Apr 18, 2014
Community Announcements - JBlum
- Fixed graphical glitching issue that would happen on certain graphics cards.
- Added Revolt Coop to the Matchmaking playlist.
- Tweaked Checkpoint counter-attack frequency based on feedback.
- Fixed broken muzzle smoke.
Community Announcements - Argyll
<img src="http://www.playinsurgency.com/images/media/PaxEastBooth.jpg" style="width:100%;"/>

Reporting live from PAX East in Boston, we are delivering a patch we have been working on to address many issues with the current version as well as introduce some new things such as "beta" Workshop integration.

The update is currently being played by those at PAX. We tried to get this update out earlier in the week but we had to delay due to issues with Steam. Now that this is all resolved we figured it would be nice to update the game for you all in time for the weekend.

<a href="http://www.playinsurgency.com/forums/topic/3558-pax-update-april-11-2014/">Full changelist here.</a>

Highlights include:
  • Added Revolt Coop
  • Added "beta" version of Steam Workshop support to the game. Certain features may not work fully, but players should be able to upload their maps and download other maps. Please provide us with feedback and issues related to this so we can keep improving it.
  • Stability fixes to help mitigate map change crashing, client side crashes on Revolt, and more.
  • Changed the damage indicator so it's more minimalist like it was before.
  • Changed Vendetta so it no longer includes VIP players on both teams. Instead, the goal is simply to control the objective or eliminate enemy team.
  • FN FAL now uses a 20 round magazine instead of 30 rounds.
  • As a spectator you can now use the overview map to click on a player and spectate them.
  • Fixed broken M249 2x scope.
Community Announcements - Argyll
Molotov Spring was successfully launched, with many people loving the changes so far! Thanks to your feedback, we have a few issues addressed in a patch today:
  • Tweaked Coop maps: Market, Peak, Heights, Contact
  • Added Elcan attachment for SAW.
  • Increased recoil of FN FAL and updated firing sound.
  • FN FAL tracers changed to red, since it uses NATO ammunition.
  • More visual damage indicator if you've been hit.
  • Removed old unused bot difficulty cvars from checkpoint playlist.
  • Increased Coop max roundtime and added extra round time on objective capture.
  • Fixed RPG hits not destroying caches.
  • Moltov model changes.
  • Molotov slowed down damage frequency, increased damage a bit to compensate. You can still run through molotov fire but not hover within it for a while and not die.
  • You can throw Molotovs directly at your feet and it will explode, most likely burning you to death.
  • Added support for playlists to define required minimum and maximum values for maxplayers.
  • Added 24 maxplayers minimum requirement for coop matchmaking.
  • Set sniper rifle cost to 1 in coop to match PVP
  • Disabled AoE nade screams for friendly grenades which didn't explode directly on top of us.
  • Added responses for AoE grenades detonating on or near players.
  • Fixed a server issue with Sourcemod plugin.
Update the game, and we'll see you on the servers!
Community Announcements - Argyll
<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/images/media/molotov-spring.jpg" style="width: 100%;">


We at New World Interactive are excited to announce the launch of our first major content update, Molotov Spring.

This new update for Insurgency will expand upon the experience we delivered in January, with several new game modes, two new maps, an expanded arsenal, and much more. One of the biggest overhauls is with our cooperative mode Checkpoint. Since the version you all have been playing, we have practically re-written the AI code from scratch. The new AI are much more intelligent, and Checkpoint is as immersive and challenging as it’s ever been.

<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/images/media/MolotovSpring.jpg" style="width: 100%;">

We have been keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to issues people have had with our release, both from a stability and gameplay standpoint. We have addressed much of the instability and crashing issues which plagued certain people. If you continue to have these issues, please let us know and we will work diligently until they are resolved.

<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/images/media/MolotovSpring2.jpg" style="width: 100%;">

As for gameplay changes, we have expanded upon the core game experience quite a bit based on a lot of the feedback we have received. Here is an updated list of the game’s matchmaking options, including the new game modes that have been added. For a detailed explanation of the new modes, please see our full changelist.

