Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]

CHUCHEL, the new game from the creators of Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost, is now available on Steam for Windows PC and Mac!

Just like any Amanita game before, CHUCHEL immediately strikes you with its distinctive visual style and sheer playfulness, however, CHUCHEL is not a game of complex backgrounds and extraordinarily complicated puzzles – this time it is all about humor, laughs and cherries.

Why cherries? Because that’s what Chuchel, the game’s eponymous hairy hero, craves the most. In order to reclaim the precious red fruit, he needs the players’ help to overcome various challenges ranging from logical puzzles to robot battles to escaping swarms of berserk Pac-Men. Each level is built upon Jaromir Plachy’s trademark style of animation and fittingly witty music from the IGF Award winning Czech band Dva. With dozens of hilarious gags, bizarre characters and a heart-warming little story, CHUCHEL has all the resources to cheer you up!
Have fun!
Amanita Design
Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]

DVA - Young Chuchels
Cherries on Air (CHUCHEL Soundtrack)
From the band who charmed the world the fantastic Botanicula soundtrack comes another album full of catchy melodies and bold rhythms. Young Chuchels is a banging track heavily influenced by hip-hop - a genre you wouldn't expect from an Amanita Design production. We've been banging our heads to this for 3 days straight.

'Cherries on Air' with 44 minutes of original music by DVA will be available on Steam from March 7th as downloadable content along with a digital art book and a special CHUCHEL Sans font!
Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]

It's time to answer one of the deepest questions of all time - what the actual heck is Chuchel?!

Czech & Weird
You guys already know we like to give our games some odd names and sometimes we even mix in a bit of Czech, our native language. For example 'Samorost' is a beautiful word for an object or a person that was formed entirely by the effects of natural influences. Such as this wooden animal.

Chuchel is also a word coming from the Czech language. We use it to describe a 'ball of hair and dust'. You know, that soft kind of mess which appears in your house when you don't clean it properly. The less cleaning you do, the more chuchels you've got - that's how it works. This thing below is a prime example of chuchel found at Jakub Dvorsky's household. Magnificent, isn't it?

By the way, Kekel, Chuchel's pet buddy/rival, also got his name from a Czech word for 'something terribly disgusting'. Seriously.

There's even a village called Chuchel. Rumors say it's got the highest consumption of cherries per capita in the entire world. Interesting. Reportedly it only has about 50 inhabitants, which seems appropriate for such a sacred place. Pilgrimage, anyone?

Quick maths!
Anyway, our Chuchel is by no means disgusting. He's rather cute, cheerful, although a tad bit annoying and simple. His strong personality has two sources of inspiration - one of them is Jaromir Plachy, the creator of Chuchel himself, the other would be Jaromir's dog Anca. While Jaromir sees himself as a slightly bothersome person (only sometimes), Anca is an incredibly nice and naive being. Combine these two personalities and you'll get the most fabulous Chuchel out there.

Get ready to experience Chuchel's hilarious tantrums on your own - the game arrives to Windows PC & Mac on March 7!!

Add it to your wishlist now and get notified as soon as it's available ːmrfeatherː
Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]
The great news is finally here.

CHUCHEL, the new game from the creators of Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost, is coming to Windows PC and Mac on March 7! 🍒

Watch the new release date announcement trailer and start the countdown!
For those of you who already fell in love with CHUCHEL's irresistibly wacky music - the amazing soundtrack from DVA (+ digital artbook) will also be available on Steam ;)

Who's excited? 🤔

Follow CHUCHEL on:
Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]
No way!

They call them 'the Oscars of video games'. It's an incredible honor to get a single IGF nomination, but CHUCHEL is our 5th game nominated for this prestigious award!

Who would've thought our minimalistic take on comedy adventure could get an 'Excellence in Visual Art' nomination. Hats off to Jaromir Plachy and the entire team. Here's what Jara, the lead designer and artist, had to say: 'There are lots of beautiful games this year and, to be honest, I didn't believe we would score a nomination with our slightly crazy CHUCHEL. As an artist, I'm obviously very happy we're in the Visual Art category.'

The team behind CHUCHEL already has a great experience with IGF - their previous title Botanicula received an 'Excellence in Audio' award in 2012.

The ceremony will be held on March 21 during GDC in San Francisco. Wish us great luck - competing against the likes of gorgeous Cuphead or very special Night in the Woods won't be easy.

Massive congratulations to all nominees & see you at GDC!
Amanita Design
Botanicula - Lukas [amanita design]
Amanita Design wish you all very Merry Christmas!

To help you maintain the festive mood, we're bringing you a lovely Christmas wish from Jaromir Plachy, the creator of CHUCHEL, and DVA, your favorite Czech music duo. Enjoy!

We'd like to thank you for the incredible ongoing support. We've been very busy this year finishing CHUCHEL, travelling around the world, and only a few weeks from now CHUCHEL is finally going to land on your computers. We also can't wait to show you more of the stuff we've been working on, so please stay tuned!

Happy holidays,
Amanita Design
Botanicula - Lukas
Dear plant friends,

We're happy to announce that you can now collect Steam Trading Cards and craft badges for Botanicula!

What we're adding:
  • 8 trading cards
  • 5 regular badges + 1 foil badge
  • 5 profile backgrounds
  • 5 emoticons
Have fun harvesting!

Botanicula - Lukas

Hi guys,

It's good to be back with some super exciting news!

Guess what - a new hilarious adventure game from the creators of Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost is coming to Steam early in 2018!

Watch the slightly crazy new trailer and screenshots on CHUCHEL's Steam page & don't forget to add this adorable hairy guy to your wishlist if you're in for countless laughs, cool puzzles and wild music. We can't wait to hear what you think of our new game!

Botanicula - Lukas

Botanicula's award winning soundtrack from the acclaimed Czech band DVA and a new 59-page digital art book from the creator Jaromir Plachy are now available on Steam!

Botanicula Collector's Edition includes the full game as well as the 50-minute original soundtrack in both MP3 and extremely high quality FLAC formats. As a special bonus we've added a 59-page digital art book with design sketches and ideas that shaped the game.

Of course, if you already own Botanicula you can purchase the new content separately as a DLC.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Mushroom, Mr. Feather, Mr. Twig, Mr. Poppyhead, Mr. Lantern

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With Samorost 3 out last month, hopefully interest in creators Amanita Design is high. Perhaps you missed their utterly lovely Botanicula [official site]?

… [visit site to read more]


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