Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
Hey everyone - Kain here!

Since the game's release, we've been working hard to improve Bloxitivity and its player experiences as much as possible. Below is a recap of what we've been able to accomplish thus far thanks to your reviews, videos, and other feedback:

Features, Updates
  • We created a Jumpstart Tutorial Video to help new players get acquianted with the way the game is played.
  • We're starting to see player-created content show up in the Workshop!
  • Changing between First-Person, Third-Person, and Top-Down camera views by pressing the 'C' key is now mentioned in the Pause Menu. Third-Person view is now the default instead of First-Person.
  • Vertical Camera Movement in First-Person and Third-Person views is now slower/smoother, and is toggleable in the Options Menu under the Controls tab. It is off by default.
  • When an Official or Extra Level has been completed, there is now a Next Level button on the Level Cleared screen that will start the next level in the progression.
Fixed Issues
  • 32-bit Windows users can now successfully launch the game.
  • All Achievements now work correctly.
  • Volume Sliders in Options now work and update properly.
  • "All fields not filled..." issue when trying to submit Levels to the Workshop has been fixed.
Known Issues, Temporary Solutions
  • For some users, the game will Crash On Quit. This is a bug with Unity, not with Bloxitivity. Regardless of the error, the game does close properly.
  • Switching resolutions in Options does not always activate immediately. A temporary solution is to go to the Controls tab and toggle the X or Y inversion to get the resolution change to apply.
  • Switching to Full Screen from Windowed in Options can cause alignment issues with the menu elements. A temporary solution is to change the resolution, then go to the Controls tab and toggle the X or Y inversion to get the resolution change to apply.
  • When testing a level in Create, very rarely the game will hang on a white screen but the temp level is still saved and the game does not crash. Waiting for a length of time will allow you to continue, or the game can be quit using Alt+F4 and then restarted.

55 Revolver would like to thank everyone for letting us know about the above issues, we'd like to thank the press that have given the game coverage, and we'd especially like to thank all of the people playing the game and helping the Workshop grow.

Game on!
Jan 25, 2016
Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
The issue with some achievements not working has been fixed. All achievements should now work as intended, though any progress towards unearned achievements has been lost.

For example; regardless of the number of Official Levels someone has played through, all 25 will need to be completed from this point forward to earn the achievement '25 Revolver'.

Completing the requirements for an achievement in a single session is not necessary.

For example; while attempting to earn '25 Revolver', you can play through the first 20 Official Levels, exit the game, then load it up at a later date to complete the remaining 5 Levels.
Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
Greetings everyone - Kain here!

Just have a quick update for anyone using Windows x86 (32-bit). We had gotten feedback of the game not launching with 32-bit versions of Windows and we've implemented a fix. If it doesn't work for you right away, try the following to make Steam comply:

  1. Uninstall Bloxitivity.
  2. Exit, then relaunch Steam.
  3. Reinstall Bloxitivity.

Thanks everyone!
Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
Greetings everyone - Kain here!

I just wanted to quickly go over a few things that we've seen brought up in comments and around the web.

We've gotten a lot of feedback regarding the controls, getting started, camera modes, and vertical camera movement. I made a quick video and uploaded it to YouTube (and to the Community Hub here on Steam) that goes over these things and gets new players ready to jump into the game.

Bloxitivity Jumpstart Tutorial

We've gotten some feedback about a couple of achievements not working. We're looking into this and should know more soon.

We fixed an issue where users could not upload levels to the Workshop due to "All fields not filled..." message disabling the 'Submit' button.

If you have other questions, comments, or conerns let us know in the Discussion Forum !
Bloxitivity - Valve
Bloxitivity is Now Available on Steam and is 17% off!*

Bloxitivity is a puzzle/platformer with a powerful twist - you get to create the puzzles and then share them with friends and fans using the Steam Workshop or the XML files used by the game! What will you create?

*Offer ends January 28 at 10AM Pacific Time
Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
Greetings everyone - Kain here!

We've gotten even more amazing feedback from everyone playing the game pre-launch which helped us target some things that needed additional work. They are as follows:

Included in patch:
  • Vertical camera movement in first-person and third-person views is now optional (off by default) and can be toggled via the Controls tab in Options.
  • Vertical camera movement is now slower to reduce discomfort.
  • The music slider now updates properly and retains your applied settings.
  • The master volume slider can now be set to 0, effectively turning off music and sounds completely.
  • The achievements for clearing the first official level and viewing the credits now work as intended.

Known issues that we're looking into:
  • Game throws a crash message on quit for some players. This does not affect gameplay and the game does quit as intended. This is an issue with the build of Unity we used for developing the game.
  • Switching resolution in Options does not always activate immediately. A temporary solution is to go to the Controls tab and toggle the X or Y inversion to get the resolution change to apply.
  • Switching to Full Screen from Windowed in Options can cause alignment issues with the menu elements. Changing the resolution and using the above solution seems to temporarily solve the issue.
  • When testing a level in Create, rarely the game will hang on a white screen. We've not been able to successfully recreate this issue to solve it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • We've only had one notification of the game refusing to launch because of Avast anti-virus software and have not been able to recreate the issue.

Thank you all for your time and for playing our game!
Bloxitivity - Kain Vinosec
Greetings everyone - Kain here!

We've been getting a lot of feedback the past few days from press and testers and we decided to do a quick pre-release patch and announcement to address as much as possible.

Camera Movement
We got a lot of requests for expanded vertical camera movement in first and third-person camera views so the latest patch includes an increased vertical range in those two camera modes. Please be aware that this was not something we had planned for, and as a result there is a bit of clipping into the protagonist's head when looking downward in first-person view. We are looking into the best way to fix this, but we wanted everyone to be able to look around properly as soon as possible.

Next Level
There is now a menu option when completing a level that allows you to move to the next level without having to return to a previous menu.

Camera Modes
We noticed a lot of people seemed to be unaware that you could switch your camera mode around, and have added a note to the pause menu that reminds everyone that pressing the 'c' key will change between first-person, third-person, and top-down.

Crash On Quit
There is a bug with the build of Unity that we used to construct the game that will cause a crash message when attempting to quit the game for some users. It in no way affects gameplay, and the game does indeed still quit properly but for some reason it will throw an error message. Using alt+f4 to close the game can bypass this. We are looking into ways to fix this issue.

Trouble Launching The Game
We've gotten an isolated report that some anti-virus software may prevent the game from launching - specifically Avast. We are looking into this issue but we want to assure everyone that there is no reason for the anti-virus software to block the game from launching.

That is all for now. Thank you for your time, and for playing our game!

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