Fun with Ragdolls: The Game - Jadon
I was watching some YouTubers play the game and I missed some really annoying bugs in the 1.4.0 release. Don't worry though, because this little update fixes those big annoyances!

- Gravity adjustment strengths are stronger.
- Refined the jumping mechanic.
- Lowered jump height slightly.

- Mines & Black Holes now affect Cars.
- Cars go through Brick Walls more easily.
- Fixed misspelling of "Weak".
- Cars now have a max velocity instead of surpassing the speed of light.
- Gravity affects the player's jump and fall speeds more accurately.
- Shoot Player Canon works properly.
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game - Jadon

This is a big update! I've received a lot of feedback, and I hope that this update addresses a good chunk of it! Have fun!

- Added (Controllable) Cars in Sandbox
- New overall color/look
- Added gravity adjustment in World Settings
- Added "Ignore Build Collisions" cheat
- Added Destructible Brick Wall
- Added Rickie skin
- Added Grey skin
- Added Rainbow Berry skin
- Added Glass skin
- New Glass shader/material
- You can now change the overall color of block items
- Added Defender Spawner Flag
- Added Explorer Spawner Flag
- Added Player Goal Flag
- W, A, S, D, And Space Bar input can now be changed
- New icon

- Set grey is the default ragdoll player skin
- Flying is snappier and more precise
- Ragdoll faces are slightly bigger
- Ragdolls don't make vocal sounds when dismembered
- Slow-motion when losing or winning is slower
- Player movement is more precise and less "floaty"
- Changed color of Stupid Spawner Flag
- Adjust left buttons on mobile UI
- Removed Bloom post effect
- Reversed lens distortion
- Renamed "Slow Motion in Play Mode" to "Slow Motion Anytime" in Cheats

- Fixed black screen bug on iOS!!!
- Ragdolls no longer ignore world collisions when worlds load the first time
- Refined the specular texture on Ragdoll skins
- Fixed unintended jump when respawning
- Item placement is faster and less prone to intersecting objects
- Fixed black screen when starting the game for some users
- The main menu launches when opening the game if nothing displays for ~16 seconds
- Placeholders no longer collide with objects when exiting Build Mode
- Cheats menu no longer resets values
- Fixed camera colliding with the goal area
- Optimized overall graphics
- Optimized Player Goal
- Refined Ragdoll search method
- Optimized Ragdoll navigation mesh when worlds load the first time
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game - Jadon
- Resized the left UI buttons for mobile.

- Performance improvement for the user interface.
- Changed settings behind the scenes to improve graphics performance.
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game - Jadon
Well, I made an oof. But don't worry, I un-oof'd my oof. I have some new things for you! There small, but definitely improve your experience!

- Added sound effects to Destructible Tables
- Added sound effects to Pistons

- Re-added Idle Ragdolls

- Target Ragdoll Canons now work correctly
- Canons no longer play sound while in Build Mode
- Idle Ragdolls no longer push each other.
Fun with Ragdolls: The Game - Jadon
Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the support. It's actually quite concerning how supportive you are. O_O

I've gotten quite a lot of feedback on the game. Like... a lot. I've never created a game on​ this scale before, so I want to do it right! For the 1.3.0 update, I wanted to squash some bugs, tidy up experiences, and optimize things behind the scenes. Before I can add bigger and better things, I wanted to make sure I have a clean canvas to work with. So just hang tight!

Alright, that's enough chitter-chatter! Let's see what's inside!

  • Added iOS support
  • Added Pistons
  • Added Slow motion during Play Mode cheat
  • Added Defender Ragdolls
  • Added World Stats! See how many items you have in your scene.

  • Ragdolls go into Ragdoll Mode when fracturing an object
  • Ragdolls can now touch Dominos
  • Ragdolls no longer avoid Levers
  • Ragdolls can destroy pillars
  • World save directory is created when the game first launches

  • Ragdoll voice volume can actually be adjusted
  • Performance improvement for Ragdolls
  • Performance improvement for Menu System
  • Performance improvement for Ragdoll Spawners
  • Performance improvement for Build Items you place in the world
  • Performance improvement for Destructible Objects
  • Fixed bug where players lost their world saves when saving a new world
  • Fixed issue where the resolution would automatically set after leaving the Settings menu

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