Dec 18, 2014
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Just in time for the holidays, the Steam version of Freedom Planet is 50% off! This sale lasts for the rest of the month, so feel free to snag the game for a friend at a great price!

On behalf of the GalaxyTrail Team, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

(Art by Wahahui)
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Have you or your friends been thinking about snagging Freedom Planet? Now's your chance to grab it at half price for the holidays!! This special discount won't last forever, so be sure to grab it while it's as hot as a Thanksgiving turkey fresh from the oven!

Click here to visit our store page!
Oct 20, 2014
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Long time no chatter! Since not all of our players visit the community forums or our main website, we figured we'd start providing update information here as well. For those of you wondering what's different in this latest update, here goes!


- You can now drop straight down from a ladder by holding Down while pressing Jump.
- When starting a new game, short descriptions of each gameplay mode (Adventure and Classic) now appear in the file box.
- The Difficulty setting has been added to the file select screen.
- Removed the rightmost Slime enemy in the final blue hallway of Final Dreadnought 2's first map.
- The DNA Cannon near the first keycard of Final Dreadnought 3 has been replaced with a second Bubblorbiter, primarily because it was unintentionally firing at the player through the loop to the left.
- A few enemy formations in Final Dreadnought 4 have been thinned out, particularly in the giant laser room.
- If you have the soundtrack DLC, this adds the missing Invincibility track.


- Changing the music volume in the Options menu will now immediately update the volume of the menu music
- Pressing B to exit the Options menu should work now
- Music volume now properly saves on exit
- The Achievements in the gallery weren't lining up properly when B was pressed to return to the top of the page
- Highlighting Return in the Gallery if you pressed A on the category selection would automatically return you to the title screen
- Milla's "get back up" animation on the Game Over screen has been properly shaded
- In the rainy section of Jade Creek, the hovercraft's ice missile could be reflect by Milla before it hits Neera, preventing the cutscene from completing and forcing players to restart
- The camera would go outside the stage boundaries in the first map of Trap Hideout when pausing and resuming the game
- Thermal Base's header was displaying "Stage 6" for Carol and Milla even though this is their 7th stage
- In Battle Glacier, Milla can no longer fly beyond the top of the screen while riding the Sparky mount
- The second sliding platform in Final Dreadnought 1 will now have its positions reset when the player uses a teleporter to prevent zipping abuse
- During Final Dreadnought 2's boss cutscene, the camera will now move downwards if it's too high
- Final Dreadnought 2's boss can no longer be damaged after it is defeated
- The requirements for the No Death, Speedrunner and Gem Hoarder achievements were being checked in the red hallway of Final Dreadnought 4 rather than when Brevon is defeated
- Filled in a gap in the wall in Final Dreadnought 2's lift section (right before the boss hallway) where the player could get stuck
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
By popular demand, Freedom Planet's soundtrack is now available for purchase on Bandcamp!

We've provided every song in the game at lossless CD quality along with a number of unique bonus and unused tracks. You can grab individual tracks at your leisure or purchase the full 71-track set for $10. We hope you guys enjoy the beautifully crafted music that Woofle, Strife, BlueWarrior and Dawn helped create for this game!
Jul 21, 2014
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail

After three years of hard work, the first release of Freedom Planet is now availabe for purchase on Steam! A great big THANK YOU to all of our fans who helped us make it this far!
We still have a lot of plans for the game, but hey, what are you waiting for? Help us fight off Lord Brevon and his army of shade troopers!

Once again, we thank you all for helping us completely transform this game from a small retro experiment into an explosive full-fledged indie adventure!

We are not completely done, of course! We still plenty of plans for the game and we'll keep you posted on those after launch fever has calmed down. Until then, go ahead and play! For Freedom!
Jul 19, 2014
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Hello everyone! We hope you're as excited as we are about our upcoming release!

We wanted to get the game up on Steam today, but, sadly, we have just learned that Steam does not release games on weekends. So although everything's good to go for our launch, we'll have to wait until Monday for our storefront to update. Hang in there for just a bit longer, folks!

What To Expect

The launch version of Freedom Planet will include the content that we had initially planned for the game. You'll be able to play Adventure mode as Lilac and Carol, and Classic mode as Lilac, Carol or Milla (when she is unlocked). There are a multitude of different achievements to collect, as well! Once launch fever settles down, we'll get started on expansion content that includes the remaining two characters, Milla in Adventure mode, and more.

