Community Announcements - exosyphen
Hello gamers,

We have made a free demo available for the game.
Enjoy :)
Community Announcements - exosyphen
New build is up. (For Windows. MacOS and Linux builds are coming in the morning)

- Added more content to the tutorial level
- Started adding sound effects
- Polished the current game level
- Misc tweaks and bugfixes.
Community Announcements - exosyphen
New build is up. (For Windows. MacOS and Linux builds are coming in the morning)

- WORLD EDITOR included to create/modify your own game levels.

- New command: EXEC - executes user created scripts
- New commands: CPUBALANCE, NETBALANCE, CPUSPEED, to adjust the dial values
- New command: UPLOAD - upload a file to a server
- Added TRACE. When traced, you lose 25% of your firewall.
- Added MONEY to the game
- Added more content to the open world environment
- Added MOTD file support for servers. Some nice ASCII art is displayed when connecting.
- Misc. bugfixes
Community Announcements - exosyphen
New build is up.

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.020.ALPHA (2016, Aug 12)

- Text windows (CONSOLE, etc) can be scrolled with the mouse
- New command: ECHO - Displays a line of text (useful in user scripts)
- Started adding animations to GUI elements
- Add a reference to ZOMBIES. Hey! It's a 2016 game :)
- Added a tutorial level. This will contain walkthroughs to learn the elements of the game
- FIREWALL decay speed is now slower to make the game better balanced
- MISSION BRIEF window is now opaque for better visibility
- TAB autocompletion is now context sensitive
- New TOOL/COMMAND: FIREWALL - allows the regeneration of the Neural Firewall
Community Announcements - exosyphen
Hello everyone,

We have just updated the game video and all the screenshots, to reflect the changes and additions to the game.

Enjoy :)
Community Announcements - exosyphen
New build is up.

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.019.ALPHA (2016, Aug 4)

- Playable first level and game storyline introduction
- New command: EXPLOIT - for executing exploits on remote servers
- New command: DIAL - for connecting to servers with a modem
- Updated SCAN command. You can now scan by the modem phone number
- Added interface types. Some servers have a modem interface for dial-in
- Added mission brief window
- Improved target map
- Interface elements should now align nicely on all display resolutions
- New TOOL/COMMAND: BRUTEFORCE for finding passwords with a brute-force attack
- The console is now BIGGER :)
- Started adding hints when the mouse is over various game elements.
- Various minor bugfixes in the console
Community Announcements - exosyphen
New build is up.

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.018.ALPHA (2016, July 31)

- You can now click on the dials to adjust the balancing
- TAB autocompletion now works in the console
- DOWNLOAD TOOL now displays time left until download completes.
Community Announcements - exosyphen
Hello everybody.

We have just posted an update.
Below is the changelog.

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.017.ALPHA (2016, July 30)

- Add more content to the current game level
- NEW CONSOLE COMMAND: password - try a password on a server
- NEW FEATURE: CPU wear. The CPU will wear and meltdown due to excessive overclocking
- You can now use LEFT/RIGHT/DEL/BACKSPACE keys to navigate and edit the command line

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.016.ALPHA (2016, July 29)

- Added more gameplay content to the current level
- New GUI elements
- LINUX/MacOS BUILDS are available
- LS command also displays the file size

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.015.ALPHA (2016, July 22)

- UP / DOWN arrows can be used to scroll through the command history
- Improved console text alignment for easier reading
- Fixed a bug with the console prompt not reseting when a new game is started
- Server IP address can now be used instead of hostname, in every command

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.014.ALPHA (2016, July 22)
- Updated HELP command

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.013.ALPHA (2016, July 21)

- Added support for music

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.013.ALPHA (2016, July 20)

- Fixed a bug with the console text not scrolling properly.

Build: exosyphen.5.hei.0.012.ALPHA (2016, July 20)

- Fixed an issue with certain GUI elements not being correctly aligned at various resolutions.
- Fixed an issue with the localhost not being correctly positioned.
Community Announcements - exosyphen
Hello gamers,

Hacker Evolution IMMERSION just went into Early Access.
We welcome you to share feedback and suggestions. As with our previous games, we will do our best to shape this game in the direction you want.

We are very open, and expect us to reply to every thread or email, personally.
Also, the update cycles on the game ar very frequent. Those that got their STEAM keys before Early Access officially went live on STEAM, have seen that we post updates as frequent as on a daily basis.

Thank you for your support and let's make a great game, once again.

(Feel free to reach me on my personal email: mrobert AT exosyphen DOT com)
Product Release - Valve
Hacker Evolution IMMERSION is Now Available on Steam Early Access and is 15% off!*

Mankind is about to reach its next step of evolution.

Uncover the dark secret behind mankind's fastest technological evolution in recent history.

It's not going in the right direction.

*Offer ends August 5 at 10AM Pacific Time

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