Community Announcements - Nordic Games
Dear Raven fans,

we are happy to announce that we have just added Russian language to the game. Hope you will enjoy it.

Your Nordic Games Team
Jul 29, 2013
Community Announcements - NordicGamesOfficial
Dear Masterthieves,

We also noticed that some strange powered let pass some bugs into the final. We are always working on fixing them and giving you the best possible game experience.

Therefore we just unlocked a first patch with the following fixed:
-) Fixed starting and dependency problems under Linux
-) Infinite loop while walking is now cancelled after a few seconds
-) Adventurer points fixed (Achievements Advanced Detective and Master Detective are now reachable)
-) Crash when pressing the analog stick fix
-) Black screens after changing scenes are fixed
-) [STEAM] If Steamworks API doesnt work the game still runs (mainly a problem with Linux)
-) [STEAM] Auto saves work now correctly
-) [STEAM] Crime Scene Investigator Achievement fixed
-) [A03] Axe wont disappear anymore
-) [A03] Book from the first scene will no longer be on the floor if it has been picked up before

We look forward to more reports from you, continue our internal testing efforts and will act again soon!

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