The first couple of weeks after launch, we'll be keeping a sharp eye on our community and dishing out patches to fix whatever issues may crop up. Our testers have been super awesome at helping us, but there are some things that can only be discovered and tweaked if we have thousands of people playing the game at once.

Freedom Planet is our first nosedive into the gaming industry, and rest assured, we're 100% devoted to making sure things go well. We thank you infinitely for your patience with us over the past few years, and we're eager to finally share our game with the world!
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! That being said, we should get right to the point of this announcement.

We have decided to postpone our release by two and a half weeks. Our final release date is Saturday, July 19th. We're quite sorry about this and we understand that not everyone is going to be happy about it, but we think it's for the best considering all of the stuff that's going on in the next few weeks.

Our biggest reason for this delay is, quite simply, Steam summer sales. If we released at the end of this month, not only would Freedom Planet be drowned out by the huge selection of discounted games on Steam, but the huge amount of traffic would make it hard for players to load our storefront. Not only that, but we're sure that many of our outside fans will be emptying their wallets during the sale, so we hope that waiting a little longer will give them a fair chance to save up again. (In case anyone is curious, the retail version of Freedom Planet will be $14.99. We think this price is fair considering the amount of content and soul we've put into it. This and the fact that we skipped over going on sale was done out of respect to our backers who have been so patient with us since the beginning.)

Entire articles have been written about why releasing an indie game in the heat of summer sales is suicidal. We're quite bummed out that we didn't anticipate this, and we're relieved that we caught ourselves before disaster struck. We'll take it as a lesson learned for next time, and we really hope that other indie developers don't make this critical mistake!

Another big reason for this delay is, of course, Florida Supercon. Our trip to Miami is going to give us a valueble chance to see people playing the game in person. For the first time ever, we'll be able to get real-time feedback from a large number of players, and it would be silly of us not to take advantage of it to help make our game as polished as it can be. (On a side note, if we released at the end of June, we'd be flying off to the convention right as the game launched and would be unable to manage any problems that come up until we returned. Whoops!)

Thank you for reading, and we'll keep you informed on our progress. With all the stages complete and the cutscenes coming along smoothly, we'll be pumping out new trailers, screenshots and gameplay footage very soon!
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail
Good afternoon! We have something cool we'd like to share with you!

Freedom Planet t-shirts are now available on Teespring for a limited time!
Each shirt is adorned with full-color digital prints of the three main heroines as drawn by Kiwiggle. She has graciously allowed us to feature her artwork on the shirts. :)

The way Teespring works is that we have to sell a certain number of shirts in one month. If we meet our target, the shirts get passed out; Otherwise, nothing.

In our case, we'll need to sell 100 shirts by the game's release date on June 30th. Help us out by spreading the word! And of course, if you feel like buying one yourself, that's a big help too. ^_~

>> Click here to check out our Teespring page! <<
May 2, 2014
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail

We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet is the cover story of Indie Game Magazine! This month's issue features an interview between the IGM staff and producer Stephen DiDuro, along with a delicious review of the upcoming game. You'll need a subscription to look inside, but trust us, it's worth it!
Community Announcements - GalaxyTrail

We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet will be featured as the cover story of Indie Game Mag next month! Look for us in next month's issue as we talk to the IGM staff about the game's progress over the past couple years, as well as a bit more information about our budding team at GalaxyTrail and what possessed us to bring back that '90s style charm. ;)

Aside from the final stage, the game is functionally complete at this point. We'll be working on the following up until release:
  • The final stage.
  • Cutscenes. We've programmed about 15% of the cutscenes so far for Adventure mode, and it's shaping up pretty nicely so far! As more scenes develop, we will be showing off sneak previews to help introduce our fans to the story and cast.
  • Pixel art. Some of them characters still need a fresh coat of paint afterall.
  • Revamping Shang Mu Academy. We want to rework the Academy stage into a gallery where players can play through a variety of special challenges and minigames, including the 18 target stages included in the demo. Our idea is that each of the collectable star cards in the game's stages could unlock a new mini-challenge in the academy, which would include not only target challenges, but robot skirmishes, boss attacks (which would let you practice against certain stage bosses without having to play through the actual stage first), and more!
  • A built-in Achievement system where players gain badges for overcoming specific challenges, such as completing the game with specific characters or defeating bosses with specific finishing moves.
  • One final update to the public demo.
  • Extensive bugfixing once all of the main content is set in stone.
That's all for now. Ten four!

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