Delver - cuddigan
Hey everyone! I've been working on supporting the mod community lately so this update mainly includes bugfixes, performance optimizations, and opening up new features to modding.

There are some people working on crazy awesome mods and I'd like to support them as much as I can, hence a lot of these changes which were based on community suggestions. Watch the workshop, because some neat stuff will be coming soon! (There's even a jumping mod out there lately!)

Gameplay Changes:
  • Added a levitate scroll.
  • Cursed items no longer sell for negative gold.

  • Fixed cases where the game could crash on level load.
  • Clearing more memory on level transitions.
  • Fixed strange flickering artifacts on edges of fire / dust.
  • More assets are loaded as needed now, instead of up-front.
  • Game starts at a bit lower resolution in windowed mode.
  • Jumping works at high framerates now.
  • Put a max cap on the number of particles.
  • Editor is easier on memory useage now.
  • Mods overlay is scrollable now.

Modding Changes:
  • Support for directional sprites.
  • Particles can use blending.
  • Editor has per-pixel picking support.
  • Prefabs in the editor no longer draw their attachments way off in space!
  • Holding Tab in the editor makes picking ignore entities.
  • The game data file properties are merged with other mods now.
  • Support for walking critters that can be squished
  • New trigger types for scripting - Damage, Look, Item checks, and Deleters.
  • Main triggers support failure branching now.
  • Notes can have custom backgrounds and text color.
  • Messages, including Notes, can display images.
  • Wands can have infinite charges now.
  • Warp triggers can set music now.

If you want to join in on the modding fun, the best place to start learning would be over on the Delver Community Discord. Join us and check it out!

For news as it happens, follow us on Twitter!
Chad Cuddigan
Joshua Skelton
Delver - cuddigan
It's Delver update time again! Since last time we've completely rewritten our monster pathfinding system to make them smarter, and we've been getting a TON of good feedback from modders on what would be useful for them so there has been work on opening up more of the game to customization.

The new monster pathfinding system is super exciting, monsters will be more able to chase the player in areas like the sewers and ruins with small objects that need to be navigated around, and they've also learned how to navigate bridges and beams as well opening up more support in terms of levels that can be designed.

We've also been watching the support and bugfix threads, there are bugfixes aimed at issues we've been seeing in them as well. Thanks for pointing out the bugs that you see!

And now, onto the changes:

  • Brand new pathfinding system, monsters should be much smarter about getting to the player especially in places like the Sewers.
  • Monsters that fall in pits no longer leave corpses or spawn loot.
  • Mod file loading errors are written to the errorlog.txt file now.
  • Monsters can use spells and projectiles now
  • Conditional triggers can be used for counting in a new 'Increment when Triggered' mode
  • Food items have more exposed properties to modders now
  • Adjusted some scroll costs
  • Tweaks in the Lost City area to blend better with the caves and sewers
  • Something secret for bunnies and modders

  • Fixed a generation bug in the sewers where bars in water could trap players behind them
  • Fixed some strange glowing areas near pits in the caves
  • The Forgotten no longer has a chance to dissapear again when thrown
  • Fixed how secret areas are tracked for an achievement
  • Fixed some cases where monsters and items wouldn't cause a splash when falling in water
  • Reduced player splash volume
  • Weapons honor the yOffset property now
  • Fixes for a rare level loading crash
  • Player footsteps will play when walking on bridges now
  • Some more performance tweaking related to memory usage
  • Spawned item spawners will spawn items now

Finally, we've given our blessing for the Unofficial Delver Discord to become the Official Delver Community Discord! It has become a great place for modders to hang out and get help, you can find us hanging out there and helping out as well.

You should drop by and hang out with us!

Still here? I've also been streaming some on Twitch to show modders how to use DelvEdit and put their levels in the game, you can find archives of the streams on Youtube.

For news as it happens, follow us on Twitter!
Chad Cuddigan
Joshua Skelton
Delver - cuddigan
Hey Delvers! We just pushed a new bugfix update based on feedback we've been getting from our awesome community. This update is mostly focused on fixing bugs, but there are also some extra changes aimed at balancing the endgame, and making the game easier to mod.

For speedrunners: playtime is now a tracked stat that will display both at a savegame and run level to make tracking easier. We can't wait to see your crazy runs!

