Community Announcements - BjornB
Community Announcements - BjornB

Happy V day everyone!

Let's celebrate that with another exciting Developmen Diary from podcat.

Hearts of Iron IV - Developer Diary 16 - World Tension

If you missed it, please note that the release date of Hearts of Iron IV has been delayed. (Read More)

Don't forget to register your copy of HoI3 on our official forums to gain access to user mods, technical support and much much more...
Community Announcements - BjornB

Podcat is back from the US and is eager to share his latest thoughts with you all!

Hearts of Iron IV - Development Dirary #15 - On the High Seas
Community Announcements - BjornB


Due to podcat going across the pond to inspect the troops in the new world Johan has made a guest return into the Dev Diary world! Today we are learning more about what happened to the National Goals and why National Focus is so much better:

Hearts of Iron IV Development Diary #14 - National Focuses


And as usual, you can catch up on old Dev Diaries in our archive
Community Announcements - BjornB

The 13th Developer Diary for Hearts of Iron IV is now available here!

Today Dan "Podcat" Lind will be telling us more about how conscription changed from Hearts of Iron III (it's no longer only a number ticking up at a steady phase depending on your conscription laws). You should also make sure you prepare for war by training your troops and making sure they have equipment stacked for both training and battle situations.

- Developer diary archive
- Paradoxwikis
Community Announcements - BjornB

Hi guys

After a cancelled Developer Diary in December we're back in full force! Dan "Podcat" Lind explains a bit about the working of the internal politics of a country in Hearts of Iron IV as well as bringing up changes to the release schedule.

So without further ado. Here you go my friends: Hearts of Iron IV - Developer diary 12 - January 16th 2015
Community Announcements - BjornB

Hi guys!

Come check out our new Video Developer Diary for Hearts of Iron IV!

Community Announcements - BjornB


Another month and another developer diary from the team bringing you the next installment in the Hearts of Iron saga. I hope you will find it interesting and that you will come back for more next month.

Hearts of Iron IV - Developer Diary 11 - Map & Graphics

If you wish to read the previous chapters in this saga of technology, warfare and big big tanks, as well as Developer Diaries for our other games, please visit the Developer Diary Archives

Best Regards
Björn - Community Manager @Paradox Interactive
Community Announcements - BjornB

This friday, in the Paradox Forums... Arrachne will bring you the epic continuation of the Hearts of Iron saga!

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