Adversarial Match
Game modes that use objective-based respawning.
  • Flashpoint (new)
  • Firefight
  • Infiltrate (new)

Sustained Combat
Game modes that provide players with higher levels of action and respawning.
  • Occupy (new)
  • Push
  • Skirmish

Tactical Operation
Game modes that offer players only one life per match.
  • Ambush (formerly VIP Escort)
  • Strike (former Search and Destroy but with only one cache)
  • Vendetta (new)

There is a lot more information over in the updates section, where we have posted the full changelist for the update.
Community Announcements - Argyll
<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/users/argyll/market_coop0196.jpg" style="width: 100%">

Next week, fans of Insurgency will receive the first content update - called “Molotov Spring” - that expands the scope of the game, while refining the foundation we have established with our January 22 launch. Many games offer follow-up content via paid-for DLC, but we are taking the approach of simply providing this content for free to those who have already purchased the game.

First and foremost, we are diligently taking steps to remedy the crashing and optimization issues that have been reported. We’re very appreciative for all the feedback provided by our community, and especially thankful for your patience as we work to resolve the issues! Once the update releases, we encourage everyone who has been experiencing crashes to try out the game again.

Over the next few days leading up to the launch of Molotov Spring, our community can be involved with nightly Beta Branch testing, usually around 5pm PDT (Keep an eye out for scheduled events). We’re also going to be rolling out gameplay videos previewing new features you can look forward to playing next week.

Improved Coop

The first video is from a Checkpoint cooperative match on Market. We’ve put in effort to improve the AI and the level design configurations that prolong the action and create more challenging cooperative play. Bots now throw smoke grenades, frags, molotov cocktails, and fire the occasional RPG. It really heightens the intensity, as you can see in the footage:



<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/users/argyll/buhriz0010.jpg" style="width:100%">

Among the most common requests from fans are more maps, larger scale, and some classic layouts. Two new maps will be included in the Molotov Spring update, the first we are unveiling today: a remake of Buhriz.

The layout and art direction are different from the original, but the spirit of the gameplay is still maintained. Among some of the layout changes are widening the map, so the opposite side of the river is accessible to players and they can advance along that flank. More buildings in the village are also open, including rooftops.

<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/users/argyll/buhriz0018.jpg" style="width:100%">

The gameplay video also features changes to the Strike game mode (formerly known as Search & Destroy). There is now only one life for each team, and the attackers must destroy one cache from three possible locations. Since the round was quite intense, I forgot to check the round timer and time ran out, so we lost! It was fun regardless.


Update: Here is an epic round of co-op on Buhriz!


Besides this game mode change, we are updating the playlist organization and introducing some brand new game modes - but we'll preview those another day!

These are just some of the impending updates, not all. Make sure to follow us on our various social media channels, as we might publish previews on some of them exclusively!

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/insurgencygame
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/insurgencygame
Discuss on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/insurgency/
Subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/insurgencygame
Follow on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/insurgencygame
Feb 10, 2014
Community Announcements - JBlum
We have addressed a few issues which we believe is worthy of a hot fix. The main things that we've done are fixed our global ban system for all operating systems and reduced some audio spam, which has been a pretty common piece of feedback we've received since a bunch of the new response rules went in. Check out the original post on our forums or see the changelist below for more details:

