Sep 12, 2014
Super Sanctum TD - @AntonWestbergh
A hotfix was set live fixing an issue with the ThorModule causing crashes.
Also fixed Paths sometimes not visualizing correctly.
Aug 31, 2014
Super Sanctum TD - @AntonWestbergh
  • Mines and Explorers now save with your save data
  • Fixed Crash related to huge numbers of Status Effects
  • Fixed Crash related to resuming games when having Thor Module enabled.
  • Steam Notifications now appear in the Upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Lots of other minor tweaks.
OS X Specific
  • Fixed full screen support
Sanctum - (Jim Rossignol)

Sanctum 2‘s release is hovering over us like a drone, and that’s a good> thing, because Dr Smith rather enjoyed the original game, and I’ve got a kick out of what I’ve played so far of that shiny sequel. However, there is already something else with the Sanctum name on it on the Steam store page, and that’s Super Sanctum TD. And this where things get a bit meta: it’s a tower defence game from inside Sanctum 2, as you can see in the trailer below. It is apparently the result of nine months work, and is either free if you pre-order, or $4. It’s a tower defence game, like I am not sure they actually made in 16-bit days.

Hmm. (more…)


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