Incident Commander - BAG_REWaters
Here's the changelog...

• Added Fire Dozer and flatbed transport truck to Wildfire scenario
• Added “Fire Break” command, useful for controlling the spread of wildfire.
• There is now a button to speed up the game in single player
• The camera can be moved and commands issued while the game is paused
• Escort command will move the unit close before escorting
• Utility Pole cables are smoother and more cable-like now
• Area map button is bigger
• Fixed utility pole cables hanging in the air when a utility pole falls
• Fixed : Ghost unclickable electric hazard icon could show up
• Fixed: An EMS unit could go through the world if it were shocked by an electric hazard while evacuating someone on a stretcher
• Fixed: EMS units evacuating someone would not take damage from an explosion
• Fixed: EMS units evacuating someone would not drop the person if one or more of the units becomes incapacitated
• Fixed: Arresting someone who is already being arrested will no longer allow multiple book icons to show up
• Fixed: Area map Progress bar is now reset after returning unit
• Fixed: Structures can no longer stack

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