La-Mulana - PLAYISM
Hi Playism fans!

We are happy to announce that this week, we'll be offering Pixel Game Maker MV - the latest entry in the Maker series, currently being distributed by Playism - at a 20% off discount for our Weekly Sale.

Pixel Game Maker MV allows you to create all sorts of original games without any programming ability required whatsoever. For example, you could even create your own version of La-Mulana 2!

*This image features a boss battle created using Pixel Game Maker MV.

Pixel Game Maker MV is currently in Early Access, and we're in the process of gathering feedback and requests from many of our players. Don't miss this opportunity to give the title a spin!

We hope you enjoy Pixel Game Maker MV!

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简体中文:“Pixel Game Maker MV”折扣优惠

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La-Mulana - cheru

Playism has kicked off the week with an exciting collection of Playism Games on sale!
Dive into and explore new worlds full of wonder, galore and more!

We have also set a lot of our new games on sale, including La-Mulana 2, Hakoniwa Explorer Plus and Ark Noir, which opens up to new, unexplored areas and exciting discoveries.

View the full sale list on Steam!
View the full sale list on the Playism Blog!


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La-Mulana - cheru
Thank you for waiting, LA-MULANA 2 Original Sound Track is now available on Steam!

Commemorating TGS exhibition and OST release, LA-MULANA series will be discounted for limited time.

LA-MULANA 2 : $24.99 → $19.99 (20% OFF!)
LA-MULANA 2 OST : $14.99 → $11.99 (20% OFF!)
LA-MULANA 1 : $14.99 → $4.99 (67% OFF!)
LA-MULANA 1 OST : $14.99 → $4.99 (67% OFF!)

And then, we have sent OST Steam keys to eligible backers from Playism.
Please check your registered email account.
We are going to release LA-MULANA 2 OST on Bandcamp and iTunes, too. But it may take some more time. We will let you know as soon as we prepare for it.

We are happy to announce those news for you during Tokyo Game Show 2018. So, see you at KONAMI booth in Hall 5, Makuhari Messe!
La-Mulana - cheru→AFK@PAX

We just announced it today at Pre-PAX.
LA-MUALANA 2 will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
It will be released in Spring 2019!

We will post more updates at a later date.
This must be good news for those who play games mainly on consoles.
La-Mulana - cheru→AFK@PAX

We are going to exhibit LA-MULANA 2 at PAX WEST 2018.

The location is #6120 on the 6th floor. Almost same place as last year.

We will announce something new about LA-MULANA 2, so you don’t miss it!

Why are we going to join the event? Can you guess what?? Visit us and get the latest news before anyone else!
La-Mulana - cheru
Last week, I totally forgot to write the thing I wanted to write most.
As you know, La-Mulana 2 is not exactly kind to its users - not even to backers.
Some of the rewards consisted of messages on dead bodies and murals and stuff like that. Have you found them yet?

For the dead bodies, we placed them as close to the requested locations as possible.
You can get the backer names to display by loading the "Race Scanner" app.

The murals are spread all over the place.
But that purple fuzzy thing that pops up during events was made using everyone's faces as assets.

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
We've managed to release, finally!
Of course it's not done, we still need to have lots of adjustments and bug-fixes, but honestly, we're burned out.

Since the release, I'm just watching various Let's plays.
I've heard someone already beat the game, or happen to find the terrible bug while I watch, or some users are using an unknown glitch to go through the walls.

We'll be working on the rest of backer rewards one by one.
If any of you still haven't got the keys, please contact below;


Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - cheru
Sorry for the wait. Here comes a sucker punch! GIT SOME!

We're releasing on July 30th!

To be honest, I'm sure there are still bugs we weren't able to find. There are places we weren't able to finish exactly as we wanted, and I feel like there are varying levels of completion throughout the game.

But that's the point from which La-Mulana grew into what it is now, too. So I'm sure La-Mulana 2 will be the same.

We really want to hear all of your opinions and feedback. We've kept you waiting for four and a half years, so we hope you have enough fun to make up for it.

Takumi Naramura
La-Mulana - PLAYISM
The special event commemorating the completion of LA-MULANA 2 has begun! The event will be streaming live for the next three hours for fans of LA-MULANA all over the world.

YouTube (with simultaneous interpretation in English)

Niconico Video (Japanese only)

The English interpretation version will also be made available via Steam Broadcast as well, and can be viewed from the store page!

The event will feature all sorts of behind-the-scenes anecdotes, stories regarding game development, and a special announcement, so be sure to check it out!
La-Mulana - cheru

In celebration of the completion of development for La-Mulana 2, starting from 7:30pm on Saturday, July 28th (PST), we’ll be holding a La-Mulana 2 Commemoration Party and Discussion Event – to be streamed live from Akihabara’s Gadget Tsushin Floor!

The entire NIGORO development team (who are rarely able to come together all at once) will be there, speaking about anything and everything La-Mulana – from never-before-revealed behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the development of both La-Mulana and La-Mulana 2, to… well, who knows what kind of stories we’ll be regaled with?!

Join the Streaming Party on Steam Broadcast:

Join the Streaming Party on Youtube:

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