- Fixed global ban system on OS X / Linux. - "Being suppressed" response rules are now only played if your player is fully suppressed, not just "a little bit" suppressed. - You must now be a closer distance to teammates in order for the response rules to be used. - Removed certain responses that seemed out of place, confusing, or slightly overkill. - Added a 10 second delay before the attacking team advances their spawns in Push. This gives defenders some time to properly retreat instead of becoming instantly restricted. - Added convar "mp_push_deferred_advance" for adjusting the delay on the above. The value is the number of seconds it takes before the spawns advance. - In Checkpoint, the forward spawn zones are not enabled until the counter-attack is finished, so players can no longer consistently re-arm while defending. - Added convar "mp_checkpoint_counterattack_always" to always trigger the counter-attack round after each territorial capture. Value represents the number of players needed for it to trigger. - Reduced frequency of HQ radio commands when objective is contested, reinforcements are low, or you are the last man standing. - Fixed the occasional class that is listed as "Sharpshooter" but contains a "Machinegunner" kit. - Fixed "IsEcho" response rule, which should fix missing voice lines for radial menu commands. - Small update to Contact (multiplayer) map. - Scoreboard and squad menu can now be opened during demo playback.
Feb 7, 2014
Community Announcements - JBlum
We are deploying an update tonight to address some issues that have come up, as well as incorporate a few new things that we are pretty excited about. See the changelist on the official Insurgency forums or below:

- Fixed sv_pure not working as intended. - Added new vocal responses such as "reloading", "frag out", etc. as well as a suppressed variation for each response so you can tell by someone's tone whether they are under fire or not. These automatic voice responses will be heard by your team only so as not to give your position away. - Reduced instances of hitbox misalignment in cooperative especially. - Removed blood effects from when you are being attacked. We believe these blood impact particles emitting on your dying ragdoll could have been contributing to some of the crashes people have been experiencing. If you crash a lot when being shot at, please try this change and see if it helps. - Properly implemented the backblast and rocket trail particles for the RPG-7 / AT-4. - In Cooperative the probability a counter-attack will occur will now be based on how many players on your team are alive. For example, if your whole team is alive, it is more likely, and if only a small fraction of the team is alive, it is a lot less likely. - Added in "ready" animations for the first time you load a weapon. - The fire in Contact should now hurt players close to it. - Fixed "draw" animations not playing. - Tweaked bot amount/difficulty. - Adjusted and improved the bot audio. - You should now be able to select languages other than English in Insurgency's game properties on Steam.
Community Announcements - Argyll
<img src="http://playinsurgency.com/users/argyll/ins-feb5.jpg" style="width:100%">

Today we deployed a game update, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.playinsurgency.com/forums/topic/3243-update-february-5-2014/">check out the full changelog here</a>!

Since our launch on January 22, the feedback we've received has been tremendous! It's great to hear all the positive comments and read some reviews that nailed down the essence of what we're about. Of course, we have also been paying close attention to what needs improvement! So please keep up with the feedback.

We have an exciting announcement regarding our competitive scene. As many have remarked, we have great potential as a competitive game. Well, <a href="http://www.esl.eu/eu/">ESL</a> has taken notice, thanks to our fans requesting they add the game to its community. ESL will be running a tournament for Europeans, and you can <a href="http://www.esl.eu/eu/insurgency/news/237081/">find out more information here</a>.

We look forward to nurturing our international competitive scene, especially once we have implemented some features that will support that in the coming months.
Community Announcements - Argyll
IGN has a monthly vote to determine what is Game of the Month.

Vote for Insurgency here:

Community Announcements - JBlum
We have been keeping our ears low to the ground when it comes to issues developing ingame (such as hackers and crashes), and have been working hard on an update to address as many of the concerns as possible. Although we have a lot of it sorted, in order for us to get things fully secure and properly tested we will continue playing the build internally over the next few days before we set an update live.

You guys are welcome to play the new version on the Beta branch and we will be doing multiple tests over the next few days, including one in about an hour from now.

Here is a snapshot of the changelog since the version that you all are currently playing, so you know what we are testing out and what you can expect in the next update:

<a href="http://playinsurgency.com/logs/Log_02_03_14.jpg"><img width="620" height="281" src="http://playinsurgency.com/logs/Log_02_03_14.jpg"></a>

So if you want to help us test out, make sure you receive our testing events by <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/games/insurgency">joining the official game group</a>, and make sure you can join up by <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=204918367">opting into the beta branch</a>.

Event for this is posted <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/games/insurgency/events/1733060349296500513">here</a>.

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