvements
  • Fixed station/sector loading freeze
  • Fixed broken shaders on some objects
  • Fixed weapons/construction/energy shield materials
  • Fixed/improved minor bugs in station missions/activities
  • Fixed mission markers on player radar

Known major issues
This is not a full list, but the list of top priority game breaking bugs which we are planning to fix to the next live build.
  • Linux version is broken because of new version on Unity
  • Rare random crashes
  • Station collisions doesn't work properly

Thanks. Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome.
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone!

We just released hot-fix update. There are few minor bug fixes and Russian language enabled.
To choose language right click on Entropy in your library, choose Properties and Language tab.

We are still working on Linux version fix, it will be released closer to the end of week.

Thank you.
Community Announcements - danielstakhovskiy
Hi Everyone!

We just released new live update and here is the short list of changes:

Police Patrols
Police forces patrol star systems controlled by the faction now and they will not tolerate any crime. Players can attack anyone in the game, but consiquences will be different depending on system type:
  • In green systems, if victim was a non hostile ship, aggressor will be chased by the nearest patrol;
  • In yellow systems it is safe to attack ships from other factions;
  • In red systems you can do anything you want!
Police patrol will ask player to pay monetary fine, and if rejected, they will attack. All crimes will be taken into account and accumulated, so player have to pay once for all previous crimes.

Game Size Reduction
We have done serious optimization of game resources and now installation size is about 4.5Gb instead of 15Gb.

Ships Stats
We rebalanced ship cargo capacity of all ships to differentiate them more.

Russian Translation
First pass of Russian translation is finished and is available for testing. It is incomplete right now and will be updated. We also working on Norwegian translation and will add more languages later.

Game client upgraded to latest version of Unity and Direct X 11 support added.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed multiple minor issues in missions and activities;
  • Improved UI fonts (for example larger font is used for Chat tabs);
  • Container marker is visible only in ship sensor range;
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to AI (improved stability and performance).

From now on we are planning to release smaller updates every one or two weeks, with heavy focus on fixes and polishing. Thanks for being with us, your feedback is a great help!

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