For modders: you can now give shaders custom textures and levels can now easily override their textures via a new `textureAtlasOverrides` list. Drop by the Unofficial Delver Discord for more information!

Give this update a shot, and as always let us know what you think of these changes.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a savegame loading issue that could occur after picking up the Orb.
  • Collision tweaks for arrows to fix cases where fast moving arrows wouldn't connect sometimes.
  • Fixed some cases where player HP could drop when healing if they had health buff items equipped.
  • Fixed cases where entities like Monsters could spawn inside other entities.
  • Fixed monster stacks spawning in the Temple (even though it was cool!)
  • Items no longer play weird item drop sounds when on fire.
  • Fixed not being able to rotate projected decals in the editor.
  • Added more text to the translatable strings.dat file.
  • Monsters can now properly apply Vampyric and Paralyzing damage.
  • Achievements can no longer unlock in debug mode.

Other Changes
  • The lich has a chance to spawn and harass you during the chase sequence.
  • Playtime is now a tracked stat, both at the run and save levels, to make speedrunning easier.
  • Added a 'Dark' filter.
  • Shaders, including filters, can now use custom textures.
  • All potions now can apply their status effects when exploded.
  • Levels can now use alternate texture themes.
  • Jeff bought a new shirt.
Delver - cuddigan
Hey everyone! We're really excited with how the 1.0 update of Delver is being received, and we hope that you're having fun exploring the revamped dungeons. We've been listening to your feedback since the update went out, and this small bugfix update is meant to address some of the issues we've been seeing.

Bug Fixes
  • Putting a cap on the game physics tick rate to fix some issues like ladder climbing that fall apart at super high rates.
  • Fixed slow memory leak in held item rendering - this could cause a crash after a while.
  • Sewer levels no longer generate random floating entities.
  • The Pit saves properly now, can no longer run it repeatedly.
  • Fixed button models not animating in the right direction sometimes.
  • Wand damage is increased now by the magic stat.
  • Fixed rendering issue for dust particles with FXAA enabled.
  • Main menu scaling revamped.
  • Fix for custom texture related crash that could happen when a save is played after a mod is unloaded.

Gameplay changes
  • Difficulty balances to weigh more towards the dungeon level than player level.
  • Tweaks to rate of weapon and armor that spawns at higher levels.
  • Tweaking bomb spawn rates down a bit.
Delver - (Brendan Caldwell)


The dungeon crawling and doddering daggers of sprite-filled roguelite Delver is good and pure, if you believe my early access impressions. So it s a happy day for all you I ll wait until it s finished types. Delver has left early access and is considered complete by its developers, Priority Interrupt. They ve also doubled the price on Steam, now that it s done. It used to be about a fiver in British quids, but now it s over a tenner (a change from $7.99 to $14.99 for US folks). My instinct when this happens is always “ugh!” But on reflection, no, it’s fine. (more…)

Delver - cuddigan
Hey Delvers! I'm very excited to announce that the 1.0 update is now available for everyone, and that Delver has officially left Early Access! We're very proud of the game that we've made and very thankful for those that helped make it a reality with your early support and great feedback.

Thank you so much for everyone that has played the game or are playing it for the first time, the most exciting thing about making Delver for us has been sharing it with everyone.

Since the last update we've added a ton of stuff, most of which we'll leave for you to find. We've also fixed more bugs than we can count, and managed to sneak in some more fun features like post processing - because why not?
Delver - cuddigan
Hey all! I just wanted to let everyone here know that the 1.0 update for Delver is going to drop soon, just days away on February 1st.

This has been a long time coming, and we're really excited to get this in your hands. We've managed to fit a ton of fun stuff into it that we've wanted to add for a long time, including some much asked for quality of life improvements. We're really proud of the game that we've created, a game that you've all been a part of in supporting us through our time in early access. We quite literally wouldn't have been able to do it without you all.

In preparation for the release the price for Delver will be going up soon - up to $14.99. Grab it now if you haven't already if you want in at the lower price!
Delver - Joshua

Good news everyone! Joshua and I have been working hard lately on adding Steam Workshop support to Delver, a feature that we have been looking forward to having for a long time. This is an important feature, as our awesome community can now easily share their additions to Delver and help make the game bigger and better or even help translate the game for their language.

Along with this update, we're opening up our Steam Workshop to everyone. We've already added some example mods ourselves (with source code available, if you want to see how we made them!) alongside some mods from our community members that are all available to play right now. Go check it out!

To play a mod, just subscribe to it via our Workshop page. Steam will then download the mod for you, and the next time you open up Delver it will add it into the game.

Some Mods to try
Guns for Delver by Joshua
Weapon Expansion Pack by Lobo
Grey Wizard Character Pack by Joshua
Boarding Party (sci-fi total conversion) by Cuddigan

Language Packs
Joshua has also been working hard on making sure Delver can be localized for different languages, and a few awesome community members have made translation mods that are available right now as well!

German Translation by BlueStone
Spanish Language Pack by Lobo
Delver en français by louiscarl

Thanks to everyone that helped make a mod or translate the game into a new language! We're super excited to see what the community adds to Delver, because we have been blown away by what we've seen already.

  • Game is now localizable into different languages
  • Mod loading from Steam Workshop
  • Mod uploader added to DelvEdit
  • Game folds more mod resources together properly
  • Added gun support
  • New light halos on high graphics
  • Characters have shadows now!
  • Level lighting process is much faster now
  • Better outdoor level generation support
  • Shopkeepers have more dialogue now
  • And more!

To keep in touch or follow along with development, you should follow us on Twitch or Twitter!

Chad Cuddigan on Twitter
Joshua Skelton on Twitch
Joshua Skelton on Twitter
Community Announcements - cuddigan

Sup Delverers. The weather is getting colder, and I'm drinking eggnog which can only mean one thing: it's Delver Update Time. We have been busy with all kinds of fun additions lately, mainly focusing on upping our ranged attack game. Wands have been given some love to differentiate them all, and archers get a whole new revamped arrow physics system that is super accurate, and a whole toolbox of new bows to find.

There's some other fun stuff in there as well, including a boatload of new weapon and armor enchantments, a durability system, and some hidden stuff. Consider it our holiday gift to you, our favorite fans.


  • New arrow physics system - arrows stick in and can be recovered from walls
  • Arrows shot into mobs have a chance of being dropped on death
  • Arrows have a chance of breaking on hit
  • Bows can be enchanted, damage enchantments follow through with the arrow
  • A whole heap of new bows, differentiated by range. damage, and speed
  • Magic missile wand now lets loose a volley of rapid missile attacks
  • Weapon and armor quality decreases over time when used
  • Fire missile wand now causes a huge explosion on hit - be careful!
  • New paralyze wand to stop foes in their tracks
  • Magic weapons have a chance of being unidentified
  • Added identify scrolls
  • Added 'Enchant Armor' and 'Enchant Weapon' scrolls
  • Items can have both a suffix and prefix enchantments now
  • Loot drops are weighted a tad now based on player stats
  • Magic missiles can be knocked back with a melee attack
  • Graphical updates for the Ice and Storm wands
  • Start area gained a happy little waterfall
  • New particle effects - things kick up dust now
  • Status effect animations for poison / being on fire / being paralyzed
  • Start of a fire system, that can spread fire to other entities
  • Torch animation updates
  • UI improvements for the Save Selection and Shop screens

Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix - level change screens should show the correct floor names always
  • Bug fix - pressure plate traps have returned!
  • Bug fix - mobs no longer climb up onto eachother / the player
  • Bug fix - fixed decal drawing, doubled number of decals that can appear
  • Bug fix - gamepad honors 'invert look' value
  • Tweak - mace knockback values balanced
  • Tweak - crosshair is always shown when holding a ranged weapon now

Have you caught any of Joshua's Delver development streams? - you should follow him on Twitch to be notified when he streams.

To stay up to date with Delver news, please follow us both on Twitter for more development news:
Chad's Twitter
Joshua's Twitter
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Brendan Caldwell)

Every Monday, we arm Brendan with a tiny dagger and push him into the early access ruins. This week, the catacombs of retro dungeon-crawler Delver [official site].

I stabbed the green man in a panic, and he hit me back with a big stick. Wow, you don t get that much health to start with, I thought, and kept stabbing. I stabbed until he fell down in a pile of pixelly blood and meat. But something else also fell out of him. It was shining and warbling. That must be loot. I moved to pick it up. The warbling got louder. The warbling increased to a high pitch, the item started to flash rapidly. Huh? I thought, as the piece of loot exploded and killed me. … [visit site to read more]


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